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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of Toronto, was written by Spartan G-23, 343 guilty sparks and the evil O,malley. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.

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Battle of Installation 05


Second Battle of Earth, Battle of Detroit, Second battle of instalation-04

Battle of Toronto
Battle of Toronto


Battle of Toronto


November 3rd - 4th 2552


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Sol System


UNSC-Covenant Separatist Victory

  • Humans/Covenant Speratists
  • Covenant Loyalists
  • 50,000 Grunts
  • 20,000 Jackals
  • 8,000 Brutes
  • 20 Drinols (including Swuurg)
  • 8 Scarab Attack Platforms
  • 4,000 Wraith Mortar Tanks
  • 2,000 Maulers
  • 7,000 Brute Ghosts
  • 12,000 Banshees
  • 80 Shadows
  • 50 Phantoms
  • 60 Spirits
  • 200 Seraphs
  • Artful Dodgers
  • the Fist of Justice

Many Elites, marines, and ODSTs

Tarmfurm and most of the Brutes, all of the Jackals, all of the grunts, all of the drones, and all the Drinols.




When the High Prophet of Regret came to Earth and attacked New Mombasa the citeins of Toronto were disturbed. They packed up everything they owned and went to live with relatives through UNSC controlled space. Since the city was abandoned the only soldiers there were a small garrison of 30 marines. When the second battle of Earth began the Covenant attacked the now deserted city to use as a temporary base so they could launch attacks onto the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Eastern U.S.A. The base was needed because these areas were heavily defended.

Several Phantoms eneter Toronto. The marine on patrol sees it and runs toward the Command Post but is killed by the Phantom's trurrets. The marines look out the window and see the phantoms. "Prepare to defend get every weapon you can find!" yelled the Sergeant to hi soldiers. The phantoms drop off a large number of grunts. As the marines fire into their ranks they start to run low on ammo. Then out of nowhere 5 marine fall down dead from Jackal Snipers. within minutes every marine in the city is dead.

Room thingy

No comment, wait I just did!.

"Counciller Nch 'Kodumee aboard the ship Bloodied Victory exited in Slipspace above Earth. He wa determined to exact hi revenge on the trecharous Jiralhanae for almost killing him before. He met up with several other councillers that had survived and found out that htey had joined the humans in the battle. Since the human were now his allies he wanted to help them to the full extent of his power. The only way to do this was to kill the prophets and their allies. "blat that CCS-Class Battlecruiser into oblivion!" ordered Ship Master Masu 'Twassee as the ship destroyed a Jiralhanae ship. "Take us to a location on the surface where the Jiralhane are using as a base and prepare a ground force to take it from them." Said 'Kodumee.
'Kodumee in control room

Nch 'Kodumee on the bridge.

James G-23


The base

The Spec ops peering invisible.

The Fist of Justice entered hyperspace, with the dreaded chieftan Tarmfurm and his fleet prepared for attack. "The Sangheii help the humans?!" Hollered the Chieftan, "No matter they shall die the same way! Furgartam any news?" "There is Tarmfurm, That area is perfect for our base." As the phantoms came in, Unggoy put in turrets and uloaded equipment onto the snowy surface. "Commander Tarmfurm, report!" "The Sangheii are near, I can smell their flesh now."
The Attack

Woosh! Kaboom! Ahh help! .

As he spoke, A plasma grenade flew on his shoulder pad! He easily tore off his shoulder pad and reversed it into the bush, where it revealed six stealth elites hiding. "WERE UNDER ATTACK!!" The outraged Brute roared. The stealth Elites Drawed swords and plasma weapons. "Racktaroo! Sucure a perimiter!" "Yes chieftan." At an instant, corpses were everywhere and screams and plasma blots and other horrors stained the snow. "CALL AN AIRSTRIKE!! NOW OR YOULL DIE BY MY HAND!!" The Brute minor stumbled as he called the Seraphs. At once, Seraph fighters brought the Elite fight to an end. Tarmfurm raises over a wounded elite, "I have no interest in prisoners!" The chieftan left as Racktaroo aimed the bruteshot blade at the elite's throat.


A Seraph preparing for an airstrike.

"Margantues it's an honor!" "Honor indeed Tarmfurm, How goes the seige?" "Those dirty Sangheii traitors joined the humans!" "Just as Truth predicted." "Our Scouts have found the creatures we were lookeing for a long time ago." "Truly?" "Yes, the humans will never see it coming." And Tarmfurm was correct, they have discovered a race known as The Sharquoi.

