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Terminal This article, Battle of Ironhide, was written by Nra 'Vadumee. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Battle over Ironhide


Battle of Raven's Nest


Ambush over Ironhide

Battle of Ironhide


Human-Covenant War


July 13, 2529




Heavy UNSC economic loss, death of Major Harper, Covenant capture of Ironhide





Major Harper

Nra 'Vadumee


Many Marines, a handful of Spartans, a handful of ODSTs

Many Elites, thousands of Grunts, many Jackles, some Brutes


Nearly all Marines, all ODSTs, at least 3 Spartans

Many Elites, many Grunts, many Jackles, all Brutes


Set Up

After the Space battle over Ironhide, Covenant forces, lead by Field Master Nra 'Vadumee, landed on the surface of the planet. The majority of marines were caught completely off guard: The Phantoms landed the troops at UNSC training bases. The Covenant's forward base was located 10 kilometers north east of the UNSC's makeshift Command center.

The Battle

After establishing defenses, Covenant troops moved south southeast and south southwest, hoping to flank the enemy. Each legion was commanded by Nra's appointed leuteinents Asi 'Boradee and Drn 'Osterphee. 'Vadumee himself lead a 3rd legion, right to the base as a distraction. Vadumee sliced down the humans in half. However, Major Harper, The current leader of the human forces, sent a squad of Spartans to take Vadumee down. However, Vadumee quickly dispersed the SPARTAN-IIs, but fell unconscious after the fight. His troops continued to the base, and eventually reached it. The entire base was surrounded. Major Harper grabbed a pistol and aimed it to his head, perferring to "die by his own gun then get killed by the Covies". After Harper killed himself, the Covenant quickly took control. However, the Major sent out one last transmission: To send back-up. This transmission is what caused the Ambush over Ironhide.

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