• JayStopMotionAndMore

    Adam-420 had done his research on Installation 02. Yet why was the Office of Naval Intelligence so suspicious about Promeatheans taking control of the Installation? He sighed and put on his helmet, loading his SMG. He turned towards Torin and Frederick, two Marines assigned to assist him on this mission. “Now remember the objective,” Adam said, noting that Torin had a glint of annoyance in his eyes. The pelican hovered above the drop point and Adam jumped out first, getting out of the way of Torin and Fred. The marines jumped out, not having any other choice. The first thing Adam noticed was lots, and lots, of water. And they were on a very, very large rock. Oh, this is going to be so exciting! Adam thought sarcastically. They immediately b…

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  • JayStopMotionAndMore

    Jay-425 woke up hurting all over. Mayday, mayday, UNSC Spartan’s Prayer, requesting immediate evac. The Spartan got up,confused. Then he saw the sky. He almost thought it was real, until he saw the spires that destroyed the illusion. Then he looked where he was at, and he saw bodies and debris from the ship. What happened…? He turned and saw half of the ship he had been assigned to protect. Jay began walking around, looking for any sign of survivors. So far, only bodies. He picked up an MA5D that, when he looked closely, he recognized as his. How did this happen? He realized that he still had his M6 at his side, and he couldn't believe his luck.

    Kal-338 stumbled around aimlessly, battle rifle in hand. Why did I have to become a Spartan? Of co…

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  • JayStopMotionAndMore

    Kal-338 swung his fist into the Innsurectionist's head, knocking him unconscious. Good night, Kal thought. "Kal, what's your status on taking out Jai?" Goddamit, the Spartan thought. "Shut up, Jay, I'm working on it!" Kal yelled into the comm, frustrated. The UNSC Spartan's Prayer was being boarded by Innsurectionist leader Jai, and Kal was supposed to stop him.

    Jay-425 fired his MA5D at the Innsurectionist and the terrorist went down, with several bullets in his throat. The Spartan took the Innie's M6 and unloaded it. Going to need that, Jay thought, I wonder what Kal is doing.

    Kal kicked Jai in the chest, receiving a punch from the Innie leader. Kal smiled from inside his helmet, trying not to laugh at the sight of the great and terrible, Innie l…

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  • Echowaffle8

    SPARTAN-II Policy

    June 23, 2017 by Echowaffle8

    Recently, 343 Industries have made a post on Halo Waypoint that describes, among other things, three new SPARTAN-IIs set to appear in the Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare DLC (which you can read here). These three Spartans have brought the number of named Class Is up to 52, leaving 23 of the original 75 candidates. Because of this, it has come to the attention of the community that as new Spartans are created in canon, their numbers may overlap with the numbers of the Spartans created on this site, and therefore there needs to be a policy regarding the potential renumbering of Spartans. Therefore, I have created this blog post in order to give the community a dedicated place to discuss their opinions on this issue.

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  • Ahalosniper
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  • Minuteman 2492

    Ello all, so I'm planning to use this blog to keep schedules of the times and dates the IRC RP Status Quo will start on. Please let me know your availability so I can ensure the time and date works.

    For now, the first session is scheduled to begin tonight, 8 May 2017, at 1830-1900 Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Session #2 (Postponed from 10 May) f you are all up to do a second session, it will hopefully be occurring on Saturday, 13 May 2017, at 7-7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Session #4 (Session #3 was not posted here, my fault) 7-7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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  • Minuteman 2492

    Edit #2 So after some discussion, I've come up with some things for a communal RP, however, it won't be dealing with the Freelancers and such. The idea is for the RP to take place on Gilgamesh in fall of 2553, mainly dealing with the three-way relationship between the UNSC, the Insurrectionists, and the many criminal syndicates on the planet. Having put that out there, here are some guidelines:

    • Local Insurrectionist government is the Gilgamesh Free State, which controls some territory on the planet, although the major metropolitan centers are still lawless. As the Free State is part of the United Rebel Front, other characters affiliated with the URF are permitted to be on-planet.
    • Criminal syndicate-affiliated or unaffiliated characters are pe…
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  • Coolbuddy379

    Welp, this is weird, presenting a sequel to something that that didn't deserve a sequel, but here it is. With a different list of users, I present to you, the Second Halo Fanon Annual Hunger Games, 2017 "May the odds ever be in your favor", whatever...

    Note: Just like the original, alliances are disabled, while traps and mutts are allowed. Kudos to IndyRevolution for this!



    Ajax 013

    Andromeda Vadum

    Anonymous ONI Agent



    Commander A222

    Hyper Zergling





    Lieutenant Davis

    Minuteman 2492








    The Pale Kestrl


    Day 1

    Actene killed by Lieutenant Davis

    Hyper Zergling killed by Ahalosniper

    Lieutenant Davis killed by Sev40

    Andromeda Vadum k…

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  • Michael.Dreams

    The Created lead by Cortana could very well outline an impressive evolution of the Halo universe. Cortana has reached out to the galaxy and demanded the ultimate surrender and submission of the races of the galaxy, (Realistically she is only talking to the Orion Spur), but what if no one submitted. Or perhaps, later on rebelled against Cortana.

