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Assault of Decided Heart


First Battle of Cryo

Battle of Nioda
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Genesis War


July 5, 2653 - July 22, 2653




United Galactic Alliance

Thanix Assimilation


The Battle of Nioda was a major military engagement between the United Galactic Alliance and the Thanix Assimilation during the first years of the Genesis War. The battle would prove to shed more light on the agenda of the Thanix and offer the UGA time to form strategies to counter this agenda.


On the lush and forested world of Nioda, the United Galactic Alliance had built bases to farther tighten their grip on their territory. Though the world was on the fringes of UGA-territory, it would prove to be useful as a UGA patrol would stumble upon a cache of Forerunner technology deep within one of the many forests. Nioda would be a major center for Forerunner studies up until the arrival of the Thanix who undoubtedly managed to track down signal emitted from the activation from a Forerunner tower.

Upon their arrival, the Thanix were disgusted to discover that Humans and Sangheili had arrived on the planet and were studying the technology long before them. An attack immediately ensued as Thanix vessels descended on the planet. The small number of UGA offensive forces that were present on the planet were forced to fight against the vastly overpowering Thanix forces, who outnumbered and out-gunned them. UGA ships would hold off Thanix vessels for awhile before being forced to temporarily retreat and hail reinforcements.

Until reinforcements would arrive, the remaining UGA soldiers that volunteered to stay and protect their research facilities would have to hold out against this overwhelming force. Though this would seem like an impossible feat for most, the UGA had highly-skilled soldiers with them, including a few TITAN commandos from Delta Class. For the first few days, the Peacekeepers would make use of guerrilla tactics to strike away at Assimilation patrols in the forests. Booby traps and ambushes would effectively cut down Thanix numbers.

After finding an arsenal of advanced combat drones, however, the UGA forces would hide in remote facilities while combat drones fought Thanix forces. This would last them a few days until the Thanix would catch on and track the drones back to the facilities. Heavily outnumbered, the UGA forces would be pushed from the facilities and be forced to retreat into the forests with only a minimum amount of supplies. Through the confusion of the Thanix siege and the hasty retreat, the UGA troops would be separated into small groups of two to four.

They would come up with a plan to rendezvous at the main Forerunner dig site, a very risky idea, but with most of the Thanix searching for them in the forest, the danger should be diminished. The teams made their way through the wooded region for days but a change in plans would come when one of the teams, led by TITAN-110, would come under fire. In the firefight, TITAN-110 would become severely injured. During this time, Darius Bedford which was TITAN-110's accompanying ally, would have to defend him with support drones until help arrived.

Though it took around fifteen minutes for it, reinforcements arrived in the form of three other small teams. They helped Darius hold the Thanix off long enough for a medic to get to the unconscious TITAN commando. Unfortunately, they arrived too late and TITAN-110 was beyond saving. The survivors retreated deep into the forests and toward the Forerunner facility. This would be around the same time that Alliance reinforcements finally arrived on the planet.

A fleet of cruisers, destroyers, and two carriers would descend on the occupying Thanix, catching them considerably off-guard. With the Assimilation's aerial forces locked in combat, the Thanix ground forces would be without any form of aerial support. The Alliance carriers took this opportunity to deploy a large number of fresh infantry and armored units. Though the Thanix fought extraordinarily hard to keep the Forerunner structures, they would be outnumbered and decimated.

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