The evil O,malley


Major Peterson into HEV-POD

Lookout below!.

"All ODSTs please enter your HEVs." blared the voice over the speakers as the ODSTs of the 501st entered hteir HEVs in order to land onto the suface of the planet. The UNSC Spitfire had just entered the battle in orbit above Earth and were prepared to launched their soldiers ot the surface in an attempt to retake Toronto from the Brutes. "Pack your snow gear boys because it is going to be winter right now in Toronto. We will be given backup from some forces stationed in Ottawa but we are primarily on our own." Said Major Peterson.

"SHip Master is their any word about the Spec Ops Sangehili that we sent to the surface of the planet?" asked counciller 'Kodumee " no sir it appaers that they were massacred by jiralhanae forces." replied Ship Master Masu 'Twassee. "Fine then prepare a strike force of minor domo sangehili to attack the surface again." said 'Kodumee. "Yessir." Replied 'Twassee. "Also one more thing." Said 'Kodumee "What is it sir?" Asked 'Twassee "Send in Konai."

"Marine load the equipment into that albatross! You prepare the pelicans to "transport the warthogs!" Screamed First Lieuetenant Peter Lewis to his troops. As they prepared to retake the city of Toronto. They would need a lot of help because the elites that had been sent there earlier had been completely obliterated. The only good thing was that they had a mythos and they would be receiving a second one later on.


Pretty bumpy!.

HEVs blazed through the atmosphere as the ODSTs entered the airspace above Tornto. Cpl. Michael Harrison was starting to get sick. They just got back from Installation 07 and now they were preparing to take on a full covenant army without their Spartan-IIIs. The HEV landed with a thud. His squad opened the doors and pointed their BR-55 battle rifles forward to look for possible enemies when all of a sudden a Brute Captain jummped out of a window and charge at them. He quickly fell to the hollow bullets of the battle rifles as several of them cracked his ribs into multiple pieces. "Be ready for anything." said the Cpl. As they advanced through the city.

Spartan G-23

The ODSTs had no SPARTAN III support, but they did have an augmented human amongst their ranks, though they didn't know it. Sgt. Lindsey Williamson had illegally purchased genetic augmentation drugs at the age of 18 and joined the ODSTs, as she had been rejected by the SPARTAN III program at seven. now, Lindsey's HEV fell from the upper atmosphere down towards the city of Toronto below. The HEV impacted suddenly with a force that shook the drop pod. Lindsey emerged in the a few blocks west of Harbourfront Park, Toronto, near the shore of Lake Ontario. Eight other ODSTs had dropped within about 100 metres of her pod. Lindsey seized her BR-55 Battle Rifle mounted with an M465 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher from the drop pod and made her way to the rendezvous point with the other ODSTs. "All right, men, this is the situaton", Lindsey said, "The Covenant are constructing several anti-aircraft batteries in Harbourfront Park, these guns will tear the UNSC Spitfire to shreds if we let them complete 'em. So we're gonna blow those Covie guns to hell!"

Lindsey and the ODSTs walked through the deserted Toronto streets, entering an abandoned high-rise condominium complex overlooking Harbourfront Park. . Lindsey pointed to a four parked Wraith tanks, two with plasma mortars and two with AA fuel rod guns. "Wilson", Lindsey said to the ODST sniper, "Wait for the rest of the squad to get in position and shoot the two Brutes guarding those Wraiths when I give the signal, were gonna steal those alien tanks.", Lindsey said to the sniper. "Yes maam", Cpl Wilson, the ODST sniper replied. Lindsey and all of the ODSTs entered the park, carefully avoiding the Jirilhanae guards lines of sight and hid behind trees and par benches. "We're in position", Lindsey said into her radio, "Open Fire!". Cpl. Wilson placed ther crosshairs of his SRS99C sniper rifle onto the head of the nearest Brute and opened fire. A 14.5mm slug struck the Brute's head with such force that the alien was completely decapitated. The second Brute's skull was shattered by a second shot from Wilson's rifle.

