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Battlefield Command Vehicle-V Leader
Production information
Technical specifications
  • 1x 15mm autocannon (top mounted)
  • battlefield command vehicle

Capybara CCV (UNSC)


Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Battlefield Command Vehicle-V Leader is a Vorenus command vehicle.


The Battlefield Command Vehicle-V Leader is built a six wheeled chassis, with a body similar to a truck. The leader has a powerful radio and radar array, and uses these to communicate with and command other troops. For defensive armament, the vehicle has a top mounted 15mm autocannon to defend it against infantry, light vehicles, and low-flying enemy aircraft. This weapon is worthless against heavy enemy armor and high flying aircraft, so the Leader is practically always escorted by tanks and anti-vehicles and operates in areas where the Vorenus have air superiority.

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