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Battle of Solon
Above: Three UN Peacekeepers patrol a woodland.
Beginning:September 17th, 2585
End:October 9th, 2585
Place:Solon, 21 Zeta System
Outcome:Decisive UNSC victory
  • Major insurgencies are eliminated in-system.
  • Joint rebel fleet is shattered.

UNSCflag UNSC Defense Force
UNPA UN Peacekeepers

Rebel1 Insurrectionist Confederacy
URF1-1 United Rebel Front

  • UNSCflag COL Thom Mackinaw
  • UNSCflag BGen Ryan Hardy
  • UNSCflag Col James Corbett
  • UNSCflag VADM Breanna Malone
  • UNPA LTG Carlu Zaramo
  • UNPA CAPT James Grebenc
  • Rebel1 Nate Paisley
  • Rebel1 Aston White
  • URF1-1 Kayla Ashforth
  • URF1-1 Harry Chocktaw
5th Mobile Infantry Division
6th Mobile Infantry Division
UNSC Ljubljana
3 warships
44 other vessels
  • Various rebel land forces
100,000+ total infantry


  • ~13,000 KIA
  • ~38,000 WIA
  • 40,155 captured

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