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Big E is a human produced soft drink, made specifically for human customers, which is highly popular in core worlds and rim worlds alike, but which is disliked by other species.

Summary and History

Big E was first designed in 2568, by a young inventor named William Lex. The formula was modified drastically in 2569, and Lex earned himself a contract with his producers, Cam-Liam, in 2570. Big E was shipped in early 2571 by Cam-Liam, and by 2571, it had rosen to a raging hit. Cam-Liam cashed in heavily on the drink, and exported it over dozens of planets. William Lex retired early off of funds from his drink, and it continued to be popular for some time.


The flavor of Big E has been described by Soda enthusiasts as quite similar to the arcane Mountain Dew of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It is noted however, for having a much more significant "bite", which is greater than it's ancestor, Mountain Dew.


Big E is made with mostly natural and synthesized ingredients, steering away from the chemical formulas that run rampant in the soft drink industry. It is significantly healthier than the sodas of the 21st century, and can bolster the immune system against some rare diseases. Big E uses very little sugar, instead relying on healthier, cheaper sweeteners that many find more pleasant. Big E's formula has actually been a topic of debate, as some suspect it may be stolen.


Big E is packaged in a dark black can containing 355 ml, or 12.5 imp fl oz. This black can has a very similar design to cans from hundreds of years ago, as little has changed. The can features dark red stripes running along it, and is made of plastisteel, a cheap, lightweight metal. Big E cans feature a stronger opening mechanism to keep it from snapping off.

Intended Age Level

Big E, being non-alcoholic, was marketed very heavily to children and teenagers, but many people above 21 also enjoyed it's taste.