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Battle of New Kursk
Place:New Kursk
Outcome:Tactical Covenant victory
     Strategic UNSC victory   
     -all civilians sucessfully evacuated







UNSC garrison-

     -Millions of soldiers 
  -Thousands of vehicles and aircraft
  -23 ships
  -1 Orbital MAC platform

Covenant invasion force-

     -Millions of soldiers 
  -Thousands of vehicles
     -40 ships

Heavy military losses

     19 ships destroyed
     light civian casualties

Heavy ground losses

     -24 ships destroyed


The Battle of New Kursk was a major battle over the UNSC colony of New Kursk. New Kursk was a major inner colony of the UNSC named after the Earth located city of Kursk. It posess a temperate weather and the surface is almost entirely composed of rolling green hills with a few inland seas and small patches of forest. The planet was a major source of Titanium and home to millions of humans and major cities. Agriculture was also a major part of life on New Kursk.

New Kursk's terrain meant that infantry would be horribly exposed. Therefore the vast majority of the UNSC garrison was at least moderately mechanized and the defense plan had placed much emphasis on amoured and mobile warfare. Thousands of tanks, vehicles, and aircraft all stand at the ready to defend New Kursk. The UNSC placed a considerable investment to defending his colony. 23 ships make up the fleet. One carrier, ten cruisers, and six destroyers. Six heavy frigates would provide heavy ground support. A large nuclear minefield was in position and to top it all off one super MAC platform was in geosynchronous orbit over the capital. Numerous other Mass Drivers were also located at straetgic locations.

Initial Contact

In 2544 a Covenant fleet of 40 ships entered the system. 1 battleship, 2 assault carriers, 17 cruisers, 10 destroyers, and 10 frigates moved towards he planet but ran into the minefield. This bought enough time for the UNSC fleet to form up. The minefield destroyed 7 of the cruisers, 2 destroyers, weakened the shields of the other ships and took down the shields of the battleship. The UNSC fleet opened fire. The first salvo was focused on the battleship and larger vessels. A super MAC round tore through the battleship and gutted it. Other shots damaged the assault carriers and destroyed numerous other covenant vessels. However the return fire was devastating, the salvo from the covenant ships destroyed all the destroyers and 6 cruisers. The remaining ships formed a defensive perimeter around the MAC platform. The minefield and the Super MAC kept covenant ships at bay however they began deploying hordes of dropships and fighters to the surface.

Ground Campaign

The first wave of covenant soldiers were met by fierce air attacks by fighter and bomber waves. However on the ground they were left mostly unmolested. They advanced on very open terrain for a while without trouble from ground forces. But then with-out warning they were attacked by a ferosious artillery bombardment. Whole amoured and mechanized divisions came rolling at them. Under intense fire from so many tanks, aircraft and other vehicles, the first wave was devastated.

The Covenant commander sent in a more well prepared second wave. This time they were well supported by tanks, vehicles, aircraft, and many scarabs. Tanks from both sides began trading fore from across plains, hills, and fields. It would be know as one on the largest single armoured engagements in history. Scorpion and Grizzly tanks would fire on Wraiths from afar while Warthogs of all variants flanked them from the sides. Cobra would snipe them from atop hill and Rhinos would give artillery support from behind the frontlines. This tactic was effective for a while, however the covenant began flanking their own tank formation with Ghosts, and Revenants. The lighter vehicles would engage in a confused battle while hundreds of tanks duked it out. In the sky, hundred of aircraft engaged in dog-fighting for air-supremacy. Longswords woud usually have the advantage but the covenant aircraft had numbers. Covenant Banshees and Seraphs also attempted to destroyed UNSC armoured columns. They were foiled by Wolverine and anti-aircraft variants of Scorpions. The UNSC responded with special tank hunter teams of ODSTs armed with Spartan Lasers. SparrowHawks and Hornets would attempt to retailiate against Covenant airstrikes. All this was to delay th Covenant long enough to evacuate the civilian population.

For the vast majority of the campaign the Covenant maintained a steady advance, abliet at a price. To shift the balance, the Covenant began fielding more scarabs. The only thing that was preventing the ground offensive to progress far was the six frigates. Those assigned to air defense were key in halting the Covenant offensive in its tracks. When ever an offensive was on the move they would move in and blast them with a MAC round or bombard them with point defense guns. The sheer number of tanks and aircraft firing on the scarabs helped as well, being enough to destroy them.


As time wore on the Covenant continued to advance. Eventually they began besieging the capital city itself. The UNSC could notlet this city fall, at least not yet, this was where all the civilians were being evacuated.

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