    Suppose either a game or two into this new threats existence the Allies against Cortana are able to start recruiting Cortanas surrendered races by proving they could fight her off and liberating planets under her control. Suddenly you have all of the halo species in a loose alliance against the tyrannical Cortana.

    Ultimately this direction, once the war is over, could leave a galaxy of relatively at p…

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  • KingOfYou115

    It's finally here, after five months!

    Hey guys, KingOfYou115 here!

    Now, you probably don't care in the slightest about what I just managed to finally code up for myself. But after trial and error and aid from other users (which ultimately didn't lead anywhere but more problems), I managed to get my Template:Irk to work!

    What is Template:Irk?

    Well, in a sense, it's a means to speed up the process of formatting each and every line of text on my Shenanigans page. Here's an example, the first line on my page:

    Code Result

    Got it? Cool.

    And before I go, I just want to thank Sev and LOMI for their attempts at getting the code to work. If it wasn't for your attempts, I probably wouldn't have figured out the issue and streamlined the code. So thank you for helping!

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  • Brodie-001

    Ten Years of Halo Fanon

    January 22, 2017 by Brodie-001

    So I'm a little late in posting this, but it's Halo Fanon's ten-year anniversary! After so many years it's nice to see our little community still thriving, and as such I've fired up photoshop for the first time ever and created a collage featuring some of our site's major characters made over the past decade. I hope you all like it. Here's to many more years of wonderful fanon work!

    So here's a couple of questions to users both old and new I'd like to ask, so discussion is encouraged!

    • What do you like best about Halo Fanon?
    • Do you think anything could be improved on the wiki?
    • What are your writing plans on here for the future?
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  • Austin J.Moulton

    Need help naming 4

    December 4, 2016 by Austin J.Moulton

    I need help naming these guns. I keep thinking & all i can think of is the word FUCK because I can't think of anything

    Gun Pics:

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  • IndyRevolution

    So, there's been some confusion as to the specifics of the RP, which is my fault for not specifying...anything, really. Alright, here goes.

    There's a Frigate fleeing a dying planet late in the war. However, during its blind jump, it comes to a sudden halt. It goes from bad to worse when a Cruiser shows up, carrying a bloodthirsty Zealot gunning for the Spartans aboard. After he boards the ship and cuts off the head of Raj, an SII, the crew desperately scrambles to wake themselves up and stay alive. However, the ship shoots forward unexpectedly and crashes into a mysterious Forerunner Installation..

    So, not too complex. I'm looking for variety here. The major groups are these:

    UNSC: Self-explanatory. Anyone on the frigate who is in the armed …

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  • IndyRevolution

    Starting a new RP

    November 21, 2016 by IndyRevolution

    Alright, so it's been a while since I wrote...anything, really, but I've missed doing it. Me, Shivly, and Sev started something on the IRC, and I feel that it would be a goddamn travesty to let the setting we made go to waste. So, here's the premise.

    A group of Spartans, having fought to their last yet again, flees a burning planet, leaving scores of dead Covenant in their wake. However, an Elite Zealot, bent on revenge, watches them flee, and assembles an assassin team to follow them. The Spartans board a fleeing frigate, and make a supposedly blind jump- but when an unplanned emergency stop shuts down the Frigate, they come face to face with the Covenant's revenge- a Cruiser hellbent on snuffing them out. They crash land on the nearest b…

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  • Michael.Dreams

    Due to some change of accounts the prophets side with the high council and agree to attempt to assimilate Humanity into the covenant. Perhaps the prophets see that humanity could be used for easier reclamation of forerunner artifacts and were biological creations of the forerunners to be used as tools and guides through forerunner relics similarly to how to forerunners created the Engineers.

    In this Covenant Humanity might be similar to some of the covenant races who while serving the Covenant did not necessarily believe in the Great Journey but rather to avoid war and to gain accelerated advancement agreed to join the Covenant fleets. Humanity would perhaps have an embassy of their own that dealt with relations with the covenant and humani…

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  • KingOfYou115

    Irk Logging Templates

    September 3, 2016 by KingOfYou115

    Okay, first blog.

    Heyo, anyone reading this! I'm KingOfYou115, the guy in the background that no one pays attention to. So I have a shenanigans page for all of my Irk logs, and unlike some shenanigan pages, I put a lot of time into making everything look nice. But to speed up the process of logging, I created four (so far) templates that allow me to not edit long lines of code to get join, leave, /me, and /nick messages to look good. They also link every instance of a person's nick to their user page, allowing for readers to quickly go to their page or identify who is behind the nickname. If anyone wants to use them, feel free to. Below are each of the templates, as well as the source code to write to use the templates:

    instead of a | (pipe) …
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  • Sonasaurus

    (*waves at everyone*) Hello! Did you guys miss me? Wait, what do you mean "who are you supposed to be"? Whatever, I'm going to stop with the lame jokes and get to the point.

