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These are the RPs done by the heads of Battlenet 13.


The RPs are all based in a highly canon changed version of the base Universe known as Universe 13. They revolve around 3 Main characters. James Perez, Oregon Hawkins and Nova Bryce. They go on many adventures and are highly god modded.

The RPs

Main RP: Halo: Insurrection

Insurrection is the main RP and follows the trio from late 2554 through the end of their lives. Main events include The Arae Campaign, Battle of Atlas, Skirmish on Atlas, and the 2nd Battle of Earth.

Sub RPs

  • Arae
  • Home
  • Back to War
  • Homeland Defense

Secondary Characters/NPCs

  • Skyll Fenris--Squad Member--ODSTFenris
  • Joe Alley--Squad Member--Blargblarghonkhonk
  • Alice--AI--NPC
  • Andy "Trip" King--Squad Member--NPC

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