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Battle of Seton
Outcome:Decisive UNSC victory- Seton's existence not compromised







UNSC garrison-

  3 Marathon class cruisers
  6 frigates
  "Wet water" Navy ships

Small invasion forces

  Thousands of Covenant soldiers 
  1 CCS class Battlecruiser
  6 corvettes


  2 Marathon damaged
  All Frigates damaged
  Dozens of "wet water" navy ships destroyed

All Covenant forces destroyed

  1 CCS-Battlecruiser
  6 corvettes


The Battle of Seton was a battle for the UNSC colony of Seton. Seton was a minor colony located in the Outer Colonies. It was an Earth sized planet with a single large moon orbiting it. The entire planet was a tropical paradise covered in islands and seas. Islands on Seton sized from a few meters to a mile or two. The largest one containing the capital was a several dozen miles in diameter.

It didn't have a very large garrison and only 3 cruisers and 6 frigates defended it. However, as it was a planet that was mostly covered in water, it did maintain a sizeable wet water navy and air presence.

A Trap is Sprung

In 2532 a small Covenant patrol entered the system searching for human worlds. The patrol was made of one CCS class Battlecruiser and six other corvettes. Fortunately a patrolling Longsword detected them early and warned the planet. The only way they were going to survive was if they destroyed the ships before they reported Seton's location to the Covenant. To do this the three cruisers hid behind the moon while the frigates hid on the surface. They would lay a trap. The enemy flotilla moved to investigate the planet for human life. They moved toward the planet, and once they entered orbit the trap was sprung. The three cruisers broke from cover and attacked, focusing their fire on the Covenant cruiser, which was quickly destroyed. The Covettes attempted to fight back while retreating to the surface and managed to lightly damage two of the cruisers. The Corvettes not having enough fire power to take on three cruisers and their escort singleships fled to the surface.

Unorthadox Warfare

The six corvettes entered the atmosphere to escape the three cruisers by hiding in the clouds. As vengeance they began attacking cities and settlements


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