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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of Jenuses VI, was written by Demakhis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Battle of Peragus III

Battle of Jenuses VI


Human-Covenant War


January 24th-February 1st, 2546


Jenuses VI


Covenant Victory


United Nations Space Command



Fleet Admiral Goken

Imperial Admiral Dyr 'Refosee


UNSC 45th Fleet

  • 3 Carrier
  • 12 Marathon-class Cruisers
  • 17 Destroyers
  • 20 Frigates
  • 5 Orbital MAC stations

Covenant Fleet of Golden Redemption

  • 1 Assault Carrier
  • 1 Supercarrier
  • 4 Reverence-class cruisers
  • 4 Vindicator-class cruisers
  • 3 Assault Carriers
  • 5 CCS-class battlecruisers
  • 15 Destroyers
  • 35 Frigates

2 Carriers
9 Marathon-class Cruisers
15 Destoryers
15 Frigates
100, 000 marines
30, 000 ODSTs
6 million civillians
5 Orbital MAC Stations

2 Reverence-class cruiser
1 Assault Carrier
2 Vindicator-class cruisers
2 CCS-class battlecruisers
5 Destroyers
13 Frigates
35, 000 Grunts
25, 000 Jackals
26, 000 Elites
250 Hunters


January 24, 2546

0100 Hours

  • Imperial Admiral 'Refosee exits slipspace with his fleet the Fleet of Golden Redemption
  • The UNSC 45th Fleet detedts the Covenant Fleet leaving slipspace and prepares a defence

0200 Hours

  • 5 Frigates a sent to investigate the planetary defenses
  • Orbital MAC stations are moved into best defense positions
  • Civilian Evacuation is started

0300 Hours

  • 1 Covenant Frigate is destroyed by Oribtal MAC station and rest flee back to Fleet
  • UNSC sends 5 frigates, 7 destroyers and 2 Marathon-class cruisers to attack the main covenant fleet
  • UNSC is unsure about the strength at the time

0400 Hours

  • Entire Fleet fires all weapons at the small force approaching destroying ⅔ of the ships
  • Remaining ships fire back knocking out the shields of 2 Frigates
  • Covenant Reload and fire again destroying the rest of the small force

0500 Hours

  • Covenant Fleet nears the Planet but keep to far from the UNSC forces for either weapons to work
  • UNSC puts majority of forces on the planet 4000 are deployed to each MAC station
  • Covenant load boarding Crafts full of troops
  • Civilian evacuation is only 30% complete

0600 Hours

  • Covenant move in range of weapons and fire all weapons and fire most boarding craft straight into UNSC fleet
  • Covenant weapons take out the shields of all ships except 1 carrier and 2 Marathon-class cruisers
  • UNSC fires back taking out the shields of all Frigates and destroying 2
  • UNSC fire also taking out 6 destroyer's shields, 3 CCS-class battlecrusiers shields, 2 Vindicator-class cruisers shield, 3 Reverence-class Cruisers and 2 Assault Carrier shields
  • Covenant boarding craft hit 70% of UNSC ships
  • 40,000 Covenant Soldiers make it onto MAC stations

0700 Hours

  • Covenant broading Teams quickly take most of the ships they are on
  • UNSC forces meet the covenant force on the MAC stations but quikly retreat to the key parts of the stations when losing 30% of men
  • Covenant Fleet fires on UNSC ships not boarded and destroy them except 1 carrier, 3 Marathon-class cruisers and 2 Destroyers
  • Remaining UNSC ships make emergency landing on Jenuses VI
  • 3 UNSC Frigates blow up all weapons onboard ships causing the ships to be destroyed

0800 Hours

  • Covenant completely board all ships and set Anti-matter bombs in hangers and fuel bays
  • Covenant again push on the MAC stations but are repelled by fortified UNSC forces
  • Orbital MAC stations fire and destroy 3 Destroyers and 1 Frigate
  • All Covenant Forces are extracted from the UNSC ships and sent back to ships some are sent to MAC stations
  • 6 Hunter Pairs are sent to each station to breakdown defences

0900 Hours

  • Anti-matter bombs explode destroying the rest of the fleet in Space
  • Hunter pairs work excellently and all but two Orbital MAC stations are cleaned of UNSC life
  • The last two MAC stations fire and destroy 2 more frigates
  • The Covenant forces are extracted from all MAC stations
  • In all cities on Jenuses VI thousands of Marines and ODST wait for action

January 28, 2546

0400 Hours

  • Covenant Fleet concentrates all fire on the last two MAC stations and destroy them
  • 600,000 covenant troops are sent down to planet surface
  • 300,000 well dug-in marines and ODST are still in place
  • 6 million citizens are still on planet

