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Terminal This article, Battle of Kholo (Ares117), was written by Ares117. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


The Battle of Kholo was a battle for the UNSC colony of Kholo in 2539. The battle was brief and one-sided. The location of Kholo was discovered when a Covenant warship captured a human frieghter from there. They interrogated its captain learned of Kholo's existence and its location. The Fleet immediately moved to attack.


Kholo as an Outer Colony was an agricultural world and largely a temperate planet. Home to at least one major city and many other outlying settlements. Kholo was defended by Battle-Group Quasar-only six frigates and a single destroyer. The ground forces of the defense force were little more than a small garrison of UNSC soldiers, Colonial Militia, the Police, and armed civilians.

Space Battle

The Fleet of Righteous Vigilance entered the system with fifteen cruisers and one Assault Carrier. They immediately moved to engage the human ships. The outcome was clear from the start. The Human ships put up as much of a fight as they could. The UNSC avoided plasma torpedoes with the use of emergency thrusters at the last moment and their already established speed and maneuverability. Combining all their fire on one ships at a time, the UNSC managed to take down a cruisers and damaging another. With their arsenal rapidly depleating and their escape cut off, the men of Battle-Group Quasar decided to pull off one final act of defiance. They rammed their ships straight into the Covenant Assault Carrier. The Carrier was destroyed. The rest of the fleet moved to invade Kholo.


The Covenant, enraged that they had lost precious ships to puny human vessels deployed dropships to the surface. They landed all over the planet. The Human population put up a spirite resistance. Longsword fighters attempted to clear the skies and were successful in holding off enemy columns for a while. But most were shot down when overwelhming numbers of enemy aircraft arrived. Warthog charges occurred occasionally as a delaying action, but suffered heavy losses, the remaining vehicles and tanks were pulled back to the cities. Civilians raided sports stores for their weapons and joined the fight. Huntsmen went behind enemy lines and used harassing tactics or acted as snipers. People started to make Molotov Cocktails and use them against the Covenant. Particularly against Covenant armor and Hunters. But despite their courage and tenacity, it was clear they are doomed. Enemy armor would always bombard them and aircrafts would straft their positions. All remaining UNSC forces fell back to the capital.


In the capital the humans were preparing to make their last stand. The remaining human forces dug in and awaited the attack. They didn't wait long. Covenant forces arrived and in a blitzkrieg style attack smashed the human defenses. Humans put up as much of a fight as they could, but were devastated. The final remnents retreated to the capital building. They held out for some time but were soon overwhelmed. With the bulk of human resistance broken, the Prophet of Conviction proceed with his sermon. After the Ship Master carved the glyth meaning "faith" with an energy projector, the rest of the fleet proceeded to glass Kholo.

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