Lieutenant Colonel Ross East flew towards Toronto in his F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter, the aircraft that, just two months previous, he was the head of the design team on. He was leading 25 other Scimitars of the of the UNSC Air Force from an air base in Ottawa. In the skies over Oshawa, Lt. Col. East spotted a glint of metallic purple at his 1:00. Seconds later, he made out the shapes of two Seraph Fighters escorting five Phantoms dropships and three older Spirit dropships. "Covenant aircraft sighted, 1:00 low, all aircraft break formation and engage, and only use missiles on the fighters, lets try out these new lasers on the dropships.". Ross said through his aircraft's radio. Ross pulled his aircraft's stick to the right and rolled into a position about 12 km from and right in front of the enemy aerial convoy. A lock tone filled his cockpit as Ross' fighter's ASGM-12 air-to-air missiles locked onto one of the Covenant Seraphs. Ross pressed the launch button on top of his stick. The ASGM-12 missile slammed into the Seraph, which exploded in a ball of fire, sending flaming chunds of the alien fighter into the side of one of the Phantoms it was escorting. The Phantom too erupted in blue flames and fell to the ground. The second Seraph fell victim to a missile fired by one of Ross' comrades. Ross pulled the throttle of his aircraft forward and flew closer to the now unescorted alien dropships. Ross placed the gunsight over the nearest Spirit in the formation and fired his aircraft's high tech replacement for the age old autocannon, a laser cannon that was basically an over sized Spartan Laser. The beam blew the Spirit in half, separating the two prongs, which both fell to earth as Ross fired the laser at two more dropships, these ones Phantoms. Within minutes, the entire Covenant squadron had been blown out of the sky.


Sgt Lindsey Williamson ran towards a parked AA Wraith, and entered the vehicle as the sniper, Cpl. Wilson entered her Wraith's secondary gunner's seat. In no time at all, all four Wraith tanks were controlled by Lindsey and her ODST squad. Sgt. Williamson caught sight of the AA guns, in varying states of completion. "Fire on those AA guns", Lindsey yelled into her portable radio. The three other Wraiths under her command obliged, sending balls of blue fire from their plasma mortars and greenish projectiles from the fuel rod guns of the AA Wraiths at the Covenant guns. All eight Covenant AA guns and two Phantoms used in their constructon were burning wrecks within minutes.

The Jiralhanae chieftan, Margantues was patrolling the perimeter of their base on Earth when a minor came running in and said "Chieftan, the humans are advancing towards our base, Tarmfurm has ordered you to link up with your fellow cheiftans and prepare for a defence against the human attackers""No problem, the humans shall not past this line" replied Margantues as he drew a line with his foot for no apparent reason.

First Lieutanent Markus Felix and his army of marines that are currently stationed in Churchill, Manitoba, when news spread out of the attack on Toronto. He wanted to help the people their but he wasn't ordered to. When the Vice Admiral send a message to him, he immediately told the rest of his marines to load all the ammunition into the Pelican, all the tanks and warthogs into the albatross, and once they are done, get into the Pelicans ASAP. When all of that was done, he loaded himselve into a Pelican and everyone was on the move towards Toronto.

Margantues was walking along the ruins of Toronto to meet up with his fellow chieftan. After a long walking, Margantues has reached with his friends, Bonuantus, Jankgontues, and Dergantues. "Welcome back chieftan""It was nothing" replied Margantues. "Sir" said Bonantus, "The humans are advancing towards our position""Then we shall give them a warmer welcome" replied Margantues as he laugh.

Markus Felix had just arrived in Toronto when he heard an explosion towards the east."Some battle"whispered Markus. "Sir, there looks like a place far to the north that is suitable for our base for now""Good, now load up all the guns, ammo, and vehicles we have and move out" replied Markus. When the preparations had been complete, Markus and his men moved out, unaware that the Jilalhanae are waiting for them.

343 guilty sparks


Truth pissed off

Tarm is busted now!.

""Tarmfurm!! Chieftan Tarmfurm!!" "What is it now Racktaroo." "Noble Truth demands to speak with you." "Hmm clear the transmission." In an instant Truth's hologram appears before the chieftan. "Noble Truth!" He and brutes kneel."What do you seek of me?" "Tarmfurm, I bring dread news upon you, you're recent failures have pushed the covenant forces back. The new council will not take another defeat. If you fail to conquer this region, you shall be executed." Tarmfurm was stunned. "Worry not Truth, the Sharquoi are at our side. We will be victorios!

As he spoke three Osoonas listened as the news was brought. "Masu 'Twassee we bring dread news." "What is it?" "It's the Sharquoi! Tarmfurm and Margantues are planning to unleash the Sharquoi onto the humans!" "Truly!?" "Unfortunatly sir." "We must get a message to them. Send the Troops to the humans position, give them a warning." "Right away sir!"

