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Terminal This article, Battle of New Frontier, was written by ClydeE247. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Battle of Frontier Radio Transcript.

Zero Hour

UNSC 6th Royal Fleet arrives in system for standard procedure upgrades*

Frontier Recon Outpost 6: Sixth fleet stand by, Reading slipspace anomaly 67 degrees outward.

UNSC Stalward Shield: Roger, all ships stand by.

FRO6: Standbye, reading multiple Unidentified units\

UNSC Stalward Shield: Shift camera focus 45 degrees clockwise...

FRO6: What the hell's that?

UNSC Stalward Shield: Opening Comms, Battlegroup 3 through 9 ready weapons, all personnel combat stations... Somethings not right here.

  • Unidentified Fleet Radios comms: Unknown language, does not match covenant transcripts or encryption*

UNSC Stalward shield is engaged by largest ship from unknown fleet.

  • ONI Base 21: Frontier COMMAND scans forerunner archives for radio encryption match: Match found: Encryption: PRECURSOR*

UNSC Stalward Shield: All ships fire at will! Formation Code: Phalanx North, deploy 1/5th of SABRE fighters!

  • 2 UNSC Service Warships are destroyed by unknown weaponry*

Battlegroup ECHO/3: This is Desert Rage, Engaging CONTACTS, I count 312 ships!

UNSC Stalward Shield: I count 527 missile-like weaponry heading for Battlegroup Echo,

UNSC Weary Blade: Alpha Group load HEAVY MACs, BRAVO GROUP convert to Energy Weapons.

UNSC Stalward Shield: Shield at 3.56% Capacity! Shield down, engaging plate lock, lost 31% armor, severe hull damage, venting atmosphere.

SIGMA GROUP/33 Destroyers: Charging toward Unknown vessels.

  • UNSC Stalward shield is destroyed by Unknown battlegroup*
  • UNSC Retaliation fleed arrives in-system*

UNSC V2: We're taking dozens of trooper casualties, severe *static* armor *static* *silence*

  • UNSC continues engagement for 20 more minutes, losing half of the original fighting force, the retalliation fleet arrives in-weapons range*
  • Sangheili fleet arrives, counting 35 warships, plasma fire is seen from UNSC V2 camera, the camera rotates and reveals the destroyed wrecks of 65 UNSC ships, and appears to be on battery life floating freely.
  • UNSC fleet surrounds Unknown fleet*

ONI COMMAND: Battlegroup Yukon deployed, Translation software reveals radio transcript to be PRECURSOR/OUTCAST

Patrol A12451 Arrives in system and is quickly dispatched by PSG forces

Frontier Home Fleet Arrives in-system from rebel uprising: Loses 21 ships after exiting slip-space.


ONI COMMAND: Cole Protocol initiated, All available data has been wiped, we're stranded.

UNSC REMEMBER REACH: Severe Armor-Damage, all munitions gone, Data not yet wiped, retreating out-system.

  • 121 more PSG ships arrive, UNSC has lost 291 ships total in this engagement*

ONI COMMAND: Oh my God...

UNSC Desert Shield: This can't be happening...

  • UNSC Weary Blade is Destroyed by Reinforcements*

UNSC MAC GUN CONTROL: All planetary defenses online... we'll hold out as long as we can...

  • Concentrated SMAC fire destroys 3 PSG Ships*

UNSC In amber clad II: We can still do this!

UNSC: Everest Revenant Arrives in-system, takes heavy damage.

2/3rds of UNSC fleet makes random-jumps, using UNSC Everest Revenant's Slipspace Data.

Remaining 1/3rd of UNSC fleet is Overrun, Sangheili Fleet begins retreat.

Remaining New Frontier Home fleet ships exhaust incredible amounts of Amunition.

NEW FRONTIER COMMAND: Nuclear strikes inbound

  • 35 Tactical Nuclear Weapons are fired, after detonation, 24 UNSC ships are remaining, 507 PSG Ships arrive, 219 PSG Ships survive the initial detonation, PSG forces eliminate remaining UNSC forces and begin ground invasion*

Surviving Camera Feed Shows PSG Forces Fortifying New Frontier and scavenge metal from fallen UNSC and PSG ships.

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