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(Battle of Outskirts 6)

New Capetown


Land insurging Covenant attack retreating humans


November 17th 2552


Deserted city of Capetown


UNSC victory





SPARTAN-089(Gary), Major Bricks

high ranking specops Ersa 'Lisudee, Rysp' Arculee


100 UNSC soldiers, 10 spartans, 36 ODSTS,4 scorpions, 24 warthogs, 12 mongooses and 10 Hornets, 1 new Ground Mac gun

1000 grunts, 600 elites, 400 brutes, 30 hunters, 60 banshees,20 wraiths, 30 Shadows, 12 choppers 1 scarab


soldiers-25, Spartans- ??? ODSTs- 12 , 10 warthogs, 11 mongooses, 10 hornets.

grunts- 945 elites- 500, 245 brutes, 12 hunters, all banshees, 18 wraiths,



The injured UNSC squadron that had fought Ersa' Lisudee's armada 7 days ago is repairing and getting reinforcement. They gain a new prototype MAC gun that is like a mortar tank. Though reloading takes over 10 minutes. The damage it does on land is massive equal to the modern day MOAB bomb. Spartan (Gamma 2 squad) Gets ready for the large covenant assault coming not knowing that its right in front of them.

The beginning

The sign of battle started is of the spartan team gamma 2. Their motion radar caught a moving grunt. They opened assault as the Covenant attack came from the forests in front of the 21st century abandoned city. The MAC gun started to load as banshees started to observe it soon hornets followed and destroyed the 5 banshees. The covenant had their own mortar fire coming from the same model of mortar during the new mombasa raid. Their range was horrible since the covenant placed them behind the force so the mortars would survive.

Mac Gun fire

The first Land MAC round landed right in the middle of the northeast forest. Anhillating all covenant forces within. Rysp' Arculee and Ersa' Lisudee' ordered in attempted small glassment of the UNSC encampment which never got a response back. The 2nd MAC gun fire hit half of the grunt regiment. Which caused chaos with the grunts. They tried to retreat but enplaced Brutes shot the coward grunts. Scorpion flanks attacked the waiting wraiths in the other side of the forest. Almost all wraiths were destroyed. The third MAC fire hit the scarab wiping it out.

Spartans' turn

Gamma team 2 was sent to plant a Vector bomb(destroys 1 kilometer of land both ways) Fighting through jackal regiments and elites. The spartans suffered no casualties as they planted it under a destroyed wraith. Retreated back and wiped out another part of the forest with half of the brutes. Knowing defeat Rysp' called back the forces and sent in the rest of the banshees. But marines and ODSTs equipped with the SMG easily shot down by small arms fire. Spartans return to find the UNSC pushing the covenant back.


The last mac gun hit another part of the elite regiment. That last hit made the covenant retreat as hornets followed them all the way back to the covenant destroyer picking off weak covenant. UNSC built base New cape town to celebrate the victory. The base now produces the land MAC guns 4 every month sending it to main battle fields on Earth.