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Hawat class Light Tank by Jager375
Benvora Ultra Light Tank Model-1 Shredder
Production information

ultra light tank

Technical specifications
  • 1x 30mm rotary cannon or
  • 1x 76mm cannon
  • 1x 12.7mm coaxial machine gun
  • light tank
  • heavy recon vehicle

Fox (UNSC), Coyote (UNSC), Demon (USR), Sprite (USR), Mercenary (Vorenus), Eviscerator (Necros)


Necros War




The Benvora Ultra Light Tank Model-1, also known as the Shredder, is a fast, lightly armored tank used by the Benvora clan of Machina.


The Shredder looks a lot like a standard human-made tank, with a dome-shaped turret mounted on a rectangular body. The vehicles is mounted on set of tracks and has a powerful engine in the rear to enable the tank to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometer per hour. The turret has a co-axial 12.7mm machine gun and modular main weapon position capable of holding either a 30mm rotary cannon or a 76mm cannon. In either configuration, the Shredder is a superb combination of firepower and mobility.

Modular Primary Armament

30mm Rotary Cannon

Hawat class Light Tank by Jager375

A Shredder tank with a 30mm rotary cannon

The 30mm rotary cannon truly lives up to the Benvora Ultra Light Tank Model-1's nickname of "Shredder". The autocannon can fire high explosive, armor piercing, and incendiary shells at over 3000 rounds per minute, capable of decimating infantry, light armor, and aircraft.

76mm Cannon

Shredder mod

A Shredder tank with a 76mm cannon

The 76mm main cannon for the Shredder is an effective weapon against tanks and buildings. The gun can fire armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot and HEAT rounds for destroying tanks and other armored vehicles and high explosive shells for dealing with buildings. A Shredder with a 76mm is a fast moving threat to enemy APCs, LRVs, IFVs, and light tanks. In groups, Shredders have been known to outflank and destroy Necros Compound Tanks by firing at their weaker side and rear armor.

Modular Secondary Armament

  • Co-axial turret mounts
    • Heavy Machine gun: Firing 1 cal rounds, these can take infantry and light vehicles apart
    • Lance: A single Lance weapon that can tear open enemy vehicles
    • Flame Projectors: A weapon that delivers a torrent of napalm to the battlefield.

Other Modular Equipment

  • Other
    • Extra Armour: The Tank can be outfitted with heavy, performance reducing Kregior made Armoured plates
    • Ballistic Armour: The Tank can be outfitted with Gaust made None Explosive Reactive Armour that can give the tank an even more formidable vehicle against shaped charged weapons.
    • Dozer Blade: A Dozer blade for shifting rubble
    • Mineplow: A Mine plow for moving through mined territory
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