1400 Hours

  • Covenant Fleet then destroy the last two MAC stations
  • 600,000 covenant troops land on the planet
  • A force of 60,000 Covenant troops attack Jacartoo a well defended city
  • 13 skyscrapers in Jacartoo are laced with snipers on almost every floor
  • 10,000 marines are put on the Streets
  • 5000 ODST are put in the buildings ready for an ambush
  • The rest of Covenant forces make a base in the small village west of Jacartoo

January 29, 2546

0000 Hours

  • 500 Wraiths fire on the city killing 1000 marines and damaging the structure of many buildings
  • After Wraith barrage 2000 elites on ghost attack the marines killing 1000 marines and 200 ODST
  • During the elite Ghost rushed 300 of the elites are either, sniped destroyed by rocket launcher or warthog turrets or normal guns
  • 20,000 grunts are sent in with 10,000 jackel and 15,000 elites to kill everyone

1000 Hours

  • 500 Hunter pair are given to the forces on the ground
  • 10,000 grunts are killed in massive ambush
  • 4,000 jackels and 5000 elites are also killed in ambush
  • 200 Marines are killed in ambush
  • 100 ODST are killed in ambush

2000 Hours

  • As Covenant Forces retreat 400 are picked off by snipers
  • When all Covenant forces retreat Wraiths barrage the city again destroying 30 blocks of building killing ½ of the remaining force
  • UNSC gather all vehicles and rush the Covenant Wraiths
  • Large battle is fought for the Wraiths

January 30, 2546

0600 Hours

  • 350 Wratihs are destroyed and 80% of UNSC vehicles are destroyed
  • Covenant forces rush the UNSC forces as they retreat and force them out of the city
  • The rest of the Covenant Forces come into the city and make that their new base
  • UNSC forces retreat back to Athegis

1600 Hours

    • UNSC forces regroup at Athegis
    • Covenant get more troops from space
    • Drones are sent out for recon to Athegis
    • Covenant ships scan for other UNSC cities
    • UNSC forces try to call for backup

January 31, 2546

0200 Hours

  • Drones return from recon, out of the 15, 10 return
  • Covenant Force find 10 more major cities on the planet
  • 200,000 Covenant Forces move out to attack Athegis
  • UNSC forces in Athegis receive 50 scorpion tanks
  • Covenant Forces send out Drones for recon to the other closest city named Numan

1200 Hours

  • Covenant Forces near Athegis
  • UNSC prepares for major assault
  • Drones return from Numan telling of a major occupation of soldiers and civilans
  • Wraiths are prepared for bombardment on Athegis

2200 Hours

  • Scorpion tanks do a rush attack on the enemy wraiths
  • Covenant defend as best as the can
  • Wraiths fire on the tanks as well

February 1, 2546

0800 Hours

  • 40 Wraiths are destroyed
  • 20 Scorpions are destroyed the rest retreat
  • 100 warthogs are deployed for a rush attack
  • Ghosts, Specters and Banshees are loaded with people for a counter-attack on the UNSC

0900 Hours

  • Warthogs and Covenant meet in Glamis Field just outside of Athegis
  • Several Transport Warthogs are with the main group and are loaded with rocket launcher marines
  • The rocket marines a guass warthogs take out most Covenant Specters and Ghosts
  • The chaingun warthogs destroy maost banshees
  • Banshees take out several warthogs with fuel rods shots
  • Covenant lose about 40% of vehicles before retreating
  • UNSC take several losses including 20 of the Transport Warthogs
  • UNSC warthogs follow the retreating Covenant

1000 Hours

  • Covenant reach their camp in the country side around Athegis with warthogs in toe
  • Fuel Rod shots rain down on UNSC warthogs and many are destroyed or flipped over
  • UNSC start fighting the Covenant outside of vehicles
  • Spec Ops teams are deployed behind Human warthog lines and massacre hundreds of marines
  • Humans retreat back to Athegis have sustained heavy losses

1200 Hours

  • Covenant send hundreds of Phantom dropships and fly towards the city
  • Human rocket sentries spot the Phantoms and fire destroying a couple, but most make it
  • 600 elites, 300 jackel, 200 drones, 50 Hunters and 1000 grunts are dropped into the middle of the city
  • Humans surround the Covenant forces inside the city and throw hundreds of grenades and launch rockets into the army
  • Covenant forces concentrate all forces on one area of UNSC and break through
  • Covenant forces hide in several of the skyscrapers and UNSC follow
  • The Covenant hide in buildings named South Tower, East Tower, North Tower, West Tower, Alpha Tower and Beta Tower

1300 Hours

  • Several marine squads are taken down in the buildings by Elite strike teams
  • ODSTs are deployed and start to kill the Covenant forces in North Tower before being forced back by several hunters hiding in the tower
  • ODST plant hundreds of pounds of explosives under North tower and detonate making North Tower collapse
  • Covenant secure lobbies of all other towers and begin to come out only to by killed by snipers
  • All civilians are evacuated to Conera

1400 Hours

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