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Terrx BioSuit
Production information

Mobile Medical Life Suit

Technical specifications





Lifekeeping Suit


UNSC, Michael Harrington


Michael Harrington, one of the most well known users of the BioSuit.

The BioSuit is truly a wondrous technology. Created to help save the lives of the critically injured, it gives them a second chance at life. BioSuits are constructed with the same shell of the Mjolnir Mk. 4-5 armor. This means that the wearers of the suit are often mistaken as Spartans. It does have some of the same capabilites, as it's hardened panels provide the same plasam protection as the Mjolnir. However, it lacks shields, as well as the strength enhancers. It is notouriously hard to control, and requires extreme amounts of mental discipline. This means that most who use it are required to undergo basic training. It can carry a Station AI or a "Dumb" AI, but it cannot carry "Smart" ones. It is usually a teal color, though some models are steel colored. In later years, a second version was developed that was easier to control and took the likeness of a Mk. 6 Armor.

Admiral Petersn, a veteran Admiral in the UNSC, used a BioSuit because of extensive plasma burns to his body.

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