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The Beta-5 is an office of intelligence operators, SPARTANs, ONI officers, and UNSC officers. Beta-5 is broken down into individual teams, based on the members and the jobs of the teams. For example, Beta-5 Mist Team was a team made of Spartans. 2 of them were Spartan IIs, and the rest were Spartan IIIs. They used MJOLNIR armor, mission specific. Entry to this group wasn't on the Spartan's consent: Either someone at ONI, Beta-5, a high ranking UNSC officer, or Catherine Halsey has to make an invitation, which cannot be refused. Mist Team was for intelligence gathering, and the securing of Forerunner artifacts. Members of Mist Team were not required to stay in Mist Team when not called upon. For example, most notably, Ash served as an ONI operator when not being used by Beta-5, as well as on the front lines.


When a member of Mist Team died, another one would take his place. The last known members were, however:

  • Carver-A096-1-Spartan III-Commander
  • Seth-D065-Spartan III-Sniper, Team Veteran
  • Ema-093-Spartan II-Explosive Expert
  • Ash-127-Spartan II-Machinery Expert, Pilot, Intel, Team Veteran
  • Todd-B124-Spartan III-Medic

All five of the members were part of the Battle of Reach. After then, they split to separate ways, only some of them staying together. Most notably, Ema and Ash would try to stick together as often as they could after she remet him at the Battle of the Rubble.


These troops had very little special equipment. They had MJOLNIR armor. All of them would modify their armor. Mark V and VI were the standard, but many put in special requests. Ash had an AI, however, Alyson. The troops were given the right to commandeer almost any resources required or helpful to finish their missions. At one point, they even, in essence, took control of an entire UNSC Destroyer, the UNSC Crystal Fire. The troops would try to fit into normal SPARTANs so that questions of their role were not asked by Marines. They always kept their colors to sage green, standard to that of NAVSPECWAR Spartans.

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