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Battle of Minister


Human covenant war


december 8 2552




UNSC/Separatist Victory


UNSC, Covenant Separatist

Covenant loyalist


Admiral Saul Kotor


  • UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet(100 Ships)
  • 458th marine division(20,000 men)
  • 7th odst division(10,000 men)
  • 20 Separatists ship
  • 3 Divine legion (18,000 Elites,Grunts and a few Lekolo)
  • 45,000 Brutes
  • 10,000 Jackals
  • Fleet of Supreme Loyality (120 Ships)
  • 12000 Marines
  • 2000 odst
  • 1100 Elites
  • 42 Ships
  • 1/3 of the MAC platform destroy
  • 30,000 civilian are killed in the ground battle
  • 62 Ships
  • 25,000 Brutes
  • 9800 Jackal
  • the rest of the fleet escape to prevent more losses


The battle take place in the system of minister, a planet where live 100 millions of human. The battle is the tird largest engagement after the battle of Reach and the Glassing of Bratana. A Loyalist fleet try to recovert an old Forenner artfact. This fleet was unable to do this becose a large fleet of human ships helped by a Separatist takeforce protecte the planet.

befor the battle

At 0317 on November 30, 2552 the survivor of the devasteting battle of Bratana arrives in the system. The convoy constitute of hundred of hights civils carriers and some longswords squadrons in total 17 millions of civils and 8,000 soldiers.


The remote scanning post Anaba detect mutiple contact in a slipspace.


Admiral Saul Kotor is advise by Anaba that multiple conctact (possible covernant) are close to Minister.


A Fleet of 95 Loyalist ships destroy the Anaba, Fleetcom Advise the 14th Nomad Fleet.
Combined vengeance - tactical display


Admiral Saul kotor give is order to all MAC platform to make fire on the ships when they going to be in range


The seps fleet make cover for the MAC platform, the UNSC fleet prepare to lauch there fighter in hope to stop the maximum of ships for win time of evacud the population and arm the vessels.


The loyalist large an anti matter bomb on a camp to take refuge by the civil


The Road Runner large a nuclear warhead on the flagship, destroying the support life system and make an explosive decompression killing the entire legion stationed on the vessel.


The Human fist exicute the Keys loop and destroy 2 destroyer.


The Loyalist fleet flee and large an anti mater charge, the charge, destroy on MAC platform and a UNSC destroyer moor on it.


Execution of the last brutes in the ground by the UNSC /separatist force


The UNSC loss 30 ship in there fleet 3/5 of there fighter and also 1/3 of the MAC platform. For the Separatist is 1/2 of ther Battle fleet (12 vessels) and 20% af there fighter. The loyalist lost 1/2 of there thus 62 ships, and 4/5 of there fighters. In the grond the UNSC/Separatist lost 17000 men, Women, Elites and Grunts. For the Loyalist is 25,000 brutes and 9,800 Jackal that fail in combat.In the civilian 30,000 of them die in the bombardment of there camp.