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Battle of Skopje




Battle of Nero


Ground, Air and Space


4th April 2549-13th April 2549


Nero, Omega Delta system


Covenant Victory, Nero glassed



Covenant Military


Admiral Trimmer

  • Multiple civilian transports
  • UNSC Commando
  • Multiple unnamed UNSC vessels
  • Majority of Fleet of Unhindered Progress
  • All Covenant forces from Unhindered Progress with exception to the fleetmaster

The Battle of Nero was a conflict fought between UNSC and Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. The battle took place in early April, 2549, on, and in orbit of the highly civilian populated planet, Nero.

First Contact

Nero first came into contact with the Covenant on the 4th April, 2549, when the system's relay stations were taken down. UNSC Battlegroup Delta was sent by High Command to investigate the loss of contact with Nero, and were met by the Covenant Fleet of Unhindered Progress, who were preparing for an assault on Nero. The few UNSC ships that were at Nero when the Covenant arrived were destroyed, but had damaged one of the assault carriers beforehand.

The Assault

Whilst Battlegroup Delta engaged the Fleet of Unhindered Progress in orbit of Nero, they also deployed marine forces to aid the UNSC Army troopers that were dealing with the invasion force. The marine forces, primarily ODST's, were then diverted to aiding the civilian evacuation from the larger cities, as well as the capital, Cubo, which had a great significance to the UNSC high command, and was the primary target of The Covenant.

Cubo Conflict

The ODST's were dropped into the capital to secure the archives networks, or if necessary, destroy it. The archives of Cubo were one of the largest inner colony information stores, with exception of Earth and Reach, making it the key target for the covenant to capture, where they would be able to find out everything about humanity, including the location of Earth. After aiding the evacuation efforts and protecting the transports, the ODST forces attempted a purge of the archives, but the AI that ran the them had already detected Covenant forces, and locked all access to them.

It was decided that the only way to destroy the Archives was to initiate a strike from orbit. Admiral Trimmer had UNSC Pendulum break off from the battle in orbit, and fire MAC rounds down onto the Archives center. However, this caused large tremors under the city, and the hundred year old mine's below Cubo collapsed, causing the city to sink into the ground.

Temporary Victory

Cubo, despite having collapsed into a hole underground, was relatively intact, and many UNSC and Covenant forces were still within the city. The UNSC ships in orbit had managed to destroy or paralyze all the Covenant ships, but were heavily damaged, and unable to aid the marines on the ground. ODST's still in the capital were tasked with eliminating remaining Covenant forces, regrouping marines for evac and eliminating several high value targets, including a Covenant Zealot team, who were attempting to mine the archives for any surviving information.


Although the Covenant fleet had been mostly destroyed, the capital ship had been able to let off an emergency broadcast, which was picked up by significantly larger Fleet Of Inspirated Victory, lead by brute chieftain Arkarus. The fleet ambushed Battlegroup Delta, and Trimmer recalled all UNSC forces back to the battlegroup. The battlegroup managed to escape from the system, and were not followed.

The covenant fleet had orders to find any information they could from the archives, and kill any surviving Covenant for their failure to collect the information before the UNSC destroyed the city. However, the prophets and the council had them retrieve the fleetmaster, as despite his failure, had found the location of several other human worlds.

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