So far, the battle seemed to be going in Lindsey Williamson's favor. The Covenant forces in Harbourfront Park had been routed. Lindsey sat at the controls of her AA Wraith, head sticking out of the hatch. Suddenly, Lindsey heard what sounded like the footsteps of a giant, which shook the earth with each step. Suddenly, a high rise condominium tower exploded in a massive ball of green fire. When the dust and smoke cleared, a Scarab walked out from the wreckage, followed by two massive creatures Lindsey had never seen before. "SCARAB|!!!!, RETREAT!!!", Lindsey yelled. The four Wraiths boosted northward until they came to the broken remnants of a section of the Gardiner Expressway, an elevated highway blocking their path. "Dismount and climb over the wreckage, Lindsey ordered. The squad of ODSTs fled through the streets of downtown Toronto, and into the Rogers Centre, a 600-year old stadium, situated next to th CN Tower, another structure dating back to the late 20th century. Amazingly, both the stadium and the Tower were standing in spite of the battle raging around them. Lindsey and her ODST squad entered the Rogers Centre, They would be partially protected from the Scarab and the unknown Covenant in there.

Spartan-169 watched through the window as he saw the last standing human world, Earth. Thinking about the events on Reach. "Everything alright Edward." "Yes." "Well we got a mission for you. The ODSTs that we sent had a disturbing message. *CLICK* "WE GOT CONTACT IT'S NOT ANY TYPE OF COVENANT WE'VE EVER SEEN, WE CAN'T HOLD THEM!! WE NEED BACKUP!! WE NEE-" "Thats it. We need you to search the city and take down this threat, failure is not an option."


That Sharquoi reveal themselves.

As soon as he landed he was given his favorite vehicle, the Mongoose. As he drove around the corner he saw a few ODSTs fleeing from a new enemy. Major Peterson was alive but only three ODSTs remained alive from the most horrible creature Edward-169 had ever seen, three Drinols. All he could say was:"Whoa."

The evil O,malley


Major Michael Peterson was with 10 ODSTs searching the city when all of a sudden a massive creature came and smashed the warthogs that three of his ODSTs were inside of killing them all in an instant. "Open fire!!!" screamed the major at the remaining soldiers. as they all fired their BR-55 battle rifles but even the hollow rounds that they fired could not bring down the massive creature. Then 2 more of them came along and they sent four of the ODSTs flying into the surrounding buildings. Then a Spartan-II came in a Mongoose to give them backup.

"Are we getting any more backup?" asked First Lieutenant Lewis to one of his marines. "Yessir. We are receiving backup from: Churchill, Manitoba. Quebec City, Quebec. and St. Paul, Minnesota but they have had large casualties." "Sir I am receiving a distress signal!" said a marine. "Let's hear it then." Replied the commander. "This Spartan-157, the leader of Lambda Squad requesting assistance from all nearby UNSC soldiers. We are being pinned down in Detroit by over a million Covenant Loyalist soldiers." "We will have to help them later. Right now we have to recapture Toronto then maybe we can help the forces in Detroit." Said Lieutenant Lewis.

F-A 712 cockpit shot 3

The View from the cockpit of Ross East's F/A 712 Scimitar Multirole Fighter as he shoots down two Covenant Seraph fighters with ASGM-12 missiles.

Ross East's F/A 712 Scimitar fighter neared the city of Toronto. He was surprised to see the CN Tower still standing, though most of the stuctures around it were flattened. Ross ordered three of his squadronmates, whose arcraft carried Scorpion air-to-ground missiles as well as the usual ASGM-12s to break formation and attack a group of Wraith self-propelled guns that were raining plasma balls on UNSC troops in Scarborough. Ross, however, flew onward to downtown Toronto. A message came over the radio. "This is Sgt. Lindsey Williamson of the 124th ODST Special Operations squad to any UNSC Forces. We are pinned down by two unknown Covenant and a Scarab in the Rogers Centre. Any UNSC forces please assist." Ross East recognized the voice and the name. Lindsey Williamson had been stationed at Downsview Air Force base with Ross, and was, though few knew it, his girlfriend. "This is Lt. Col Ross East of the UNSC Air Force, I am amking my attack run now, hang in there.", Ross East said into the radio as he flew towards the Rogers Centre and caught sight of the Scarab and the monsterous creatures flanking them. He locked on to the Scarab with the Scarab-Slayer Anti-Scarab Missiles he had in his fighter's ordnance bay. Ross pressed the missile launch button and fired. The 10-foot long Scarab-Slayer impacted the side of the Scarab. It's explosive pentrator pierced the heavy walker's armor with ease and the follow through fuel-air explosive sent the Scarab up in a multi-colored explosion, orange flames from the missile combined with the light blue plasma stores of the Scarab. Ross then proceeded to fire his second Scarab-Slayer at the first of the two unknown Covenant. The massive creature exploded into a mist of alien blood, staining a large portion of the Rogers Centre. "I'm glad I'm not the janitor of that place", Ross through before he fired his fighter's laser cannon and struck down the second Drinol. "Thanks for the assist, Williamson out", Ross heard Lindsey say through the radio.

