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Blake Pröll Karmyn

Blake (2556)

Blake in Recruit armor

Blake in first set of armor

Blake Karmyn

Biographical Information


May 17th, 2526


August 23rd, 2622


Gronau Germany, Earth

Physical Information




  • 7'0 (out of armor)
  • 7'2 (in armor)


  • 256 lb.(out of armor)
  • 1256 lb. (In armor)






  • Spartan-IV Augmentation
  • Spartan Neural Interface
Political/Military Information


  • Long Distance Marksmanship
  • reconnaissance and scouting


  • SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle
  • MA5D Assault Rifle
  • M6H Magnum
  • M11 Combat Knife


  • Private(2544-2544)
  • Private First Class(2544-2545)
  • Lance Corporal(2545-2545)
  • Corporal(2545-2548)
  • Sergent(2548-2554)
  • Spartan (Currently)








  • UNSC Marine Corps (2544-2548)
  • Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (2548-2554)
  • Spartan-IVs (currently)


  • 21st Infantry Battalion(2544-2548)
  • 7th Shock Troops Battalion/Bullet 1-3(2548-2552)
  • 7th Shock Troops Battalion/Eagle 3-7(2552-2554)
  • Fireteam Howl(Currently)


"I've learned many things in my years of service. I've learned what can inspire a soldier to fight for the colonies and its people. I've learned how to shoot like a professional and take down enemies from distances only the highly trained can pull off. I've learned how to fight and defeat my enemies in any situation. They even taught me how to kill without remorse, but there's one thing they don't teach you. How to deal with the mental scars war will leave on you; that you must learn on your own."
―Blake Karmyn

Blake Pröll Karmyn (Service Number: 79811-56632-BK) (Callsign: Howl-Two) (Codename: Schütze) was a man who came from troubled beginnings and later became a sniper for the United Nations Marine Corps, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, and finally the Spartan-IV Program. He first joined as an automatic rifleman for the UNSC Marine Corps in 2544, later becoming a scout sniper for the Marines in 2545. After three years of serving in the Marines Blake went on to join the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers in 2548 becoming one of the best snipers in the ODSTs. Finally, on December 7th, 2554 he was offered a spot in Spartan-IV program which he proudly accepted and is currently apart of Fireteam Howl stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity.

Career Service Vitae


Blake Karmyn

FULL NAME: Blake Pröll Karmyn
SERVICE #: 79811-56632-BK

    UNIT: Spartan-Fireteam Howl
    ENLISTMENT DATE: 8/9/2544
    GARRISON: UNSC Infinity

    GENDER: Male
    BIRTHPLACE: Gronau Germany, Earth
    BIRTH DATE: 5/17/2526
    HEIGHT: 7'0 ft.
    WEIGHT: 256 lb.

General Notes

Spartan Blake Karmyn is considered to be one of the best marksmen within the Spartan-IV program. With a total kill count of 850+ with just his sniper rifle alone. While he isn't leadership material he can work great with his team, even referring to them as his "second family". Records have indicated that Karmyn prefers to stay at a distance in combat, but can become a ruthless fighting machine in close quarters combat when he is either cornered or forced to get up close. His attitude is somewhat positive and takes great joy and pride in his work, however, he very rarely speaks about his past engagements or even mentions them. Karmyn also is known to work better as a lone wolf during sniper operations and is capable of lasting an impressive amount of time on his own.

Service History
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post Covenant War
  • Requiem Campaign
  • Created Conflict
  • "I think only a few other Spartan-IV's can outshoot Karmyn, I mean the man treats sniping like it's an art form."

-Spartan Freddy Cho

  • "I see a lot of people think Karmyn is some anger fueled killing machine who likes to be distance, but once you really get to know the guy, he's basically just a big geek who decided to take the military route in life."

-Spartan Ashton DeWicky

  • Psychologists have noticed Spartan Karmyn tends to easily becomes homesick and falls into a small state of depression when his mind is not focused on anything else. Psychologists have been ordered to keep an eye on him.
  • Karmyn tends to be extremely aggressive in sparring matches and will not hold back. Records have shown that Spartan [REDACTED] received minor injuries during a sparring match with Spartan Karmyn.


  • Human:177
  • Sangheili:201
  • Jiralhanae:102
  • Kig-Yar:77
  • Unggoy:91
  • Lekgolo:41
  • Yanme'e:62
  • Prometheans:92


Born on May 17th, 2526 at St. Antonius Hospital in Gronau, Germany on Earth.
Birth place of Blake
Blake is the son of Andrew James Karmyn, an ODST captain who died during a raid on an insurrectionist camp a month before Blake was born, and his mother Mia Pröll Karmyn who was left a widow and forced to raise two children all on her own. She was known to be a hardworking woman who worked as an accountant for a small business in the downtown district. She raised Blake and his older sister, Kathrin, in a middle-class apartment for a short amount of time until she soon fell ill from a disease called ITB-1, which was caused by a minor outbreak of the disease in Germany. With no other family nearby to look after the two Mia had decided that they would be sent to live with a family friend until she could recover from her illness. Sadly, she passed away five months later from ITB-1 leaving the two to be adopted by the family friend, Abel Arbeitern.
Patron: "Hey Abel, who are those kids I keep seeing playing around in the alley?"
Abel: "Those are Mia's kids...I promised her I'd look after them when she passed."
―Abel tells local patron about Blake and Kathrin

Abel was an older man in his late fifties who knew Mia when she was just a little girl. Abel was best friends with her father when she was growing up. He owned a bar in the downtown district called the "Arbeiter Rückzug" (Workers Retreat). The bar was known to be the best place to get a drink in the city, but Abel didn't want it to be just a bar. He owned a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment above his bar and decided he would do the best he could to make it feel like home for the two he had taken under his wing. Promising them that he would be there for them no matter what.

Blake never discussed his parents, due to the fact he barely had any memories of them, except for one of his mother who would sing him lullabies at night to help him sleep when he was three. That was the only thing he could remember fondly of her. Blake had no motherly figure growing up leaving Abel to be the father figure he would have in life. Abel taught him many things growing up from cooking all the way to shooting. Blake would be grateful for the lessons he was taught by his father and decided that an early age he would help Abel run the bar once he was old enough, however things would change as Blake would grow older.

