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40px-Terminal.png This article, Battle of the Eternal Victor, was written by Spartan G-23. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Battle of the Gemni Belt

Battle of the Eternal Victor


Covenant Civil War


October 21st, 2553


Eternal Victor


Covenant Loyalist victory. Several Separatists escape on a phantom.

  • Covenant Separatists
  • Covenant Loyalists
  • 200 Elites
  • 2 Hunters
  • 3,798 Grunts
  • 3,000 Brutes
  • 2,000 Jackals
  • 2,000 Drones
  • 3,000 Grunts
  • 200 Elites
  • 3,790 Grunts
  • 1,000 Brutes
  • 1,500 Drones
  • 1,000 Jackals
  • 1,500 Grunts


Chapter 1: The Battle begins

The schism of the Covenant has happened and the Covenant Civil War has begun. The Prophets and the Elites have begun fighting each other and one of the bloodiest battles of this war will take place on an extremly overcrowded destroyer the Eternal Victor.

Field Master Bruckus idly sits by a Wraith tank when all of a sudden one of his Brute Captains: Gargantus comes running as if all hell broke loose. "Sir! Sir!" the Brute yelled. "What is going on!!!" Bruckus screamed at him. "The prophets sent us a message telling us to exterminate all of the elites." Said Gargantus. "Well if the prophets order it then it must be done. Prepare all of the weapons. We're going hunting for elites." Said Bruckus.

Meanwhile in the bridge of the Eternal Victor. "Sir! We are recieving a message from the Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree." Said one of the elites. "Patch it through." Said Fleet Master Kig 'Twassass. "We have been betrayed by the prophets and the Brutes. Eliminate all the Brutes on your ship then come meet the rest of the ships controlled by elites at the outpost world of Joyous Exultation." Said the Imperial Admiral. "Got it sir." Replied Kig 'Twassass. He then pulled out his energy sword and said "Prepare all weapons we need to kill all the Brutes before the get us!" then all the elites roared their approval hoping that they could get a kill.

Chapter 2: Bloodshed

The Ultra Grunt Konai was moving with his lance of grunts when all of a sudden Ship Master Kig 'Twassass came towards him. "The prophets and the brutes have betrayed us Konai, so I want you and your lance to set up a perimeter around the bridge and do not let any brute or anyone siding with the brutes to enter." He said. Konai did what he was told and set up a perimeter around the bridge with the Special ops grunts that were assigned to him. There were 7 other grunts in the lance:Nakaw, Kapu, Geko, Nopak, Jukaness, and a pilot named Karak. Soon several jackals come close to the bridge along with 1 brute. Konai then opens fire with his needler. As the needler rounds impact the brute they explode splashing blood all over the walls. Then the grenades in the Brute's brute shot explode killing 3 of the jackals. The rest are then finished off by the rest of Konai's lance. "Go tell the ship master that the jackals have sided with the brutes." Konai said to Karak. "Got it sir." said Karak who then left for the bridge.

Field Master Bruckus waited impatiently. He just sent a lance made up of 7 Kig-Yar and 1 Brute. They were supposed to contact him when they got control of the area around the bridge. This could have meant only one thing: They were killed. Bruckus checked special monitors that he had set up earlier, when he looked at the one that showed the doorway to the control room he suddenly got angry. "How could those idiots get killed by a couple of Unggoy!!!!" he screamed. "That is it! Send 200 Unggoy and 100 Kig-Yar to assault the bridge! We shall take it no matter what!!" He screamed. "Yes sir!" Screamed the Brute Captains surrounding him. Now he just had to sit back and watch.

Meanwhile the rest of the ship was in complete chaos. The brutes where going through the ship killing all the sangehili warriors that they could find. The sangehili put up a brave fight but they where no match for the massive number the brutes had. It was 1 sangehili to 10 Brutes. Even with their superior fighting skills the sangehili were losing all parts of the ship. Finally all that they had left was the bridge.

Chapter 3:Civil War

"Konai. We cannot keep this up if we stay we will all be exterminated. Our only hope is to get to the hangar and fly out of here." Said Ship Master Kig 'Twassass."Lets go then" said Konai. The Ship Masters 2 Lekglo: Wakana Valkon and Tokoda Valkon led the assault. They opened the doors and vaporized several brutes with their massive fuel rods. As Konai's lance, the 2 lekglo, and the remaining sangehili crewmembers charged something was waiting for them in the hanger bay. When the got there Bruckus jumped out with an energy sword and sliced one of the sangehili in half." Go everyone I shall kill this beast so that you can all escape." said Ship Master Kig 'Twassass as he drew his energy sword. As the rest of the crew left the ship master fought Bruckus. as Bruckus slashed out the ship master dodged it and cut his arms off. The the ship master cut his head off. As soon as this happened a hail of Spiker rounds came flying towards him. The ship master now badly wounded charged at the brutes and took down 30 of them before finally dying.

Konai led his lance on, all the remaining elites had been killed now so all that is left is his lance and the 2 lekglo. then suddenly Gargantus ran in front of them. Konai, not wanting anything to stop him suddenly gained more strength as he pulled out both his needler and his plasma rifle at once. He then shot both of the brutes arms. Gargantus howled in pain as his left arm was blown into bloody chunks by the needler and his right arm had multiple plasma burns all over it. He then dropped both of his spikers. Konai then jumped up pulled out a plasma grenade and shoved it into the brutes mouth. Gargantus then screamed before his head was vaporized by the grenade.

Konai made it to the hangar. He then ordered Karak to pilot the a Phantom and get them off the ship. Karak did as he was told and as soon as everyone got onto the dropship several Kig-Yar came into the hangar. Then both off the lekglo blasted them all with their fuel rods. When the dropship took off they entered another ship that was controlled by the sangehili. The ship was called Bloodied Victory.

Konai then cried as a very good friend Ship Master Kig 'Twassass was now dead.


The brutes without any leader ship decided to jump into slipspace before they were totally eradicated. All of their captains and their chieftan were destroyed. They had 5,000 left. When the Eternal Victor made the jump they found Installation 07 They relayed this information to the Fleet of Divine Beyond. As soon as the ship landed on the surface they were overrun by the flood. Soon the flood began repairing the ship. hoping to leave very soon...

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