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Terminal This article, Battlegroup Houston, was written by SPARTAN-08BLAM!. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Battlegroup Houston consists of seventeen ships, and is led by Admiral Walker. It was formed on December 12th, 2589. It is composed of both UNSC and Sangheili ships.

Operational History

Battle of Sylos

Ships of the Battlegroup

The following are ships enlisted as part of Battlegroup Houston


UNSC Grand Marais

UNSC Quebec

UNSC Minneapolis


Strength of Honor

Defined Conviction


UNSC No Surrender

UNSC Erebus

UNSC Ever in Glory

UNSC Convict

UNSC Volund


UNSC Polaris

UNSC Iron Spirit

UNSC Until We Fall

UNSC Jewel of the Summertime


UNSC Milan

UNSC Verona


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