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Black Team was a PROGWARDIV UNSC Special Warfare Group SPARTAN field team attached to the UNSC Department of Strategic Intelligence, UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence and UNSC Special Operations Command task force Janelia Blue.

It was the primary direct action squadron of Janelia Blue, and serves as the principal close-range assault force for the joint task force. Black Team, under Janelia Blue, was assigned to the stealth frigate UNSC Beyond Veil's Azure, originally as a naval counterterrorism force to investigate the presumed hijacking of the Covenant military frigate Steadfast Faith by Jiralhanae insurgents. After the frigate's true fate was revealed, Black Team was designated as the primary strike force for the boarding and recovery of the Forerunner Dreadnaught at CAM-327-17.

Black Team is a three-man special missions team, comprised of three elite special warfare operators of UNSC Special Warfare Group SPARTAN, a Tier-One combat force of the UNSC Special Operations Command and an integral detachment of the UNSC Progressive Warfare Division. Black Team is comprised of "Black Leader", SPARTAN-091 (SCPO Jared), "Black One", SPARTAN-G044 (CPO Daniels), and "Black Two" SPARTAN-G179 (PO2 Whitney).

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