Growing up, Blake was considered an outcast by his peers due to his personality and rough start in life. He was known to be easy to anger and had interests in things that most kids considered boring or lame to be interested in such as history and pop culture. Blake strived to be history teacher once he turned 13, but still had plans to help run the bar as a side job. However, he struggled in school and his grades began to slowly fall. This would frustrate him and would soon push him towards a point of giving up in school later dropping out during 12th grade. Later, Abel would soon begin to fall behind on his bills and was towards a point he would lose the bar and the apartment. Feeling a heavy guilt Blake and his sister began taking up odd jobs to help pay the bills sadly, it wasn't enough, and Blake decided to take drastic measures and would turn to commit minor crimes such as pickpocketing and breaking into cars for anything he could pawn off for extra cash to give to his father.

"I don't know what I was doing, to be honest, I thought I was helping but instead, I was running the risk of making the situation worse."
―Blake recalling his days as a small-time criminal

A year would pass and finally, Blake had an idea that he was sure would help his family, but at a cost. He would decide to join the marines and move out, allowing Abel and Kathrin to save money without a third person in the apartment. While his father was against it at first Abel was finally convinced to give Blake permission to join the Marines even though it broke both his hearing to worry that this would be the last time he would see the only son.

Finally, on August 9th, 2544 Blake was on his way to the Kaiserslautern Army Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany for basic training. He knew that he would take a substantial risk joining the Marines especially with humanity being at war with the Covenant, but if it meant his family would have a better chance he wouldn't regret the decision he made. Blake was in basic training for twelve weeks. The training was intense for him, never having experienced such treatment, but he refused to let it kick him down as high school had done. He tried the best he could in every week of training. He soon excelled with excellence to the point he graduated second best in his class. Finally, it was time for deployment. Blake had completed training and became an automatic rifleman for the UNSC and was sent to join the 21st Infantry Battalion stationed at Fort Canvas on Adonis-VI, where he would come face to face with the Covenant for the first time in his life.

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Adonis VI



"I remember that day. The adrenaline, the smell of bullets, the sight of the covenant approaching our position...the feeling of fear among the soldiers as the Covenant slaughtered us like cattle."
― Blake recalling his first day of combat.

A few days after Blake had arrived at Fort Canvas on Adonis-VI, the Covenant appeared and launched an invasion towards the small planet, many of their forces heading right towards the fort. Blake and over 900 soldiers were ordered to hold their ground and defend the fort until reinforcements could arrive, they were outnumbered 3-1 and chances of victory seemed slim, but they would refuse to surrender the fort to the enemy. Blake was assigned to head out to the front lines to stall if they could. Armed with only a MA5B Blake had a strong feeling he would die here, but he would promise himself he would go down fighting.

Blake was the first to open fire upon the enemy, firing in bursts, he was able to kill a couple Unggoy minors and wound a Sangheili Major. Soon the Covenant returned fire upon the marines sent to fight them, the casualties began to quickly build up on both sides as they grew ever closer to each other, seeing the Covenant was beginning to overrun their position a retreat was ordered to head back towards Fort Canvas. Blake immediately fell back once the order was given out and headed towards the fort, where a Type-26 Banshee fired upon the retreating soldiers, killing six and wounding three. Blake stopped to help a nearby marine who was missing the bottom of his left leg back to the base under intense gunfire. The two thankfully made it back safely to the base. Reinforcements soon arrived at the last second and began to push the Covenant away from the fort. After having a chance to resupply and rearm, Blake was sent right back out to help push the Covenant back farther. Blake was nearly wounded during the push from a Type-51 carbine That flew over his shoulder. Blake later retaliated by killing the shooter who was a Sangheili minor that later died after taking half a clip straight to the chest. The battle lasted sixteen hours, but in the end, the UNSC was able to save the colony and destroy much of the covenant fleet, but at the price of heavy casualties inflicted upon both the marines who defended the fort and the UNSC fleet assigned to protect the planet.

Thanks to Blake's fearless action of saving a wounded teammate while under intense fire, he was promoted to Private first class and was later assigned to help in the battle on a colony was known as Omen which was suffering from a civil war between a militia known as "The New Hope Militia" and the UNSC forces.

The battle of Omens Hill

After the events of Adonis-VI, Blake was sent as part of a large wave of reinforcements to the outer colony in order to crush the rebellion. The 21st Battalion and the 33rd Mechanized Infantry platoon was stationed at a pass called "Omens Hill". It was proven that if the Militia was able to take the hills from the UNSC, they would be able to have a safe route to move weapons, supplies, and soldiers and have a high chance of claiming more territory. This was something the UNSC could not allow as the civil war was becoming a losing fight for them.

"We had been informed of the current situation, the higher-ups believed if they failed to take the hills, the war would start to turn in our favor, so we had one big order to follow give it our all and give them nothing but hell."
―Blake recalling the biggest order his battalion was given

Blake was once again ordered to the front lines to be one of the first lines of defense. him and over a hundred other men waited for hours for the militia to arrive, it wasn't until in the dead of the night the militia attacked by ambushing the right side of the front line, Blake was luckily on the other side when the ambushed was launched, but there was no time to fight back an immediate fall back was called and both him and the surviving soldiers rushed to meet with the second wave of marines and reinforce them. This time they were able to stop the first wave of militia fighters in their tracks. Before they even had time to prepare for the next assault, the militia used M400 Kodiaks to bombard the area around them. Some of the 33rd's vehicles were caught in the blast destroyed or heavily damaged, only six Warthogs and two Scorpions were operational and ready for use after the attack, the scorpions were moved to the back to use as the last line of defense, while three of the warthogs were moved up to help support the marines. The second attack began with a volley of gunfire flying towards the marines. The 21st held their ground and fought ferociously to defend the hills, but it wasn't enough as a second bombardment erupted and wiped out a decent amount of the marines allowing the militia, ignoring orders to stay put the Scorpions advanced up and opened fire upon the militia forces, it soon became clear the militia would win the battle so an evacuation was ordered and the air force would have to carpet bomb the area, the survivors quickly fell back deep into the hills and headed towards the evacuation area. During the escape, Blake was shot in the leg by a M932 DMR and crippled him, Blake was later picked up by two other marines and helped back to the area. After fifteen minutes of running from the enemy Longswords began to drop bombs all over the hills, but still, it was not enough and the militia claimed the hills as part of their territory within two months they were able to overthrow the UNSC and have the planet claim its independence from the UNSC and forced them out of the system. Blake was out of action for two months to heal from his wound was and returned to service on November 1st, 2544.

