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Bero 'Wattinree
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March 5, 2526 (87)

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Political and Military Information

Covenant Empire


Fleet of Resplendent Piety
Fleet of Illustrious Resolve
Fleet of Courageous Persistence
Fleet of Pious Candor






Unggoy Rebellion
8th Unggoy Disobedience
13th Unggoy Disobedience
Harvest Campaign


Bero 'Wattinree (2439 - March 5, 2526) was a Sangheili General in the Covenant Empire, who took part in both the Unggoy Rebellion and the early Human-Covenant War.

Following his entrance into the armed forces of the Covenant, Bero 'Wattinree took part in combating the rebellious Unggoy in 2462, rising to the rank of Major for his fighting abilities and offensive spirit. In the years that followed, Bero attained the rank of Officer, leading various ground and space forces during the 23rd Age of Doubt. As a commander, he led ground forces against the Unggoy twice more, taking part in both the Eighth and Thirteenth Unggoy Disobediences: upon the conclusion of the latter, 'Wattinree was promoted to the rank of Ultra and fast-tracked to Fleet Master. After two standard tours of duty, Bero 'Wattinree was recalled to High Charity and promoted to General in 2504. He subsequently conducted several additional tours as Fleet Master of the fleets Resplendent Piety (2505-2507), Illustrious Resolve (2508-2511), and Courageous Persistence (2513-2518). Following the completion of his tour with Courageous Persistence, Bero 'Wattinree took part in the training and development of additional Covenant infantry formations, notably creating several Unggoy Heavy Infantry contingents that would distinguish themselves in the later Human-Covenant War.

In 2525, General 'Wattinree was selected to lead the first Harvest expedition Pious Candor, following the conclusion of the First Battle of Harvest. Arriving on Harvest in late April, Bero 'Wattinree commanded a force of 3,600 Covenant soldiers, which proved insufficient when UNSC forces counterattacked. With his forces in disarray following the initial human assault, 'Wattinree was forced to gather his available troops and defend a position within the ruined city of Utgard. In the midst of conducting that defense on March 5, 2526, General Bero 'Wattinree was killed by a marine sniper: without his leadership, the remaining soldiers of Pious Candor were overrun and destroyed. 'Wattinree was the first Sangheili General killed in action in the Human-Covenant War.


Early life

In 2439, Bero 'Wattinr was born in the State of Wattinr, on Sanghelios. As part of the illustrious clan of Wattinr, Bero received advanced military tutelage early on; a quick learner of both combat and tactics, he gained entrance to the Covenant Military in 2457.

Commands held

  • Fleet Master, Fleet of Resplendent Piety (2505 - 2507)
  • Fleet Master, Fleet of Illustrious Resolve (2508 - 2511)
  • Fleet Master, Fleet of Courageous Persistence (2513 - 2518)
  • Fleet Master, Fleet of Pious Candor (2525 - 2526)