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The Believe Symphony Orchestra in 2556

30px-Cquote1.png "A hero is more than a person, a hero is a belief. A belief that, against impossible odds, the world can be saved—and that the world is still worth saving. Heroes inspire that belief in us. They renew our faith and give us that most precious of all gifts—hope. The world needs heroes. That's why, when a true hero arrives, the world will honour him." 30px-Cquote2.png

The Believe Foundation, formerly known as New Hope Foundation, was a charity programme started by the Marathon Research Corporation with official sponsorship from the United Nations back in 2180 at the end of the Inner Colony Wars. The programme was aimed to help the third world nations whom were suffering from the effects of the war.


"Fill the time before they die with truth... With hope."
―Tobias at the end of his speech

The Believe Foundation was conceived under the vision of Marathon Research Corporation's founder, Tobias Farrell, who urged the United Nation to focus their attention and funds on the issues of overpopulation and disband future major military projects. Additionally, Farrell also warned the United Nations that the overpopulation coupled with conflicting ideologies could start an uprising leading to a rise of a political movement which would initiate a potential global war as evidenced in the Second World War of 1945 and the Third World War of 2013.

The United Nation acknowledged Farrell's proposal but opposed the proposals of the programme as each members of the United Nations had their own unique problem they had to face in their nation; Russia faced a political stalemate where the Koslovics claimed the south and the Askihnovs claimed the north; The United States of America attempted to merge with the Russo-American Alliance but pressured by the American Empire who saw the merge as a threat and Japan now emerging as the world's new super power.

In 2140, the Believe Foundation was formed to serve the more than 14 countries that were already granting wishes.


Inner colony Wars

Symphony for Our Heroes

30px-Cquote1.png Freedom is always worth fighting for. 30px-Cquote2.png

Symphony for Our Heroes was a musical event, honouring the men and women of the UNSC for their service and sacrifices in the Human-Covenant War. It was performed on 25th of September, 2556 at the UNSC Symphony Hall, and performed by the UNSC Symphony Orchestra of the UNSCDP.

Saviours Monument

30px-Cquote1.png And as we teetered on that precipice, staring down into the abyss, a hand reached out, pulled us back from the brink, and gave us hope. The hand of a hero. 30px-Cquote2.png

Several decades after the devastating Human-Covenant War and the Great Depression, the Believe Foundation, along with several other nations, began construction of the Saviours Monument to commemorate for the fallen heroes who served in the Great War. The campaign of the Saviours Monument itself is composed of shots of the finished diorama, as well as footage of the real-world construction of the diorama. The Saviour Monument campaign is the first of its kind to commemorate the survival of the human species, commemorating the men who gave the world faith, who gave humanity a future, who made mankind believe again.

Begun three years ago in 2607, the first incarnation of the Saviours Monument is a diorama, a three-dimensional snapshot of the battlefield, and the soldiers who took to it that day, built entirely by hand. The scene was reproduced with painstaking attention to detail and authenticity. The Believe Foundation was provided access to United Nations Space Command records to ensure historical accuracy the boot camp induction scans of every Marine involved in the battle. With this access, artists and sculptors were able to place the right face to the right soldier. After each face is completed, it is matched to a body which has been rendered complete with uniform and body armour, then carved by hand. It was the artists and sculptors vision for this tribute to humanity, that each piece be shaped by the hand of man, without the aid of robotic model-making systems. Each handmade soldier is posed, painted, and placed on the battlefield; both the victorious, and the fallen. Based on topographical maps of the day, the artists and sculptors were able to replicate each hill, each plateau, and each ravine to near exact specifications. But one of the real marvels was in the cityscape itself. After the fighting had ceased, meta-archaeologists unearthed the city's building archives. In them were found perfectly-preserved blueprints of every structure in the city. But the challenge was not to merely rebuild the structures, it was to tear them down as well. Artists and sculptors worked from the city plans to recreate the destruction caused by the fierce fighting: from each bullet hole, to each piece of exposed rebar. Even the Covenant were also rendered with extraordinary detail. Covenant corpses that had been recovered after the battle provided the models for these fearsome recreations. To complete the picture, authentic Covenant weapons and armour specs were accessed to fully outfit the warriors. Once the Covenant are placed opposite the Marines, a clear image begins to take shape out of the fog of history.

Visitors would be able to see how the human species were outnumbered, out-gunned, outmatched, and hopefully realise the importance of the monument. On that day, half a century ago, the human species was pushed to the crumbling edge of extinction.

Published Posters

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