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Battle of Kanna



Battle of Vespera


Covenant Remnants assault against USR world of Vespera




Rho Sigma System, Vespera



Covenant Remnants

  • Grand Marshal of the Navy Ang 'Elhi (during initial phase)
  • Imperator Thel 'Vadam (after the initial phase)

Fleet Master Longinus

  • 492 Ships
  • 12000 space craft
  • 13,000 troops
  • 3,100 tanks
  • 2000 supporting aircraft
  • 1000 Jackals
  • 1000 Hunters
  • 426 ships
  • 11,000 space craft
  • 12,000 Brutes
  • 2400 vehicles
  • 1900 supporting aircraft



"I'll tear your mongrels head from your body!"
―Kasr 'Revsar

The year is 2607. The Brutes have recently suffered a horrific blow in the skies above and on the bloodied ground of Kanna. Now the Covenant Remnant is on the ropes, reeling from the blow the UNSC dealt them. Their 'Oracle' has directed them to a new battle, a seemingly weak point on the Sangheili's potent defensive barrier between their colonised sectors and Remnant territory. The world of Vespera. The 'Marauder', a infamous Brute warrior, with a deep insight into the working of the honour bound Sangheili military mind, has been sent to take this chink in their armour. For ten years he's ravaged Sangheili forces on the border before disappearing like a ghost, knowing what tactic they will try befroe they even intiate it.

What the Maruader doesn't know is, the Oracle has just directed him into a trap. The Sangheili high council have dispatched a large joint task force to destroy the fleet, headed by the Grand Marshal of the fleet, Ang 'Elhi. Along with a secondary supporting fleet coming in from the colony of Thundera and a sizeable task force from the USR Special Warfare Group, lead by Kasr 'Revsar. Word amongst the rank and file is, even the mighty Imperator is coming with his own fleet, to watch over the battle.

Vespera was another serious blow to the Remnant, very soon after the destructive loss at Kanna. A whole fleet decimated, with almost 400 ships destroyed and over 10,000 soldiers dead, along with the brilliant tactician, Longinius, their ability to attack and hold back the USR forces was negated. Now they were vulnerable to a death stroke manoeuvre by the USR, an attack that wouldn’t come until OPERATION:FIRE. The USR had managed to substantiate its position in that sector and began to expand into Brute territory, pushing the Remnant closer and closer to their own border territories.

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