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Battle of Domusan


Grudge Offensive


Battle of Black-Lung Nebula

Battle of Primus
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Genesis War


January 26, 2653 - February 9, 2653




United Galactic Alliance

Thanix Assimilation


The Battle of Primus was a military engagement between the United Galactic Alliance and the Thanix Assimilation during the early years of the Genesis War. The engagement began shortly after the Battle of Domusan, the failed attempt by UGA forces to cripple Thanix forces on the colony. The UGA retreated from Domusan to Primus, a barren Forerunner world a few light years away where UGA forces had built a base a few days earlier. There, the remnants of the force that attacked Domusan would attempt to repair and re-arm for another strike, however, this would be impossible. Unfortunately for them, Assimilation forces tracked them to the planet and began burning the planet.

UGA forces attempted to counter and managed to deal severe damage to the attacking Thanix forces, however, they would eventually plan to pull out. This changed once the Thanix discontinued their aerial strike of the planet and began concentrating on a large Forerunner structure. UGA forces took advantage of this and attacked the Thanix, who became momentarily preoccupied with the Forerunner structures. The UGA laid siege to the Thanix at the structure until eventually destroying the Assimilation's assault ships and hunting down the remaining Thanix forces.

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