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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of Ontario III, was written by Spartan G-23. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Battle of Ontario III


Human-Covenant War


October 21st, 2549


Ontario III


Pyhrric Covenant Victory


United Nations Space Command



Fleet Admiral Stephen Chow

Councillor Nch 'Kodumee


UNSC Second Assault Fleet

  • 100 UNSC vessels

Small Defense Fleet

  • 35 UNSC vessels

3 Orbital MAC stations

Covenant Fleet of Supreme Loyalty

  • 1 Reverence-class cruiser
  • 2 Vindicator-class cruisers
  • 2 Assault Carriers
  • 3 CCS-class battlecruisers
  • 5 Destroyers
  • 35 Frigates

120 UNSC vessels
10, 000 marines
5, 000 ODSTs
35 million civillians
3 Orbital MAC Stations

1 Reverence-class cruiser
2 Assault Carrier
2 Vindicator-class cruisers
2 CCS-class battlecruisers
3 Destroyers
29 Frigates
50, 000 Grunts
40, 000 Jackals
29, 000 Elites
90 Hunters

Theta Sierra Campaign

Battle of Ontario III - Battle of Genesis - Battle of Beta Sierra


100 hours

  • Covenant Fleet of Supreme Loyalty exits slipspace near the planet Ontario III
  • A longsword squadron alerts the defense fleet of the covenant fleet
  • Defense fleet sends a distress signal to the UNSC Second Assault Fleet
  • A covenant frigate is destroyed by one of the MAC stations
  • Covenant fleet retreats to a safer location and creates a new attack plan

110 hours

  • The UNSC Second Assault Fleet enters space above Ontario III
  • A MAC Station destroys an assault carrier
  • Ten ships in the defense fleet are destroyed

115 hours

  • The UNSC Spitfire destroys a Vindicator-Class Cruiser
  • Nch 'Kodumee decides to assault the MAC stations through boarding craft
  • Kingston and Ottawa Station repel all of the boarders but Toronto Station is destroyed by an anti-matter bomb
  • An Assault Carrier and the second Vindicator-Class Cruiser are destroyed by the MAC Stations
  • A covenant destroyer is destroyed
  • The remainder of the defense fleet is destroyed

135 hours

  • The covenant fleet begins a renewed assault against the planet.
  • 300 Phantoms are sent to the surface of the planet.
  • Kingston Station is destroyed by a plasma torpedoe.
  • Most of the covenant frigates and UNSC Second Assault Fleet are destroyed in combat.
  • Admiral Chow gets his ships to lay down a minefield around the planet.

170 hours

  • Covenant forces lose many ships and decide not to travers the minefield until they can get a safer way around it.
  • Marine fall back to Toronto and Kingston in order to reinforce the landing pads while the civilians evacuate the planet.
  • Ottawa is over run by covenant forces and all civilians and marines are killed.

180 hours

  • The civilians board the UNSC Spitfire
  • Kingston is under heavy assault by the covenant forces and the 23rd regiment is destroyed.
  • The 51st regiment liberates Ottawa but finds no survivors of the covenant attack.

185 hours

  • Marine forces fall back to the centre of Kingston and request reinforcements.
  • The 32nd regiment storms the covenant command post in Waterloo killing several Ultras leading the battle.
  • The Field Master in charge of the battle escapes the UNSC forces at the command post.
  • Nch 'Kodumee's ship is badly damaged and retreats to the back of the fleet formation.

190 hours

  • The 21st regiment and 92nd regiment are destroyed in Kingston and the covenant gain full control over the city.
  • The Field Commander turns the city hall in the centre of Kingston into the new command post.
  • Alpha company is ambushed and destroyed.
  • Bravo Company is ambushed but fights off the attackers at the cost of more than half of its men.
  • The 32nd regiment arrives at Toronto just in time aid the 52nd regiment in the defense of the city.
  • The 45th regiment manages to break through covenant defenses at Kingston but receives heavy casulties.

191 hours

  • The 80th regiment lands on the outskirts of Kingston and reinforces the 45th regiment in the battle for the city.
  • The covenant fleet is decimated as it traverses the minefiled but manages to destroy Ottawa station and all but 15 ships in the UNSC Second Assault Fleet.
  • The UNSC Second Assault Fleet jumps to slipspace after evacuating all marine forces in Toronto.

192 hours

  • The 45th regiment is destroyed but manages to kill several Ultras.
  • The 80th regiment kills the Field Master and regains control of Kingston.
  • The covenant take control of Toronto but are surprised that there was no UNSC force there.

193 hours

  • The covenant excavate the forerunner artifact buried deep under Toronto.

198 hours

  • The 80th regiment after holding Kingston for several hours is destroyed when a scarab attacks Kingston.
  • The remaining marines in the 80th regiment attempt to take the scarab but only succeed in killing the platoon of soldiers on the top and several guards on the bottom.
  • The covenant excavate the forerunner artifact buried underneath Kingston.

199 hours

  • The covenant glass Ontario III.

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