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Terminal This article, Battle of Installation 07 (Bobzombie), was written by Bobzombie. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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This article, Battle of Installation 07 (Bobzombie), takes place in a canon-following story in an alternate universe, and it should not be considered as part of any official timeline.

The Battle of Installation 07 occurred in August of 2552. The events occurred after the battle of Reach when the UNSC Prowler Javelin made a blind jump. She found herself outside installation 07. There were 37 troops aboard the Javelin. Meanwhile the Covenant Cruiser Holy Radiation followed the Javelin and was packed with 2,000+ troops. The Monitor of the Installation, 743 Probable Injustice, begins to mobilize the setinal force to combat a rising threat.

Key Personnel


Chief Petty Officer 1 Leland B094

Petty Officer 2 Karl B022


Prophet of Shame

Arbiter Zuka Zolamee

Spec Ops Grunt Bopbop

Hunter Tyroin Zuulu Simmin (Plus blood brother)


117649 Probable Injustice


  • Bobzombie wrote this after receiving permission to chronicle the events of an RP.

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