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The Blackburn Family was a family of UNSC citizens.

Wright Blackburn and Melody Blackburn would marry on Earth, giving birth to two children, an older boy, Reece Blackburn, and in 2536, a younger daughter, Alexandria Clarissa Blackburn. All four would survive the Human-Covenant War, and both of their children would attend education on Earth. In 2553, when Acumen Science Laboratories and the UNSC Colonization Authority offered colonists a chance to settle on the distant to-be-founded colony world on Beryl, for unknown reasons, the Blackburn family accepted. The children would discontinue their education on Earth, and would take the UNSC Cyclopean to Beryl, where they would settle in the homestead of Nazareth.

During the Raid of Beryl in February 2554, UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence and UNSC Naval Special Warfare special operations forces would attack Nazareth. In the attack, in front of her eyes, Alexandria would witness her father and brother killed in front of her by ONI officer Cooke while her mother was nowhere to be seen. Alexandria and Melody would both be taken and used in FORECAST in Asphodel Meadows Naval Special Warfare Center. In December 2554, Alexandria would give birth to Kimberly Ivy Blackburn.


Wright Blackburn
Melody Blackburn
Reece Blackburn
Alexandria Clarissa Blackburn
Kimberly Ivy Blackburn

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