"Ship Master the scouts that we sent to Toronto have reported bad news. What should we do?" Said a Major Domo Sangehili. "Send in commander 'Pudmee and tell Konai to set up a safe landing zone." Ordered 'Twassee. "I am going with you to help in this battle." Said Counciller 'Kodumee.

Spec Ops Commander Kwas 'Pudmee and his squad were heading down ot the surface and were told that they would meet up with a soldier named Konai. He wondered who Konai was but before he could think about it anymore they landed. "Activate your camoflouge." Ordered 'Pudmee as his men traveled throughthe city to Konai's position.

Konai stood with his lance. The place was unusually warm right now probably from all the plasma fire. His thermometer said that it was 25 Degrees. It should have been 2 degrees. "Nakaw prepare the fuel rod. Karak set up a plasma turret." Ordered Konai to his men. There were brutes coming so he had to be prepared. Then a large group of brutes came along with an even larger group of jackals and suicide grunts. Karak let loose a barrage of plasma fire that swept through the enemy ranks. The entire area was littered with corpses when it was done.

Peter Lewis' albatross landed on the outskirts of the city with a Mythos. He saw a phantom bieng guarded by a Seraph fighter. He knew that it belonged to the brute because the elites never had Seraph escorts. He entered the control room of the Mythos, aimed and fired the Mythos' sub-nuclear cannon. The blast impacted the Phantom destroying it and the Seraph escort. He then drove the Mythos farther into the city.

Spartan G-23

Ross East's F/A 712 rose skyward again after attacking the Scarab and the two Sharquoi.He caught sight of about 25 Seraphs peparing to make a strafing run a UNSC armored column in downtown Toronto. "Alright guys, time to try out the simutaneous targeting system on these missiles", Ross said though his radio. Each F/A 712 could lock onto and fire a missile at up to six different targets simultaneously. Ross and four of his comrades each loced on and launched a swarm of missiles at the Covenant aircraft. The sky around the Seraphs erupted in a sheet of flame. The lone survivor of the Seraph squadron was hit by a surface-to-air missile shot from a Wolverine SAM vehicle.


Muno' Bracknokee, Ship Master of the Embernal Flame and two of his trusted Field Masters, Noku' Canogehee and Kamo' Shenogoee, were watching the battle of Toronto from the ship. "I just don't under stand, why do we have to stay up here? We should be helping our fellow Sangehili in battle" complained Noku'. "We are here because we have orders to stay up here UNTIL they needed us""?????""(sign) we are the backup reinforcements""Ohhhh". "Ship Master" said a fellow Minor Elite, "What is it""It's from Nch 'Kodumee, he wants us to help the humans that have no idea that they are addvancing into a well armed Jiralhanae base""Well FINALLY, some action" cried Noku'. "Calm down, save your energy for the battle" said Muno'. "All warriors! armed yourselves for battle and get into the Phantoms" shouted Kamo'.

"Sir" said a marine, "What is it"? replied Markus Felix. "We are approaching the spot where we will set up our base""Good". As they approach the target, the Sangehili dropped down in front of them. "Humans, do you realized that you could of gotten yourselves killed?"said the Sangehili, ""said Markus, "Well you are lucky, the Jiralhanae's base is up ahead where you are going""??????""(sign) the Brutes""Ohhhh". "Lucky, by order of the Council, we are here to help you in battle" said the Sangehili""Great, lets get going, we have some Brutes to murder"replied Markus as they moved out.

