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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of New Greece, was written by 144-Patient Appelant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Battle of New Greece was a large battle that took place in the city of Olympus on New Greece.


New Greece is one of the most populated colonies that the Humans still have in their possession. It is also a large producer of food for UNSC troops around the galaxy. On July 23rd of 2547, New Greece was attacked by Covenant forces. The Orbital Defense Network was able to destroy most of the ships but two ships made it through, a CCS-Class Battlecruiser and an Assault Carrier. There is reason to believe that New Greece is of some importance to the Covenant because they began sending troops to the surface and activating excavation beams instead of glassing the surface like they would normally do.

There is also information that points to the existence of a Covenant Prophet’s presence on New Greece, possibly aboard the massive Assault Carrier. To alleviate the Covenant problem on New Greece, multiple Spartan and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper teams will be dropped on the surface. The Shock Troopers are to deal with the Covenant’s ground force while law enforcement and marines evacuate the surviving civilians with Evac crafts. Spartan Silver Team and Brass Team, led by SPARTAN-115 and SPARTAN-025, will infiltrate the Assault Carrier and neutralize the Prophet, either through capture or assassination.


The UNSC Cumulus and the UNSC Chivalry positioned themselves above aboard and mobilized the many Pelicans and Human Entry Vehicles to New Greece’s surface. Covenant Anti-Air fire proved to be an annoyance but most crafts managed to get to the surface with only one Pelican lost and three HEVs destroyed. ODSTs hit the ground hard and managed to deal with ground forces. The continuation of AA fire caused Rear Admiral Devin Briggs to change Brass Teams priority. Silver Team would continue its mission to deal with the Prophet while Brass Team was to neutralize the Covenant’s AA cannons on the surface to allow for the rest of the troops to land on the planet. Green Team was launched in HEVs to land on the Assault Carrier while Brass Team was launched a few blocks away from the first AA cannon.

Neutralize Anti-Air Cannons

Brass Team fought through the streets of New Greece to reach its first target six blocks away. With cover fire from Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, Brass Team managed to neutralize the first cannon. They also managed to defeat Wraiths that pinned marines and ODSTs down in the streets and they killed several Elite Ultras that commanded multitudes of Grunt and Jackal troops. After defeating the second AA cannon, Covenant Hunters attempted to impede Brass Teams progress. With suppressive fire by Pelicans that made it to the surface, Brass Team neutralized the Hunters and continued to the final remaining AA cannons. After the last three cannons were destroyed, the CCS battlecruiser dropped a Scarab to the surface. Brass Teams priorities were, again, changed.

Suppress Covenant Ground Presence

Squads of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion engaged the Covenant since the initial drop in an attempt to weaken the Covenant occupation and give the evacuation enough cover to take civilians to safety. Only a third of the planned ODST force was launched to the surface initially as a scouting force. After their launch, it became evident that sending more troops immediately would be dangerous as the Covenant constructed multiple Anti-Air weapons. The ODSTs gave cover to Brass Team as they attempted to neutralize the weapons.

While the Spartans dealt with the cannons, the ODSTs began to run low on supplies and men. Covenant forces pinned down multiple ODST groups throughout the streets and scattered their resistance. The Shock Troopers were forced to hold out until reinforcements were deployed to the surface. After the Spartans dealt with the last of the AA cannons, ODST reinforcements arrived, allowing UNSC forces to decimate Covenant ground forces and cause them to fall back. With the Covenant in a defensive position, it was only a matter of time before they crumbled.

Capture Prophet and Destroy Remaining Covenant Forces

With most of the Covenant presence annihilated on New Greece, UNSC forces grouped to deal with the Scarabs and CCS Battlecruiser. Meanwhile, since the beginning of the battle, Silver Team fought enemy forces in the Covenant Assault Carrier. Silver Team was dropped on the carrier via Human Entry Vehicles. They met heavy resistance in the Assault Carrier but managed to fight through most of them. Fighting their way to the control room, Silver Team prevented the ship from making a Slipspace jump by killing crewmembers in the control room and leaving behind four Spartans to hold the room, with the remainder of Silver Team battling toward the Prophet’s quarters.

On the surface, UNSC forces neutralized the Spartans while the UNSC Cumulus and UNSC Chivalry converged on the CCS battlecruiser. In successfully destroying the ship and the Scarabs decimated, the Covenant invasion was brought to an utter failure. Later, the feeling of celebration was replaced with tragedy. The Spartan Silver Team had been killed aboard the Assault Carrier by Elites clad in ornate, crimson armor wielding energy swords. However, SPARTAN-115 was able to relay the message that the prophet had been killed.


All things considered, the Battle of New Greece was a considerable UNSC victory. The destruction of an entire Covenant fleet, the loss of over 5,000 Covenant troops, and the death of a prophet far outweighed the 700 ODSTs and 200 marines killed, however, the loss of an entire team of Spartans was devastating. They were classified MIA. Adam-025 was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery in combat. Rear Admiral Devin Briggs was promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral and led Ninth Fleet.

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