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Kora Refumee
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Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle, Carbine


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Battle of Installation 04


The Covenant


Kora 'Refumee was an Ultra Elite. He was aboard the Truth and Reconciliation during the events of Installation 04. Whilst aboard, he overheard a pack of Brutes, led by Kretaknus, discussing plans to wipe out the Elites. He was shocked to hear the Prophets were a part of it. Unfortunately for Kora, his Plasma Rifle knocked against the metal wall of the hallway, which Kretaknus heard. Kora 'Refumee fled the ship in a Banshee. He was pursued by Kretaknus in a Spirit, and reached a desert plateau before he was shot down. He luckily survived the crash. Having no place to run to, he wielded his energy sword. He killed three brutes before he was brought down and left half-dead. Kretaknus approached the barely alive body of Kora 'Refumee and said, "Events are already in motion that cannot be stopped. Only a race as pathetic as yours is blind enough to resist."

To this Kora replied, "Resist? How can we give in to the treachery and betrayal of the brutes. Only the Brutes are stupid enough to betray their strongest allies. What poison runs through your veins Kretaknus? What have you been promised?"

Kretaknus was still for a moment, and then said, "I have been promised nothing, you pathetic carcass. The destiny of your race is inevitable, and the Brutes shall be the ones to bring it to you."

The remaining brutes took Kora aboard the Spirit dropship, and travelled to a nearby Forerunner Gas mine. They sealed Kora inside a Gas container, with a limited air supply. They then jettisoned the container into open space. When Kretaknus returned to the Truth and Reconciliation, he was approached by another Elite, who asked, "What have you done Kretaknus?" Kretaknus responded with a grunt, and continued down the hallway.

What Kretaknus did not know is that Kora was picked up by a Covenant Ship, which was heading to Installation 04. He received permission to pilot a Banshee, which he used to board the Truth and Reconciliation. He crashed into a docking bay and, without being seen, crept to Kretaknus' quarters. He slaughtered Kretaknus in his sleep, then fled the Truth and Reconciliation.

Great Schism

During the Great Schism, Kora 'Refumee (known hereafter as Kora 'Refum), managed to gain command of the vessel Corrupt Justice. After rescuing sangheili from High Charity, he took the ship to Sanghelios for repair.

It is unknown what happened to him after.

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