Sniper training

A year had passed into his service and Blake had been promoted to Lance Corporal. During his time serving his teammates made comments about his accuracy, calling him a natural with a rifle and some had even suggested he would make a good sniper, so that's exactly what he did. After meeting the two main requirements to even consider joining the sniper program he began to undergo the exams to see if he was qualified in which he was. After a few weeks of testing and having the required background checks cleared, Blake was given the go-ahead to attend the classes and courses for sniper training.

"I remember when I got the word that the green light was given, I hadn't felt so happy in years, this was a gift from God himself and I wasn't going to waste it."
―Blake after given the clearance to attend the sniper training program

Blake was sent to Reach to undergo the courses and required training so that he could be qualified as a sniper, this would take a total of 13 weeks to complete everything, but it was a difficult challenge for him. There were times he felt as if he couldn't do it and feared he would fail, but the dedication and passion Blake had would give him the push he needed to succeed. And finally after 13 weeks of grueling training, practicing, and testing. Blake graduated at the top of his class and was finally given the role of a scout sniper, this was truly one of the proudest moments in his life. Blake was moved to a different platoon that consisted of men and women with the same skills as him, he would no longer serve as an automatic rifleman on the front lines and would now carry his service out as a scout sniper for his battalion. Blake was armed with a SRS99C-S2 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle which was nicknamed "Schmerzlos" known as "painless" in German.

The Galvnaya conflict

"When I was young I would hear these stories of snipers taking on entire platoons of enemies by themselves and surviving to tell the tale I never thought I would be one to experience it and tell a story of it myself."
―Blake talking of the Galvnaya conflict.

The Galvnaya conflict occurred on March 31st, 2545 when Blake was cut off from his platoon and stranded deep in the woodlands on the winter colony of Galvnaya. After heading towards his given area to be picked up, he stumbled upon an Insurrectionist supply company marching down the riverbed and towards another rebel camp, seeing he couldn't allow this, Blake decided to take on the entire company by himself until reinforcements could arrive to stop the supply from reaching their destination.

"It was me against one hundred innie soldiers, I knew the risks were high, but they had to be stopped. So, I did what any insane man would do, I opened fire at them."
―Blake telling how he first engaged the enemy.

During the spring of 2545, The colony of Galvnaya was in danger of an uprising, drones had been sent out and spotted multiple rebel camps forming in the woodlands. To gather more information and hopefully weaken rebel leadership in the near future, Blake and his sniper platoon was sent out into the wild and was ordered to find the main camp and gather information on leadership. The platoon would be gone for a week as they went out to scout the area and find the camps which they successfully found and gathered information on. After getting all the information they need they made their way back to extraction area, however, a blizzard erupted and caused Blake to be split up from his platoon. He went to a nearby cave to wait for the storm out and attempted to make radio contact only to have no luck in. After the blizzard died down, Blake attempted to make radio contact again, which came as a success. He was told to head towards the lake where a Falcon would arrive to pick him up. As he made his way down to the lake, he heard men talking in the far distance, so he went to investigate only to come across the site of an entire company of rebels moving what looked to be military grade weapons and bombs. Something inside Blake made him feel as if he had to stop it, so he radioed in his findings and gave their location. Blake was told to stay put and follow but if he had followed orders they would have disappeared into the forest, so he had decided to make them stay put. Blake began to quickly cover both himself and his rifle in the snow and get into position, he waited until he could get a clear shot at the driver in the front, once the opportunity came he took aim and pulled the trigger. The bullet made contact with the side of the driver’s head and killed him instantly but alerted the rebels of his presence. They quickly began to find cover and open fire all over into the side of the mountain trying to hit the sniper. Blake once again took aim at an exposed soldier and fired, killing her instantly as well, with the snow covering his position Blake was capable of taking them head on and not be exposed. The engagement lasted for twenty minutes, and Blake was racking up kill after kill still hidden from the enemy. Blake was able to take out over fifty-one rebels thanks to the amount of ammo given to him to last a week, finally, the UNSC arrived to take down the convoy, they came to the scene of what pilots described as a mess of bodies and blood. After running out of ammo, Blake stayed hidden until he knew it was safe to come out. UNSC forces landed and quickly overran the rebel’s position. After the fighting had died down Blake approached the UNSC forces and presented himself to the commanding officer. Where he was disciplined for breaking orders and taken back to base to be punished.

After arriving at the base and brought before Colonel Richardson. Blake believed he would be dishonorably discharged and kicked out the military but instead was praised on his skills during the fight and was promoted to Corporal by Richardson on the spot. After his promotion Blake stayed to help end the rebellion, he and other snipers tore down the rebel leadership within months and by the start of summer they had crushed the rebellion and restored peace on the Russian colony. After this, he was sent back to help in the Human-Covenant War where he was seen as one of the few shining examples of what any sniper could be if they put everything they have into being a sniper.

The duel on Hussar

On May 9th, 2455 Blake was deployed on the colony of Hussar during a Covenant invasion. During his time there Blake provided overwatch from above during battles with Covenant forces on the ground and began racking up a decently sized kill count. He scored at least 15-25 kills during each battle most of them being the more troublesome enemies such as the Sangheili and Jiralhanae troopers. Blake became somewhat popular among his battalion, earning many of the other soldier's respect for someone as young as he was. However, his skills would soon be put to the test as the Covenant had sent their own highly skilled sniper to Hussar as well, a Kig-Yar sniper by the name of Muc Zhoth. Muc was considered one of the best marksmen among the Covenant ranks and had racked up a large kill count of nearly 476 UNSC personnel ever since the start of the Human-Covenant War.

Muc Zhoth

A headshot of the Kig-Yar sniper, Muc Zhoth.

