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Terminal This article, Battle of Kolo, was written by Gruntijackal. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

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Battle of Kolo
Planet Defence


Human-Covenant War


18th February 2552-27th March 2552


On and Orbit of Kolo


  • Strategic Covenant Victory
    • Kolo Glassed[1]
  • Tactical UNSC Victory
    • Capture of several Hurogok

Covenant Empire

United Nations Space Command

  • Fleet of Close Judgement
    • 19 CCS Battlecruisers
    • 4 Assault Carriers
    • 5 Reverence-Class Cruisers
      • 29 Boarding Craft
        • 140 Sangheili Rangers
        • 175 Kig-Yar Rangers
        • 190 Unggoy Boarders
        • 120 Sangheili Boarders
  • Legion of Fortitude
    • 2500 Type-26 Ground Support Aircrafts
    • 165 DX-class Dropships
    • 450 Type-25 Assault Gun Carridges
    • 17 Anti-Aircraft Positions
      • 78 Type-52 Anti-Aircraft Artilleries
    • 6500 Unggoy Soldiers
    • 3500 Kig-Yar Warriors
    • 5750 Sangheili Warriors
    • 6230 Yanme 'e Soldiers
    • 250 Hurogok Support
  • Special Operations Lance
    • 750 Special Operations Unggoy
    • 500 Special Operations Sangheili
  • Space Station Tralla
  • Space Station Krolo
  • Kolo Defence Fleet
    • 4 Marathon-class Battlecruisers
    • 9 Halycon-class Battlecruisers
    • 19 UNSC Frigates
    • 3 UNSC Supercarriers
  • Kolo Defence Forces
    • 1750 AV-14 Attack VTOLs
    • 650 77-Troop Carrier Dropship
    • 650 Sparrowhawks
    • 2450 M808H Main Battle Tanks
    • 3500 M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicles
    • 19 Army Squadrons
      • 750 Snipers
      • 2450 Marines
      • 250 Flamethrower Units
      • Three SPARTAN-IIs
        • John-117
        • Frederic-104
        • Kelly-087
      • 1400 Average Soldiers
  • Light
    • Small Amounts of Boarding Units
    • 4 Boarding Crafts
    • 1 CCS Battlecruiser
    • Moderate Ground Losses
      • Excatly 1750 Ground Troops (Aircraft, Vehicles and Infantry)
    • 1 Special Operation Unit
  • Heavy
    • Space Station Krolo
    • Space Station Tralla
    • Heavy Spacecraft Losses
      • 2 Marathon-Class Cruisers
      • 8 Halycon-class Cruisers
      • All Supercarriers
    • Incredibly Heavy Ground Losses
      • All Aircraft and Vehicle Units
      • All but 75 Marines and Standard Soldiers
    • Incredibly Heavy Civilian Losses
      • Excatly 467,000,000 Civilian Casualties
"Do you remember when we took Kolo. How we smashed their fleet. How we destroyed their ground forces like the demons they are. And how the shard (raises shard) will always show us of how a victory is always achievable, no matter how tough the stakes are."
―The Prophet of Joy to Rola 'Refam

The Battle of Kolo was a major battle on a heavily populated planet of Kolo. Kolo's defence fleet, as well as the space stations, were all destroyed durign the battle. The Battle resulted in heavy casualties on the UNSC, as well as the loss of a major supply route planet, which was considered the Covenant's revenge on the UNSC's sabotage of a Important Supply Source. Eventually, the planet of Kolo was glassed, and so a glass shard was held by the Covenant as an important morale boost to its civilians. It was later used as a glorious victory symbol for the Reborn Covenant.


  1. HellSpartan:Discovery Part 2 Chapter 2

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