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40px-Terminal.png This article, Black Hole In A Box, was written by Flame-124. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
" I use it as a paperweight"
― Jacob Halsey

The black hole in a box is a curious phenomenon created by Jacob Halsey using a particle accelerator. The black hole's event horizon is only a few inches across, but the hawking radiation is looped back into the event horizon by a gravity field, thus preserving the black hole in a stable loop.


" This is a Black Hole in a box. Your argument is now invalid."
― Jacob Halsey

While working at the Tevitron at Fermilab Jacob had the privilege of creating a black hole from a collision. The event horizon of the hole was large enough to be stable, but too small to remain for long. Using artificially generated gravity fields the hawking radiation was looped back around to the event horizon, preserving the black hole. The phenomenon was contained in a shatter-proof plastic cube with a gravity generator, creating a curio that Jacob keeps in his personal office back at Black Mesa. He has used it as a demonstration piece in lectures, but it otherwise has no use other than being a cool oddity.

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