Muc was deployed to be a counter sniper and did his job effectively, taking out over fourteen snipers during the first few days of arriving at Hussar armed only with a Type-50 particle beam rifle. Seeing that the UNSC had a problem on their hands a pair of snipers consisting of Blake and another soldier named Matthew Winston were sent out to hunt this sniper down and take him out, Intel had caught Muc hanging out near the capital city's central park, which was converted into a Covenant outpost. The two split up and headed into the old office buildings that surrounded the park. Each one of them took one side of the park, Blake took the south side while Matthew took the north side. They waited nearly fourteen hours for a sign that Muc was nearby, after beginning to think Muc had moved on, the sound of a beam rifle erupted and Matthew was shot dead in the head, killing him instantly. Blake quickly got out of the open and rushed for cover, after a few seconds he peaked his head out to see if he could see anything. Only to be met with a blast from the same beam rifle that killed Matthew, the shot thankfully missed and Blake saw where it had come from.

"'This had to be the bird' I thought to myself. I mean Kig-Yar were known for being excellent snipers, hell I used to think only a Spartan could out-snipe them, but I guess there was no better time to test that theory than that very moment."
―Blake recalling the thought he had the moment he got into a sniper duel with Muc.

In retaliation Blake quickly took aim and fired a round back, missing its intended target. He quickly rushed to a new place and prepared his rifle, looking through the scope for any movement Blake could spot. Another beam rifle shot rang out and skinned the back of Blake's helmet. He quickly removed his helmet and turned to face where the shot had come from he took aim and looked to see Muc peaking his head out from a flipped over office table. Blake quickly fired, but due to a rushed calculation of range on his end, the bullet missed it's intended target. Muc quickly ran from his hiding spot and into a new one, but Blake stayed put and followed him as best as he could. Once Blake had pinpointed where Muc would be, he fired. The bullet flew through the air and straight into Muc's left arm, blowing it clean off his body. Blake felt the smile of victory grow upon his face when he heard the screaming pain of a wounded Kig-Yar. In anger, Muc fired blindly at Blake's position and after two shot the weapon overheated and was unable to fire. Blake quickly took aim and finished the Kig-Yar off by firing a round to the chest. After a moment of silence for his fallen teammate, Blake radioed in his success and headed back for the base, however, the job was not yet finished as a Covenant patrol came running to the sound of the duel, just as Blake was evacuating via Falcon, a volley of plasma fire came flying at the Falcon, the pilot was killed and the vehicle began to spin out of control and crashed into the streets. Blake was knocked out for nearly thirty minutes, when he began to wake up he noticed he was badly wounded with a broken left arm, a third-degree burn on his cheek. He quickly tried to pull himself together and got out of the wreckage grabbing a dead marine's M6D. He saw a small group of Unggoy approach him and opened fire, barely able to aim he fired upon them and was only able to wound one. Seeing this was the end of his life Blake dropped the magnum and fell to his knees accepting his fate. However, a Warthog soon arrived and killed the grunts before they could reach Blake. Medics quickly loaded him up and got out of the area. Blake had survived his first near-death encounter.

ODST training

By the beginning of 2548, Blake had racked up a total of 450+ confirmed kills within three years, but something began to feel empty inside him and he couldn't figure out what until he had seen a recruitment poster for the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. He soon realized that he wanted to be tested again and that he wanted to see how far he could go. He soon volunteered for the ODSTs and began to go through the tests and screening, after everything had checked out Blake was given the go-ahead to begin training to become an ODST. On June 1st, 2548 Blake once again shipped back out to Reach for training. Blake would be gone for months undergoing the most intense training, physically and mentally in order to become one of the best the UNSC could offer. In the beginning, Blake began to show signs he would possibly drop out of the training program and would be insulted by his drill instructors about it. He began to use it as fuel to push on and go as far as he could in the training.

During one of the live-fire exercises, Blake was nearly killed after a bullet was fired too close to his head, this freaked him out for a second, but he quickly pulled himself together and carried on with the exercise.

"It was honestly nerve-racking when the instructors would fire live rounds near us, and when I nearly got hit by one that really freaked me out, though I was about to drop out the moment it happened."
―Blake recalling the accident

After completing the physical training, Blake and a group of other trainees were dropped into the mountains dawned in full ODST gear and weapons loaded with tactical training rounds, they were ordered to get to the top of the mountain within a certain amount of time as a squad, during the hike up Blake was shot in the right leg with a training round which caused his leg to be temporarily paralyzed. Seeing he was already about to fall behind and that his team needed to reach the top, Blake attempted to become a distraction so that his other teammates could eliminate the "hostile" opponents and reach the top, which worked as they each made their way to the top, Blake made it up a few minutes later as the last one.

Blake Karmyn (2548)

Blake dawning his newly earned ODST armor armed with his SRS99D-S2 AM sniper rifle

Another near-accident was during tactical training. Blake was following behind one of his teammates when they were ambushed, Blake was shot in the right thigh and had caused him to fall back, he would have fallen down the hill and possibly hurt himself on the way down if one of his teammates didn't reach out and grab him on time. Blake was thankful the trainee saved him and promised to pay him back somehow only to be met with the words. "Just watch my six and we'll call it even."

Finally, after months of training and being pushed past his limits many times. Blake graduated as an ODST on November 3rd, 2548 and was still assigned as a scout sniper, but he was transferred to the 7th Shock Troopers Battalion and sent to work with a squad known as Bullet 1-3.

The Assassination of Lieutenant Matherson

During the time of Blakes training on Reach, a string of attacks had occurred outside the inner colonies ranging from bombings of UEG supplies meant for refugees of the war to shootings occurring in mass gatherings. After a failed bombing attempt,ONI agents had been able to capture one of the insurrectionists responsible for the latest attack and interrogated him until they would speak, after nearly three months of torture and interrogation they were able to extract a name. An Insurrectionist lieutenant by the name of Timothy Matherson. Matherson was behind the planning and execution of the attacks and was found to be hiding on a desert colony that had been failed to be colonized. After gathering enough information ONI decided to launch a surprise attack on the base by sending a platoon of ODSTs to assault the hideout.

