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Battlestations Halo
600px-Elite and marine
US Date Released
17th May 2010
UK Date Released
16th May 2010
Mix of Stratergy and FPS
Game modes:
*United Nations Space Command/Covenant Seperatists Campaign
  • Covenant Campaign
  • Covenant Loyalists Campaign
  • Multiplayer
ESRB rating:
Xbox 360
"Battlestations Halo, play in the UNSC and the Covenant Seperatists to play through the entire set of the Halo games, or rewrite history all together in the Covenant Campaign."
―Bungie's statement on Battlestations Halo.

Battlestations Halo is a Stratergy/First Person Shooter action game set in the Halo Universe. Developed by Bungie Studios, this game features a chance to rewrite history all together in a Covenant Campaign, or to simply play through the regular course of history. The Player can command entire fleets, as well as small spacecraft, vehicles, aircraft and infantry. Or they have the choice of going into First-Person Shooter mode where they battle on foot in one of their units- although not the Spacecraft. It features the timeline of Halo Wars first, then going into Halo: Combat Evolved, then Halo 2, then Halo 3: ODST, and finally Halo 3.


  • Battlestations Halo is a futuristic, halo themed version of the game Battlestation Pacific, which features the same thing only with the Japanese instead of the Covenant when it comes to rewriting history.

i have a question i have search for this game and cant find it is it real

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