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"Yes, Deacon. The Commander awaits your arrival at Haven. You must make best speed to him there. Lead the villagers safely along the pass and the river. This is the most important battle that you have ever faced; quickly, now, sound the bell of retreat. Gather the families and hurry."
Benjamin Edwards[src]
"Assault leader to all elements. Fire Order Vermillion. Air Assault. Out."
Major Courtney Archer West[src]

The Battle of Tranquility Isle, otherwise known as Operation: MORNING THUNDER, was a battle between UNSC forces and the Dashan Resistance in the year of 2604 that occurred at the Unggoy colony of Tranquility Isle on the colony world of Dashan, MOA-2007-BLG-192L System.

It would lead to the deaths of thousands of Unggoy by blanket bombardment, as well as the capture, interrogation, and death of Benjamin Edwards, a rebel officer, at the hands of UNSC special forces.


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