Bullet 1-3 preparing to sneak into the base

Bullet 1-3 arrives on the desert colony lead by Gunnery Sergeant Franklin Deloso

Bullet 1-3 was the first to arrive at the base and was assigned to scout it out. After nearly three hours of scouting and gathering information, The troopers were ready to commit the assault. Blake was ordered to provide sniper support and so he stayed behind in the hills. In the middle of the night, the platoon moved in and surrounded the base and began to sneak their way inside. Once they were inside and moved into their assigned positions, they began their attack. The base inhabitants were caught off guard and rushed to defend it, Blake began to provide sniper support once the attack began by picking off any rebel he could see or had been ordered to shoot. However, the tables began to turn as reinforcements from nearby outpost showed up to help stop the troopers and allow Matherson time to escape, The platoon leader soon had an idea to send one squad to find Matherson while the rest stayed to defend the entrance of the base. During this time Blake was beginning to run low on ammo, so he was forced to provide less and less support for the platoon until finally, he was on his last magazine.

General Matherson's base

The base General Matherson used as a hideout.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the squad seent to find Matherson was in pursuit of chasing him down. He was spotted heading towards an escape helicopter and was nearly towards his destination, Blake was ordered to kill him the moment he had the chance to. Blake quickly took aim towards the helicopter that was waiting for him and quickly killed the pilot. Now with no way out, Matherson would be trapped on the helicopter pad, but Blake still had orders to follow. Once he saw Matherson out in the open, he waited for a clear shot and soon fired after having the chance to land a shot. Matherson was killed when the bullet landed right in the middle of his chest, killing him near instantly. With the assassination completed, the ODSTs were soon ordered to pull out once they were done cleaning up the remaining rebels. The mission, in general, took nearly two hours to complete, but at the price of five ODSTs lives who died during the operation.

Invasion of Sai Sutāto

The Invasion of Sai Sutāto was a Covenant invasion of the planet that resulted in the glassing of the planet. When the Covenant first arrived there were only three CCS carriers in the first wave which two out of three were destroyed while the third one slipped through the remaining UNSC fleet and was the first to deploy warriors onto the planet by attacking the metropolis of New Yokohama. During this time, an evacuation had to be called and ODSTs were deployed to delay the Covenant advance through the city and buy the civilians enough time to escape the planet. However, during the attack Covenant reinforcements arrived and began to swarm the planet. It soon became clear the colony was lost and an official retreat was called, the battle ended with a Covenant victory and heavy human casualties.

Battle of New Yokohama

"New Yokohama was a beautiful place to look at and visit, but now it's just another forgotten glassed war zone."
―Blake on the aftermath of New Yokohama

On July 4th, 2549, Blake was stationed at Sai Sutāto aboard the UNSC Royal Pain to resupply. Just before the ship was about done resupplying reports of Covenant carriers came in and it was clearly an invasion was beginning. During the fight between the UNSC and the Covenant, the Covenant CCS carrier known as the "Triumphant Faith" slipped through and attacked the metropolis of New Yokohama. it quickly deployed it's warriors to slaughter the inhabitants. As a response, the remaining UNSC ships that survived the engagement deployed its forces into the city hoping to stop the invasion in its tracks. ODSTs were deployed first close to where the Covenant warriors had cut through. This was the first time Blake was deployed without his sniper rifle and instead used an MA5B in the battle. As soon as the ODSTs landed it they were fired upon and over a quarter of the troopers were killed before they could leave their pods. Blake luckily was not one of the men. As soon as he deployed he rushed to hide behind cover and opened fire on the Covenant forces. The ODSTs were able to hold the Covenant at bay for nearly twenty-five minutes until Covenant armor arrived and began to push them back. During the retreat, Blake was shot in the left forearm by a Type-25 plasma pistol. His armor took most of the damage, but his skin was still burned. He worked through the pain and focused on falling back and fighting against the Covenant. They retreated to the business district where armored reinforcements were able to hook up with the ODSTs and help hold the Covenant back longer as evacuations were still going on. However, it was starting to look as if the Covenant would lose the battle as their numbers began to lower and they began to slowly fall back. Finally the last of the Covenant forces were killed and a victory cheer erupted throughout the city, but it would soon be cut short when reports of an entire Covenant fleet arrived just on the other side of the planet. A retreat had been ordered for all UNSC forces. Blake and the rest of the ODSTs were ordered to head for the spaceport for evacuation. As they made their way to the evacuation area, Covenant banshees had spotted them and began to lay down the fire. Killing more of the ODSTs and wounding two. Blake and another trooper quickly helped the wounded men up and continued on. They finally arrived at the spaceport, only to find out the last pelican had taken off. However, one last civilian transport ship was still at the port due to the ship having problems that needed to be fixed. Seeing it was their only chance the surviving ODSTs quickly made it to the ship and boarded it. Blake was the last onboard ensuring no one would be left behind. Finally, the ship was fixed and it began to take off. It was almost shot down by Covenant patrols but had escaped at the last second before any damage could be done to it. The spacecraft soon arrived at a random outer colony where after landing, the civilians and the troopers were let off. Blake and the remaining troopers reported to the nearest UNSC base for medical help and were later returned back to their posts.

Battle of Reach

Years had passed for Blake as he fought with the ODST's. They had committed countless raids and defenses against both the Insurrectionist and the Covenant, because of the actions he was later promoted to Sergeant. Finally, that fateful day came the Covenant had found Reach. The 7th Shock Troopers Battalion was ordered to retreat from dealing with insurrectionist forces and head towards the planet and assist in repelling covenant attacks on the planet. The battalion arrived a day later when the covenant had shown up, scans showed that they were attempting to set up a camp in the hegyvidéki lands, local farmers and their families had been taken, prisoner and we're going to be used as food for the Unggoy and Kig-Yar. The ODSTs had been tasked with stopping the camp from forming and destroying whatever had been set up. This excited Blake as he enjoyed operations like this, loving to cause chaos within the covenant forces and tearing apart anything they would set up. The battalion sent a platoon of forty ODSTs deployed via SOEIV and straight into the camp to catch the enemy off guard, Blake and a few other troopers were deployed near the hills around the camp to provide sniper support.

Blake preparing to snipe covenant hostiles

Blake deployed and ready to engage the enemy.

