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2nd Battle Of Corgrash


Battle of Nlok' Rika



The Battle of Kropt


Absorbtion of the Jiralhanae (Brutes)






Covenant Victory




  • Yanaday 'Kujee
  • Kophtar
  • 4 regiments of Brutes
  • 18 Early Brute Tanks
  • 5819 Infantry
  • 2 Hunters
  • 21 Vehicles
  • 6112 Jiralhanae
  • Kophtar

The Battle of Kropt, was the final battle in the fight to take Warial, the Jiralhanae homeworld, Doisac's most populated moon. It took place on the mountain range known as Kropt, and memorials have been placed their.

The First Wave

Phantom dropships started strategically deploying Covenant troops around Brute camps on the Mountains, and would continuously do so throughout the battle.

Yanaday 'Kujee, personally led the first strike, and ordered the attack when the temperature was at its coldest (roughly -12°). The majority of the Brutes were startled and still tired, as the majority were warriors who had survived the previous battle just a day before hand. The Covenant though were beaten back, mainly because of their disadvantage of being on lower ground.

The Second Wave

The Covenant survivors pooled just out of sight of the Brutes, and when enough reinforcements arrived the Coventant's second wave attacked. This one was more successful, as Wraiths now bombarded large groups of Brutes, and the soldiers took out those left behind.

Within 3 hours the mid-left defense on the Mountain range had fallen, but the remaining covenant were again beaten back as Brutes started using deceased Covenant weapons, and had managed to board almost half the tanks.

The Third Wave

The Covenant again waited several hours for reinforcements, which gave the Brute survivors enough time to take the superior covenant weapons for use in the next assault, as well as find better defensive positions.

When the Covenant forces charges an unexpected barrage of plasma tore throgh their lines, and more than half of all Covenant casualties came from this attack and yet fewer than 260 Brutes died, but nonetheless, the already stranded far left side of the Mountain range surrendered soon after realising they were completely surrounded.

The Fourth Wave

The Covenant forces got a sudden boost of reinforcements thanks to the Phantom Dropships, as well as several ghosts and Hunters. With these high numbers and reinforced morale, the attacked the few remaining Brutes, who now lacked the surprise of Plasma weapons, and soon the entire right side had fallen to the sudden swarm of Covenant troops.

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