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Invasion of Ares Prime


Pegasi Skirmish


Holiday Massacre/Battle of Debris Field C431

Battle of Titan IV


Genesis War


November 29, 2652 - December 11, 2652


Titan IV


United Galactic Alliance

Thanix Assimilation


The Battle of Titan IV was a military engagement between the United Galactic Alliance and the Thanix Assimilation. The battle began in late November when the Thanix attacked a major Exoskeleton factory on the fringe colony. The UGA was forced to use the newly programmed units to defend the factory while reinforcements were en route. The Battle of Titan IV was the first battle in which the Mark I ARCADIA was used.

Orbital Engagement

The orbital engagement over Titan IV began at around 3:00 when a small but heavily-armed Thanix fleet began a long-range strike on the planet's defense network. Battlegroup Minerva engaged the Thanix and intercepters engaged Thanix Bomber Drones in an attempt to defend the orbital stations and ships over Titan IV.

After several days of combat, a heavily damaged Thanix ship broke through the defensive perimeter and managed to unload a few dozen dropships before crash-landing in the sea. The naval engagement would continue up until the end of the battle.

Surface Engagement

The Thanix forces that made it to the surface did not hesitate to converge directly on the main building of the UGA factory. The Thanix ground forces consisted of Jackal Infantry, Praetorians, and Vangarians. There were only a handful of skilled UGA exoskeleton pilots on Titan IV testing the newer exoskeleton models. They had to organize and lead a defensive fight against the highly-trained Thanix warriors with a handful of pilots, some security guards, and a bunch of factory workers.

The siege that the Thanix laid on the UGA was devastating and many areas of the factory had begun to burn before the sun came up. The UGA was on its last legs before one of the pilots made use of the experimental prototype unit, the MAE-15 ARCADIA Mark I Assault Exoskeleton. The high-speed exoskeleton was able to cut away at the offensives primary waves.

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