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Siege of Dead Hill


Skirmish of the Verecilles Mountains

Battle of Solide
Solide War


Orionus War


February 15th, 2634 - March 4th, 2634




United Galactic Alliance

Jiralhanae Empire


The Battle of Solide was a ground engagement between UGA and Jiralhanae forces during the Orionus War.


Jiralhanae forces invaded the colony of Solide to take a tactical position in the vicinity of other UGA colonies. Shortly after the invasion started, the colony managed to contact the UGA. Marines were immediately deployed to the planet to expel the invaders. Days later, the marines were completely pinned down by Jiralhanae who had greater firepower and strategic positioning.

UGA reinforcements arrived and the combined force began to overwhelm the Jiralhanae. After forcing the Jiralhanae into a retreat, the Marines gave chase only to fall into an ambush. Many were killed in the ambush but allied air support alleviated hostile pressure. Eventually, the marines pushed through JE forces and destroyed their shore base. After that, it was only a matter of hunting down survivors.

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