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Battle of Panax IV

Battle of Panax II

March 3rd, 2735


March 3rd


Panax II, Panax system


Katzec victory




United Orion Federation Defense Force

Katzec Empire


Shipmaster George Connor

Pilot Trazkij

  • 2 Corvettes

1 Oribital Defense Platform 3,500 Garrison 4 Anti Air platforms

  • 7 Capital Ships
  • 4,000 Footsoldiers
Boarding Party of 50
  • 2 Corvettes
1 Corvette captured
  • 3,000 Soldiers
  • 3 AA Platforms
  • 1 Frigates
  • 850 Footsoldiers

First Sighting

At around noon, the battlegroup warped into the system. Three colonies were put on red alert: Panax II, IV, and V. Within minutes, it is clear that the Katzec battlegroup is making an assault on Panax II. The colony is caught completely off guard, and the five Katzec frigates enter orbit first and deploy ground forces. The two Cruisers engage the Platform and Corvettes.


The Katzec deploy a boarding party to one of the Corvettes, capturing it using explosives, but heavily damaging many systems. The boarding party escapes with the Corvette, headed for the Katzec Empire. The Orbital Defense Platform fires two Plasma Torpedoes at one of the Frigates, disabling its left engine. The station deploys its three R109B Patriot Interceptors to finish it, effectively doing so. The other Corvette is destroyed.

Final Stand

The Platform and Interceptors attack another Frigate, quickly taking out. While one Cruiser heads towards the surface to bombard AA defenses, the other attacks the platform, disabling its torpedo launchers. On the surface, the Katzec use a rapid attack style to further surprise the already shocked garrison force. 45 minutes after the start of the fight, the Katzec are already finished and are moving towards Battle of {Panax IV|Panax IV}.