Battle of the hegyvidéki lands

When Blake was deployed to his position he was already met with trouble, a covenant patrol had stumbled upon him and opened fire on his position, trapped and forced to wait for help, which he didn't have time for. Blake was on his own for this firefight. Armed with only an SRS99D-S2 AM and an M6C, Blake had to put every second of training he had into use or else he would die right there and allow the patrol to slaughter the rest of the snipers. He prepared himself and engaged the enemy, his first shot was launched towards the leader of the patrol, a Sangheili major armed with a Type-51 carbine, the first shot broke his shield while the second one blasted through his chest, causing the Sangheili to fall to the ground, leaving only two Unggoy and a Sangheili minor. Deciding to save his ammo for when the small skirmish was over, Blake switched to his M6C and returned fire, he had killed one of the Unggoy forcing the other to flee, but infuriating the minor, Blake saw the angry Sangheili charge at him and realized he would probably die here, but he would die fighting. Blake pulled out his combat knife and readied both his weapons as the Sangheili activated it's energy sword and rushed him, Blake dodged the first few swings and returned the attack by stabbing the warrior in his side and firing his remaining clip into its gut, breaking it's shield and wounding it, Blake finished the Sangheili off by stabbing it straight into the throat. Blake had finished the patrol off and could now focus on why he was deployed.

"I don't know how I did it, but I did...I took out a covenant patrol on my own, I don't know what I did, but I just let my instincts take over."
―Blake comment on the engagement with the covenant patrol

Finally, Blake could focus on sniping without interruptions, he went to his designated spot and deployed his sniper, having a clear look of the camp, he could see the platoon engaging down below, but Blake had other plans, seeing the civilians were in bigger danger, he left it to his teammates to cover the ODSTs while he focused on the civilians who were scared for their lives, realizing the ODST's were here for the civilians they began to attempt to slaughter them, Blake stopped what he could, but he couldn't save them all. nine civilians died in the process, luckily it wasn't long until the others arrived and saved the rest of them and had been able to extract the civilians, now it was time for cleanup. Blake returned his focus on the surviving covenant forces and began to execute the Covenant warriors who didn't retreat, the battle resulted in the captured of a Sangheili Ultra and an Unggoy Major, which would give them a chance to extract Intel. Sadly, the Sangheili Ultra killed himself while in prison but the Unggoy Major, due to fear and threats, spilled intel about a coming attack to clear a path to the UNSC Shipyards.

Operation: Single Slice

What the Unggoy had spilled became valuable information for the UNSC, the Unggoy spoke about an armored battalion moving in from where the base was, something the Unggoy refused to speak about no matter how many threats were made. with the intel acquired the UNSC planned an ambush in the path of the covenant convoy by using Antlion mines along with the mines, the 23rd Armored Company, and the 55th Infantry Company was called to work with a platoon of ODSTs and commit the ambush on the covenant forces. The operation was called Operation: Single Slice, believing that the ambush would be done within minutes.

"We waited for hours for the covenant to show up, and finally right when nighttime came, so did they. Those grunts made it obvious thanks to their bright shells. When those mines went off, it was like a half-assed firework show that leads to the fireworks exploding right in our faces."
―Blake's memory of the ambush.

The plan soon went south as only half the mines detonated, killing a minor amount of the covenant forces, and barely damaging any of the vehicles. The 23rd Armored Company engaged first and revealed themselves from their hiding position. The Covenant retreated and focused fire on the Scorpion destroying half of the company's tanks. Soon both the platoon and infantry company began engaging the enemy from their hiding position, but the plan was failing as the covenant Wraiths began to bombard the area's the soldiers were hiding in, a full retreat soon called, and pelicans were required to retrieve the surviving soldiers.

"Everyone! Run like fucking hell!"
―Captain Kunal Sims ordering a full retreat

It soon became a run for life or death for everyone, as the covenant pushed forward and began slaughtering the retreating Troopers with ease, laughing at them as they were pushed back. Blake was hit in the back of the shoulder by a Plasma Rifle, he kept on running even with the burning pain of plasma eating at his shoulder. As the pelicans arrived to extract only two dozen soldiers, they were fired upon again by the Wraiths, destroying three of the pelicans in the process, in the end only two pelicans escaped the chaos, Blake was one of the lucky ones to escape the chaos. Operation: Single Slice ended in a disastrous failure on the UNSCs end and allowed the covenant to push closer to the UNSC shipyard which resulted in having the use of Spartan-IIIs be deployed to defend the shipyard.

Evacuation of New Alexandria

After the disastrous attempt that was Operation: Single Slice, Blake was one of the two survivors of Bullet 1-3 and was reassigned to Eagle 3-7. After being assigned to his new time they were assigned to the assist in the new evacuation of New Alexandria, Eagle 3-7 and many other teams were responsible for rounding up civilians and escorting them to extraction zones, so pelicans could get them to the spaceport for evacuation off Reach. Blake and his team were assigned near the river terraces, where reports had shown that a large group of civilians was trapped by covenant forces and the army was losing the fight to protect them. Eagle 3-7 was quickly deployed to their designated area and prepared for the long day ahead of them. Blake was deployed to provide sniper support for the Army and to provide overwatch.

Immediately after reaching his designated area, Blake rushed to find a clear spot, finding one on a restaurant patio that overlooked a major area of the firefight. With an unobstructed view of the battle, Blake had a major advantage in his play. The Covenant became unaware that the ODSTs had landed near them, allowing for an ambush to occur. Blake was the first of the team to engage. He took aim at a brute minor who was exposed out in the open and fired, killing the brute instantly with a headshot. Once the covenant had been alerted to the ODST's presence, it was too late. They were slaughtered within minutes, allowing the Army and their civilians to escape the area and hook up with Eagle 3-7.

"I remember getting pinned down by Covenant forces, we seemed doomed for sure, then all the sudden. Bang...Bang...Bang! Some sniper starts taking down covenant bastards. And before we know it, we're suddenly overpowering the dumb apes and their little henchmen."
―Pvt. James T. Wyatt during the Evacuation of New Alexandria

Blake then moved along the upper levels of the city to provide overwatch for the evacuation team. They began running into covenant patrols every step of the way, Blake continued to lay down support, racking up his kill count, he would take out the bigger enemies and leave the smaller and weaker Covenant forces for the ODST to pick off.

Kenny Yulo: "Karmyn! stop stealing all the good kills!"
Blake: "You seriously want me to waste limited ammo on the grunts?"
Kenny Yulo: "Fair point."
— Blake and Kenny bantering about Blake killing the Covenant

Finally, they reached the first evacuation zone while the civilians began to load up a phantom flew by and opened fire, killing six civilians in the process and three soldiers. Still, the evacuation was a success as the first pelican flew off to head for the spaceport.