343 guilty sparks


"Tarmfurm, We are in position, Ready to attack the Sang-" "Captain? Captain?!" The chieftan turns to see the captain sniped by Markus Felix. "Aha! Got ya now fuzzball!" "GRRRRRRRR!! WERE UNDER FIRE!" At that moment Spartan-169 saw the brute chieftan that killed his friend. At an instant he saw Major Peterson wounded and prepared for destrution at the hands of Tarmfurm. "Yet another human to stain the Earth!" Growled the beast, then a thunderous shot came to the brutes hands, It was Kamo' Shenogoee! With an entire legion of troops. Another shot until the chieftan dropped his hammer. Major Peterson rose and continued to fight. The brutes fled, as the Spartan approached the wounded chieftan. "I can't say nothing personal, Cause this is." The Spartan pulled out his shotgun and brought an end to this chieftan forever.

Furgartam fled into a phantom and headed into The Fist of Justice. "Noble Truth! Our plan to capture the city has failed! The humans have allied themselves with the traitors! We are fleeing!" At a second Bloodied Victory approached the cruiser. "RRRR PREPARE FOR BOARDING ACTION!!" "Yes Captain." Little did the Sanghili know... The brutes were preparing for boarding action. The evil O,malley

Lindsey Williamson looked out a hole blown in the Rogers Centre and saw a most welcome sight, dozens of UNSC tanks, including several M-850 Grizzly Anti-Scarab Vehicles. Lindsey and her ODST squad exited the Rogers Centre and made walked up to the commander of the lead tank, an M-850 Grizzly. "We were sent here to rescue you, but it looks like the UNSC Air Force beat us to it.", the tank commander said, "Anyway, we could use your help with our next objective, three Scarabs and a bunch of other Covies making a huge mess in the Beaches and the Scarborough Bluffs". Lindsey and the other ODST mounted the tanks, several of which had lost their machine gunners to Jackal snipers. The column of tanks rolled along Queen Street, Lindsey manning the 7.62mm machine gun on top of the turret of the lead M-850. Two Wraiths and several Brutes taking cover in a destroyed streetcar stood in their way. Lindsey and another ODST, manning the MG of the Scropion next fired a hail of bullets at the Butes, drive those that were not killed into the reative safety of the streetcar. The turret of the Grizzly Lindsey was riding in turned, and the 120mm main gun fired, knocking out one of the Wraiths. The other Wraith was destroyed by a Scorpion's 90mm, before another Scorpion put a round into the destroyed streetcar. The armored column turned down a side street and onto the beach at the shore of Lake Ontario. A Scarab stepped over the old water treatment plant near the end of the beach. The commander of the Grizzly Lindsey was riding in turned the turret of the tank towards the massive alien walker. The side mounted plasma cannons fired on the Grizzly as Lindsey ducked down into the vehicle and closed the hatch. A sound of lock tone filled the turret of the tank and the gunner squeezed the trigger that launched a Scarab-Slayer Missile. Lindsey looked over the gunner's shoulder, into his heads-up display. Lindsey and the tank gunner saw the Scarab-Slayer slam into the side of the alien walker and send it up n a huge fireball. "One down, two to go", the gunner said over the radio.


The tide was turning after over 10000 marines were sent in only to be slaughtered they finally had a breakthrough. Even though he was injured Major Peterson was still commanding his Battalion from a mythos. Both of the mythos fired at the enemy Scarabs destroying them in a volley of sub-nuclear blasts. All around the city the Loyalists were bieng massacred. Shadows escaping the city were blown up. Enemy soldiers slaughtered. Banshees, Spirits, Shadows, and Seraphs tried to escape the city only to be shot down by the patrolling Sparrowhawk squadron.

It was like shooting fish in a barrel, Ross East fired his Scimitar's laser at first one Banshee, then another. Along with a Sparrowhawk Squadron, all of Ross' squadronmates were wreaking on the remaining Covenant forces, blasting Banshees, Spirits, Phantoms, and Seraphs out of the sky with lasers and missiles. As the last of the those Covenant air forces were sent down in flames, Ross glance at his fuel gauge. "This is Lt. Colonel East to all Scimitar pilots, looks like our job is done here, time to return to base.

'Kodumee meet up with 'Pudmee and together they took on all jiralhanae that they saw. Three Alpha Jiralhanae charged at them. 'Kodumee meet them. He slashed the first one through the chest with his energy sword. The second Brute swung his hammer at 'Kodumee but he sidestepped it just in time. He then beheaded the Brute. The last brute charged with an energy sword but 'Kodumee pulled out a second one and slashed a large X on the Brute's chest. 'Pudmee unloaded a Carbine clip into a brute's head. "Come 'Pudmee recall all of the men in the area we need to return to the Bloodied Victory.

