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Battle of Terrador
Part of Eayn Civil War, Great Schism (partially)
Battle of Terrador
The Kig-Yar Loyalist Force battles in the outskirts of Terrador
Date February 14th 2558[1]-February 23rd 2569[2]
Location Terrador, Reach
Covenant Loyalists Tir-D-yar's forces

Commanders and leaders
Covenant Loyalists Tir-D-yar's forces

Approximatley 1,760,500 soldiers(Throughout the 11 years) 3,500,000 soldiers

Casualties and losses
Major Military Casualties
  • Yormus

(Died during the Invasion of Jaraputo)

  • Fleet of a Thousand Blades
Moderate military casualties
  • Around 240,000 defenders
  • Around 1,000,000 Civilian casualties

"You dare seek to defile my work? Well then, I accept your challenge!"
Tir-D-yar upon hearing of the attacks.

The Battle of Terrador (often referred to as the Third Battle of Reach by the Sangheili Confederacy and UNSC), was a planetary invasion of Reach by the Covenant Loyalists following the destruction of the Parliament buildings on Eayn.[3] While Jiralhanae Yormus and Ledipus where the official commanders of the Loyalist forces, Pol-D-yar lead the Kig-Yar forces (which was the majority of the force). Pol-D-yar was one of the few surviving brothers of Tir-D-yar, and ever since the death of their mother Myr-D-yar, Pol made it his personal mission to slay his brother for bringing Myr to the planet where she would die.

Initially, the Loyalists had the upper hand, conquering the Southern Hemisphere before attacking Terrador itself. However, with the Nartol technology used to defend Terrador, the Loyalists where forced to battle in its suburbs and plotted a way to get inside. The loyalists conquered half of Terrador, however after 10 years multiple Nartol spaceships managed to engage and distract the Fleet of a Thousand Blades while the Nartol on the ground deployed a weapon they took from Azather to destroy the fleet as well as the ground forces.

In a last stand, Pol sent in a special operation Ki-Yar group, including himself, on a mission to slay Tir and his second-in-command Lady Sintharia. However, in a duel to the death between brothers, Sintharia attacked Pol's team, defeating the last of the Kig-Yar forces and Tir and Pol continued on a duel across an abandoned mining facility and the entrance to a Nartol city. The last 9 months of the battle where spent expanding the Nartol defences all over Reach and preventing Jiralhanae escape. The majority of the remaining Jiralhanae escaped; one group was forced to stay on Reach.

In the closing hours of the battle, the Jiralhanae outpost was invaded by Tir-D-yar in which he personally slew every remaining Jiralhanae on Reach. Their deaths, followed by a victory speech in Terrador officially ended the battle.


  • This is one of the few Battle in which Ledipus personally arrived to command the battle. However, he left to assist Yormus on Jaraputo shortly before Yormus' death[4]


  1. Halo: Desolation, during a flashback, the beginning of the battle is shown.
  2. Halo: The Destined Ones, Tir tells Sintharia of the final victory in Terrador.
  3. In Halo: Desolation, Tir states that the invasion was an act of 'revenge' against the Loyalist politican's deaths at the hands of Tir so half a decade ago
  4. Yormus died in Halo: Obsidian Conflict, and Tir then hunted Ledipus.

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