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Benoit Jutras
Benoit Jutras
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―Benoit Jutras

Benoit Jutras



A soldier of the UNSC Army during the second half of the Great War, Benoit Jutras eventually abandoned the military and went AWOL. Becoming a soldier of fortune, he wandered the outer colony worlds after the war, taking up mercenary work wherever he could find it.

Eventually, Jutras and his small contingent of men were hired on by Judith Ives to perform an operation that involved the transportation of unknown goods. Breaking into a museum on ??, the group soon were attacked by several unknown vigilantes. Despite putting up a good fight, all of Jutras' men were incapacitated and captured by police forces while Jutras himself nearly died fighting one of the attackers before being saved by the timely arrival of a mysterious benefactor from the Syndicate.

Necros War

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