Konai attacked the Alpha Jiralhanae that was attacking him. He fired ten needler rounds into its chest which ripped the massive beast into pieces. Karak mowed down the Loyalists with his plasma turret. Nopak threw grenades on the enemy soldiers at the back of the formation so that they would not flee. There would be no enemy left alive.

Drinol charged at the marines but were stopped cold by multiple rockets from Jackhammers which sent them flying. The four remaining Drinol charged through the marine ranks but were cut in half after they received direct hits from all 30 Scorpion Main Battle Tanks. Soon the city was filled with the dead bodies from all factions and the place would forever be stained with their blood.

Lindsey Wiliamson rode on top of an M-850 Grizzly Anti-Scarab Vehicle through Scarborough, an area of Toronto on the side of the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario. Lindsey and several of her ODST comrades as well as the original UNSC Army machine gunners that survived opened fire on Brutes a they rolled through the streets. From around the Corner, seven massive objects appeared, two Scarabs and five Drinols. The Grizzly tank next to the one Lindsey was riding in fired a Scarab-Slayer missile at the Scarab and blew it to pieces. The second Scarab turned to fire its plasma stream cannon on the armored column, but, too late!, the gunner of the tank Lindsey was riding on fired the second of the two Scarab-Slayer missiles and caught the Scarab right in the plasma cannon, creating a massive blast. The five Drinol charged at the UNSC tanks, but were reduced scattered, bloody remnants by Scarab-Slayer missiles. Lindsey, her ODST comrades, and the UNSC Army tanks now only had to mop up a few remaining Covenant before the final pocket of Covenant resistance in the city was broken

Twassee was in trouble an Assault Carrier was about to fire on him when all of a sudden five MAC rounds tore through its hull and the ship was engulfed in blue flames. "Need a hand?" said Admiral Chow from his Super Carrier. The two ships fought against many enemy ships before the UNSC Spitfire had to jump travel to Toronto to get it's troops back. Little did 'Twassee know was that there were many Loyalists boarding his ship.

The Loyalists charged into the bridge led by a gold armoured Chieftan who was quickl killed by the combined balst from both Tokoda and Wakana Valkon's fuel rods. A brute captain fired his spiker at Wakana only to find that the Lekglo's shield absorbed the damage. The captain tried to run away but was cleaved in half by Wakana's shield. "Tell all the crew memebers to search for Jiralhanae all around the ship! Leave none alive!!" ordered 'Twassee.

As they entire ship was bieng cleansed of the Loyalists many Brute Captains watched as Kig-Yar and Yam'ne were preparing to attach bombs to the side of the Bloodied Victory. Suddenly a plasma shot killed a Kig-Yar. A Brute Captain turned around only to see a Ranger Sangehili slice him in half. Then the Rangers stopped. "Prepare to fi--." Said a Brute Captain who stopped in his tracks when he saw the area littered with plasma grenades."Arm the b--." But the captain could not finish his sentence because the rangers fired into the plasma grenade field killing all of the Loyalists in zero-gee before they could arm the bombs.

'Kodumee and his troops returned to the ship and prepared to go off to the next battle.

"Get us out of here I never wish to see this planet again!!!" Yelled Racktaroo to his men as their ship left the Sol System.

"We may have captured Toronto but there are many marines trapped in Detroit let's give them backup. Next stop Detroit!!" Yelled Markus as all of the remaining battalions left to give backup to the marines fighting in the battle of Detroit.

Spartan G-23

Now back at his air base in Ottawa, Ross East addressed his squadron in the briefing room. "Congratulations on a job well done in Toronto, but it's not over yet.", Ross said. "Do they need us in Detroit?", one of Ross' squadronmates asked. "No", Ross responded, "Our Navy friends need some help assaulting some Forerunner structure the Covies unearthed near Voi, Kenya. ONI reckons this thing can remotely activate all of those "Halo" rings SPARTAN 117 discovered. Air Force command has agreed to send us and a few squadrons equipped wth Scimitars to support the assault. As soon as our aircraft have been refueled and re-armed, we're going sub-orbital and coming down in Kenya. After we rendezvous with the frigate Forward Unto Dawn, commanded by Commander Miranda Keyes, we just have to wait for SPARTAN 117 to take out the Covie AA batteries before we bomb that structure to hell!"

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