Eagle 3-7 was then ordered to head towards the shopping area of the city. Where it was one of the few areas the covenant hadn't attacked yet and civilians were hiding in the area. Believing that the covenant had yet to reach the area pelicans could land near the area and get them out quickly. Realizing he was running low on Ammo, Blake scavenged a MA37 ICWS off a fallen soldier and joined the others on foot. Once meeting up with the group, they began their movement towards the shopping area. Once they arrived, they came to a scene where New Alexandria police forces setting up a small defensive position. They soon came to learn that Covenant patrols had been spotted not too far from the shopping center. It wasn't soon after that they launched an assault on the shopping center. The ODST used what little cover they had to fight back, luckily it was a small Covenant unit, mostly made up of Jackals and Brutes. The fighting only lasted for fifteen minutes, and the ODSTs only took one casualty.

Finally, it was time to evacuate the civilians. The Pelicans were called in near the shopping center, this time learning from their first mistake. An armored gunship supervised the evacuation in case the Covenant decided to try and take another shot at the evac ships. This time it was a successful evacuation without any civilian casualties. After hours of nonstop evacuations, they evacuated themselves and escaped New Alexandria. Realizing the city and the planet was done for, they left Reach and returned to Earth, where Blake was sent to deal with minor insurrectionist skirmishes for the time being, until finally...the Covenant arrived at Earth. Blake felt the feeling of true fear for the first time in years when he saw the covenant fleet right at Earths doorstep.

Battle of Earth

Defense of the Highland

Battle of Essen, Germany

Defending the Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme

Post Covenant War

Returning home

Meeting Erika

Returning to active service

The Atlantis hostage crisis

The attempted assassination of Doctor Ruth Charet

Joining the Spartan-IV program



Assault on Camp Reformation

The Racho Bombing Incident


Returning to active duty



 Family  Name  Descriptions 
Erika Avosh Erika Karmyn Erika Karmyn is the wife of Blake Karmyn, meeting in 2552 and marrying in 2554. She is also the mother of their only child, Ada Karmyn. She is currently residing with their daughter in Berlin, Germany.
Ada Karmyn
Ada Karmyn Ada Karmyn is the only daughter of Blake and Erika Karmyn, she was born in 2554, a month before Blake joined the Spartan program, she currently resides in Berlin, Germany.
Kaitlynn Karmyn Kathrin Karmyn Kathrin is the older sister of Blake, she is also the aunt of Ada Karmyn, she is currently a doctor at the St. Antonius hospital and still lives with their adoptive father to help take care of him.
Abel Arbeitern Abel Arbeitern Abel is the adoptive father of Blake, Abel owns a bar in downtown Gronau. He has taught Blake how to do many things to help him survive in life, which Blake shows extreme gratitude in. He tends to commonly visit him on leave with his daughter, Ada whenever he is on shore leave.


 Friends   Armor  Name  Summary 
Amanda Calhoun (2558) Amanda Calhoun Amanda Calhoun Spartan Amanda Calhoun is Blake's best friend and currently Fireteam Howl medic. They have been best friends since Spartan training, Amanda is seen as a little sister by Blake and constantly hangs with her in his free time when he is not training.
Ashton Dewicky (2558) Ashton Dewicky Ashton Dewicky Spartan Ashton Dewicky is one of Blake's closest friends and currently the fireteam Howl heavy specialist, meeting in 2555, after the formation of Fireteam Howl. Blake and Ashton tend to be playfully competitive with each other.
Kelsey Shinn (2558) Kelsey Shinn Kelsey Shinn Spartan Kelsey Shinn is Blake's commanding officer and is currently the leader of Fireteam Howl. The two might not seen like it, but they are friends due to Kelsey tending to take her job more seriously. She has shared a drink and few secrets with him.

Personality and traits

Blake has two different personalities when it comes to being himself. One for when he is in service and the other for when he is back home and is not on active duty. Blake does not believe in still holding onto his military lifestyle when he is with his family, wanting to be more of a father to his daughter rather than a soldier. However, sometimes his military personality slips out once and a while, but very rarely does it ever happen.

Civilian personality

When at home, Blake is described as a loving and caring family man with a somewhat peaceful attitude as he still suffers from anger issues and can easily get worked up over things if he is provoked with a hostile or annoying tone or attitude aimed towards him...or if his favorite grifball team/fighter in sports is doing a poor job or is losing badly. He tries to avoid letting Erika or Ada see him in a bad mood as he grows worried he will take his anger out on them by mistake without even noticing until it is too late. Blake puts Ada above everything else as he cares very deeply about her. he can be found near her engaging in activities with her whenever he can. He can also be overprotective at times with her, even though he tries not to.

"My real parents weren't around when I grew up, and I don't want Ada to have that same experience. I usually spend any time I can with her while I'm at home. Granted I still make time for Erika and myself, but Ada doesn't need to know what it feels like to grow up with very few memories of me."
―Blake shows that he wants to be there for Ada whenever he can be.

Blake is somewhat of a drinker, while he isn't an alcoholic, Jägermeister is one of his many coping mechanisms in dealing with his PTSD. He only drinks at his father's bar or when he is home alone. He tries not to drink as often with the fear he will become an alcoholic and possibly ruin both his and his family’s life. Still, he relies on it to help suppress certain memories from his years in the Human-Covenant war whenever none of his other coping mechanism doesn't work or isn't available.

Blakes favorite

Blake's favorite flavor of Jägermeister is Winterkräuter or Winter Herbs as it is called in English.

Blake can only recall one time his military personality truly showed in front of his wife. One night while on leave, their small home was broken into during the early hours in the morning. Blake sprung out of bed to investigate and saw three men in black clothing standing the living room robbing the place. Seeing his family was in grave danger of being harmed or killed. He grabbed his hunting knife and a handgun he had bought for Erika whenever he would be gone and rushed into the living room. He caught the three men off guard and quickly engaged them with merciless attitude. The men attempted to overpower the highly experienced trooper, but failed quickly as two of them were stabbed repeatedly in vital areas and the last one was shot in the back, crippling him from the neck down. Blake kept the three men pinned down at gunpoint until emergency responders showed up to take the wounded men away. This was the only time Blake could ever recall having to rely on his training to handle an extreme situation such as the robbery.

