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Terminal This article, Battle of Titan, was written by 144-Patient Appelant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

In 2549, the Covenant mounted a large attack against the UNSC on the world of Titan. The UNSC had multiple refineries on the planet. They used it as a source of materials as it had a surplus of necessary metals. On March 16, 2549, the Covenant discovered the planet and launched a massive attack on the planet.The UNSC force consisted of troops from the 17th Shock Trooper Battalion and 15th Shock Trooper Battalion.

Space Battle

Titan had a defense that could stand against the Covenant ships. Twelve MAC platforms orbited the planet along with a fleet of eight ships. The UNSC were caught offguard by the Covenant and two UNSC ships were destroyed by a bombardment of plasma torpedoes. The UNSC retaliated and three Halcyon-class Cruisers were able to destroy two CCS-class Battlecruisers. A Covenant Assault Carrier released Seraphs which were countered by Longsword Interceptors. The MAC platforms began to fire on the Covenant fleet, destroying three ships instantly. The Assault Carrier started to take heavy damage and was in danger of destruction. Four CCS Battlecruisers formed a shield around the Assault Carrier and accelerated for Titan. Two more UNSC ships were destroyed by the approaching ships. The remaining UNSC ships concentrated on the two remaining Covenant ships in orbit while the Assault Cruiser and its escorts sped passed. The MAC cannons on the defense platforms peppered the incoming Covenant, destroying three of the Battlecruisers. The last Battlecruiser received significant damage and made a suicide run into one of the platforms while the Assault Carrier made it through Titan's orbital defense. Meanwhile, the remaining UNSC ships managed to destroy the other Covenant ships but not without receiving massive damage. Only two UNSC ships survived and both were heavily damaged; the UNSC Promethius and the UNSC Chariot.

Ground Battle

The Assault Carrier hovered 100 feet above the ground, releasing dozens of insertion pods and Phantoms. Brutes and Elites landed on the surface while Grunts gave them air support with the Phantom's turrets. Hunters and Jackals appeared on the planet and were positioned on the frontlines, using their shields as heavy defense. Alpha Company of 15th Shock Trooper Battalion was already stationed on Titan when the battle began and were prepared for a battle against the Covenant. Scorpion tanks fired on Covenant lines, obliterating the Hunters and decimating their defense. Marines assault rifles and rocket launchers to drop Grunts and Brutes. Banshees and Phantoms began to fire on the Marines from above, causing them to fall back. The Brutes broke off from the Elites and attacked refineries while Elites led squads of Grunts onto small UNSC bases. Alpha Company began to fall apart and needed reinforcements. The 17th Shock Trooper Battalion sent a massive number of troops to assist. HEVs carrying ODSTs began to rain down from the sky as well as Pelicans carrying Warthogs, Scorpions, and M-145D Rhinos. Later, the Promethius and Chariot returned to the battle and sent even more troops to the surface. The UNSC were able to regroup and decimate Covenant ground forces. The Rhinos began to fire on the Assault Carrier, along with the UNSC Cruisers. The Carrier was near destroyed and tried to escape. It began to charge up for a slipspace jump, but was destroyed before it could leave. The battle was a victory for UNSC forces, though with heavy casualties.

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