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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of Polyphemus, was written by EliteMaster117. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
"Vector-9, reading multiple pings converging on your location. Coming out of Slipspace."
―Comm Station 32, located on Serenges, identifying the large attack force.


Operation: FIRESIDE

Battle of Polyphemus


Human-Covenant War


January 25th, 2552




  • Minor Covenant Casualties
  • Heavy UNSC Casualties

United Nations Space Command Defense Force

Covenant Empire

  • Sorvas 'Tavaree
  • Rtas 'Vadumee


  • 27 MAC Stations
  • 1 refit and Repair station
  • 1 Halcyon-class Cruiser
  • 10 Frigates
  • 5 Destroyers
  • 20,000 Infantry
  • 7,000 warthogs
  • 3,000 Scorpions
  • 6,000 Pelican Dropships
    • 1,000 Heavy Pelicans
  • 10,000 Falcon Infantry Carriers
    • 5,000 Falcon Grenadiers
  • 1 SPARTAN-III Squad


  • 1 Supercarrier
  • 10 Assault Carriers
  • 70 Battlecruisers
  • 100 Frigates
  • 30,000 Infantry
  • 10,000 Ghosts
  • 4,000 Revenants
  • 30,000 Phantoms
  • 2,000 Spirits
  • 10,000 Wraiths
  • 15,000 Banshees
  • 100 Scarabs

Heavy losses in space and on the ground

Heavy losses on ground and in space


The Battle of Polyphemus was a large scale battle that took place on a world near the inner colonies, but still on the outer. It was one of the many large battles before Reach, and there was a group of SPARTAN-IIIs, specifically Royal Team, who took part in the battle. The Covenant almost overtook the UNSC, and glassed approximately 30% of the planet, but the UNSC made a comeback and wiped out the Covenant forces.


January 25th

  • 0600 Hours: Multiple contacts identified on radar.
  • 0650: A Covenant Supercarrier followed by three Assault Carriers jump out of slipspace, taking out relay satellite almost immediately.
  • 0700: Longswords are deployed to location, and engage Supercarrier. All Longswords lost.
  • 0710: UNSC Red Dawn, frigate class, engages Covenant.
  • 0758: Red Dawn destroyed, no Covenant casualties.
  • 0834: Nearest UNSC fleet arrives, and immediately engages Covenant forces.
  • 0948: Covenant launch boarding craft after plasma torpedoes fail.
  • 1034: UNSC Liturgist destroyed.
  • 1100: Colonel Urban Holland sends Royal Team on location to board Covenant vessels.
  • 1159: Covenant deploy ground forces, taking civilians off guard.
  • 1230: UNSC deploys ground forces.
  • 1242: More Covenant vessels arrive.
  • 1321: Scarabs deployed to ground.
  • 1355: Royal Team arrives, and quickly takes control of a Covenant frigate, setting it on crash course for Supercarrier.
  • 1400: General Wiles Marsh arrives, initiating Winter Contingency.
  • 1500: SPARTANs turn direction away from Supercarrier, and end up destroying a CCS Battlecruiser. SPARTANs are deployed to ground.

January 29th

  • 0100 Hours: SPARTAN team successfully destroy all forces in Serenges, and set back up Comm Relay.
  • 0342 Hours: UNSC forces regroup, and 10 out of 27 MAC Stations are destroyed.
  • 1800 Hours: The rest of the UNSC Fleet arrives.
  • 2300 Hours: SPARTANs take out three Scarabs trying to destroy a city, and exfil. in a Pelican Dropship.
  • 2313 Hours: SPARTAN's Pelican is shot down. SPARTANs crash land behind enemy lines.
  • 2400 Hours: 13th Covenant Anti-Aircraft Battery set up.

February 1st

  • 0100 Hours: 3 Battlecruisers remaining. 4 Assault Carriers left. Supercarrier suffered massive damage. All Covenant AA Batteries down. UNSC casualties on ground are massive. 1 SPARTAN MIA, 1 Frigate remaining. 3 Destroyers left, repair station destroyed. Halcyon cruiser evacuated, bridge and Captain gone.
  • 1300 Hours: Wet navy engages Covenant Seraphs going on bombing runs over towns and cities.
  • 1500 Hours: SPARTANs successfully evacuated to nearest frigate, which begins engaging Covenant. Most damaged ships retreat, and jump for a random vector, per the Cole Protocol.
  • 1600 Hours: Surviving Covenant vessels begin glassing Polyphemus.
  • 2000 Hours: Most UNSC infantry forces retreat. Some left behind.
  • 2100 Hours: Covenant forces eliminate most stragglers, and exfil. to any Covenant vessels.
  • 2111 Hours: Last MAC Station destroyed.
  • 2132 Hours: Last remaining UNSC Vessels launch MAC Cannons against Covenant ships, disrupting the glassing.
  • 2200 Hours: SPARTAN-IIIs board Covenant Supercarrier.
  • 2223 Hours: Royal Team shuts down shields, allowing UNSC forces to destroy ship. One SPARTAN stays behind.
  • 2300 Hours: Second to last frigate, carrying SPARTANs, jumps to Slipspace.
  • 2400 Hours: One single destroyer, the UNSC Goodbye Lulla-bye goes on a collision course right into the center of the remaining Covenant vessels, destroying itself in a self-destruct, and wiping the Covenant fleet out.

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