Military Personality

When it comes to serving for the UNSC, Blake personality completely changes. He becomes a man who is focused, serious, and lethal. While Blake keeps somewhat of a friendly personality among allies and friends he still shows that he has little room for sarcasm and goofing off. Blake becomes focused on surviving so that he can go home to his family. He also shows to become protective of his fireteam and does his best to help them any way he can in any situation which his fireteam shows gratitude for.

Blake becomes a merciless killing machine when deployed into battle, he focused on delivering as much death and chaos upon his enemies as he can so that they can lose both morale and focus when fighting against his team. His accuracy is focused on kill shots rather than wounding unless given orders to wound a certain target. He relies mostly on his sniper rifle to do most of the damage at long range but will switch to his assault rifle when the situation calls for it. His accuracy is known to be at around 85-90%, making him a very lethal soldier on the battlefield. However, he is known to become less focused when he becomes angry and becomes less tactical and prefers to engage his enemy head-on when in this state of anger.

Another trait of his is his lack of "funny bone". He doesn't joke around often over anything and prefers to stay quiet most of the time when outside of combat when it comes to friendly banter, granted he can take a sarcastic comment. He isn't one to throw one right back but to instead shrug it off and continue with his duties. He does, however, make the occasional friendly insult towards his fellow teammate, Ashton DeWicky as he is the only other soldier Blake jokes and makes friendly banter with during combat or training. He is also very strict. He sticks to a daily routine of training and practice while he is waiting for deployment for a mission.

Ashton: "Hey Karmyn, you mind telling me why you always seem to have a stick up your ass?"
Blake: "I got a Job Ashton, and that job requires focus and discipline, granted I do break it once and awhile I can't afford to screw up."
Ashton: "Huh, you ever thought about pulling that stick out of your ass once and a while?"
Blake: "Oh trust me, I pull it out when I go home. You can watch after my stick when I'm gone."
— Ashton asking about Blake's strict personality.

One trait he also has is that he can easily become homesick, he keeps a small sketchbook that his daughter draws in when he is home and gives to him before he returns to service. He occasionally looks through it to help him cope with the homesickness. He also keeps very few photos of his wife and daughter on him or in his locker, except for one photo that he always keeps with him , even in combat. This photo is of Erika and Ada during Ada's first birthday. He calls this his lucky charm and keeps it tucked in his helmet or keeps it in his pants pocket, he very rarely leaves it behind and is one of his favorite photos of the two.

Minor traits

Blake is a metalhead, preferring the classic genres of 21st-century music that is metal and rock 'n roll. He also enjoys the modern genre of music called flip though he doesn't listen to it as much as he does metal. He also enjoys both classical German military marching songs and volksfest music, his top favorite military songs being Erika, Drei Lilien(Three Lilies), and Wenn Die Soldaten(When the soldiers). His top favorite Volksfest songs are In Himmel gibt's kein Bier(In Heaven there is no Beer) and Muss' i denn(I have to).

Blake also enjoys the works of art, he enjoys classical works of art over anything. He is also somewhat of an artist himself preferring to draw sketches and works of imagination, portraits, or still lifes. He also enjoys drawing or painting with Ada as she also shows an interest in art and teaches her everything he knows, encouraging her to pursue a career in art when she is older.

If there is one thing Blake is proud of about himself is that he's a big geek and has been since he was young. Blake prefers to show his inner geek while on leave and loves to stay up to date on the latest game, comic, movie, etc. This is usually the main source that helps him cope with his PTSD when he can just focus on something that makes him happy.


 Weapon  Name  Description 
MA5B Assault Rifle (HA)
Zerreißen The MA5B was Blake's first weapon he ever used when serving in the UNSC Marine Corps, before becoming a scout sniper, The weapon did not receive a nickname till Blake's day as an ODST. The weapon name means "Tear Apart" in German. The Weapon was in Blake's service from

2544-2545, 2548-2552

SRS99C-S2 AMD Render
Schmerzlos The SRS99C-S2 was Blake's first sniper rifle, nicknamed "Painless" in German. Blake racked up a total of 450+ kills within three years of using this rifle before moving on to one of the newer models. Schmerzlos was used from 2545-2548.
M6C Magnum (HA)
N/A The M6C was Blake's sidearm in his ODST days, he rarely used it, but when he did he was considered a crack shot with it at close-medium range. The pistol has saved Blake's life twice and was in his service from 2548-2554
Schmerzlos Blake upgraded from the SRS99C-S2 to an SRS99D-S2 AM, the sniper kept the original nickname but proved to be more powerful, the weapon racked up an additional 240+ kills during its use. The weapon was in use from 2548-2554.
N/A After Reach Blake was given an MA5C, this one he didn't nickname due to unknown reasons. The MA5C saw action, but not as often as Zerreißen did, still it was a reliable weapon Blake cared for. His MA5C was used from 2552-2554.
SRS99-S5 Render
Der Wächter Blake's current sniper is an SRS99-S5 AM, nicknamed "The Guardian" in German, Blake sniping talents have been mostly used to cover his teammates and fellow soldiers. Earning the snipers name, the weapon has been in his service since 2555 and currently has landed Blake a total of 160+ kills and continues to build up.
Vierten Blake current assault rifle is the MA5D with a Recon Sight attachment, nicknamed "Fourth" due to it being his fourth assault rifle. Blake enjoys using his Assault Rifle more than his Sniper Rifle sometimes, but will always rely on both of them to protect him and his teammates so that they can return home after every mission. The rifle always has a recon sight attached to it as it is Blake's preferred sight of choice. The rifle has been in his service since 2555.
M6H Magnum (HA)
N/A Blake sidearm is an M6H magnum, Blake has said it has been reliable and saved his life a few times, he only uses the magnum as his very last weapon and will fight with both his M6H and his M11 Combat Knife ferociously, some calling it animal-like. The magnum has been in his service since 2555.



The reason Blake has an English name was that he was named after his grandfather on his father side, who hailed from the United Republic of North America.

The story of "The Galvyana conflict" was inspired by the stories of Simo Häyhä during the Soviet-Finnish War.