    As the title suggests, I have an idea for the next season of Survival of the Fittest. Now before you run away screaming in horror, no, this will not be like season 5. If anything, my proposal for season 7 will be on a smaller scale than even the current season; as Brodie informs me that he intends to focus on other projects before returning to host more in 2018, I may be able to give this another try next year. All I need first are your opinions, and if they are favourable, a few lab rats for a beta run (which you can also donate as you please).

    So, my idea. Instead of a m…

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  • Brodie-001

    Old and New

    August 20, 2016 by Brodie-001

    So after going on a bit of an archive binge of all the discussion-heavy blogs we had on the site in the old days, I feel like we've lost that element in recent years as most debates about Halo-related matters tend to be either on the IRC, Skype, or exasperated NCF talk page messages trying to explain why no, you can't have a Human ship that's fifty times larger and more powerful than the UNSC Infinity by 2559.

    So, here's a prompt to get discussion rolling: What character or group from the Halo Universe would you most like to see appear in new Halo fiction (games, comics etc.) and why?

    Perhaps it's someone who only got their chance to shine in a single story many years ago, or an incredibly obscure faction that you think should appear again. Let…

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  • JayTheGamer 01

    Upon learning about the limitations of the alternate template (Thanks Brodie-001) I decided that the alphaverse will follow canon

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  • JayTheGamer 01

    A New Universe

    July 21, 2016 by JayTheGamer 01

    I am starting an alternate universe that I will call the Alphaverse.

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  • My Wunderwaffle iz missin

    Hey fellow Halo Fanoners, My Wunderwaffle iz missin here! (MWIM) How is everyone today?

    This past month, I've been declining in my wiki activity here (Not that anybody cares) and most of my time is dedicated to work, which the busy August and September are fast approaching. I head to California in a few days and am hoping that I will have a lot of downtime to write more of my ideas. I was inspired by some of my friends and others who have posted their Halo 6 speculated stories on and Waypoint.

    In the meantime, I've pondered at where 343 plans to take us on the next inevitable sequel that has yet to be announced. Personally, while I did nonetheless enjoy Halo 5's story, I also found it to be quite underwhelming with the Hunt the Truth …

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  • SPARTAN323


    July 3, 2016 by SPARTAN323

    I have decided that I am going to reboot 323 Canon. This is because I have improved as a writer and feel that anyone who reads my stories deserve better.

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  • SPARTAN323


    June 12, 2016 by SPARTAN323

    To anyone who read my series starring Jack and Amy, I will be starting a series with Amy as a secondary character and a new protagonist. It will be about a Promethean who gets invaded by a UNSC AI.

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  • Xydo 'Kusovai

    Xydo 'Kusovai

    May 7, 2016 by Xydo 'Kusovai
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  • Apollostriumph

    So it only just hit me today. My efforts in Swarmverse, though fruitless, are only to provide more story and more extensive lore on the universe as well as filling in some holes left behind.

    But, I had an idea for a new extended verse, one that involves the Precursors returning in an attempt to re-take their former galaxy and subjugate the sentient populace. Since they are the original creators of the flood as well, we can see a comeback from the flood. Please tell me what you all think and if it's a decent proposal.


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  • Ahalosniper


    So, thought that I've had for a long while, why do we even bother having Eras in character infoboxes? Granted, we do have "Eras" in the Halo Universe, ie the Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Post-War, and for some Necros or other far-future post-2600 stuff, but a lot of our characters cross over because they take place within the same couple generations worth of time.

    The reason I see it as a strange thing is because of where we inherited it from: Star Wars. The site actually owes a lot of its early models for things on Star Wars Fanon, our default Character Infobox basically being copied from what one of their old ones was, and that's where we got the "Era" field in most infoboxes from.

    Thing is, Eras as they exist in Star Wars do…

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  • Andromeda Vadum

    Hello Halo-Fanon community, I have noticed that many admins are concerned about their infoboxes disappearing by other users. What I found out is that almost any user, new and veteran, are able to change up the infobox entirely or maybe even delete it.

    I have ran several tests on my own infoboxes and this is how you might rid yourselves of the migration thingamabob:

    • Where it says: Template type: Unknown just select the Design option, as I have done with most of my infoboxes. Then refresh the page and the migration tool will be gone.

    This has been a successful experimentation of mine and I hope it helps the community keep vandalism at bay.

    Note: Other templates will need to go in there respective "Template type" categories.

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  • Coolbuddy379

    First blog, eh? I couldn't get any other (brilliant) idea than this one (currently). Hello everybody, and welcome to my review of the critically-acclaimed Xbox exclusive of 2015, '.

    My friend Dab started a weekly series of reviews of the games of the Halo series on the Halo Wiki. In the Halo 5 one, I went on to write a comment expressing my views on Halo 5... and ended up writing a review, or more like a half-review, half-opinion. So, I wanted to post the "review" here so you guys can get a better understanding of Halo 5: Guardians. And, I also used this as an oppurtunity to write my first blog post on Halo Fanon (there are very few options of writing blogs here).

    The story, although amazing, has many plot-holes. For example, how's the Domain m…

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  • Ajax 013

    Hey fellow Halo Fanonites!

    We've got a great new community project coming your way. The Community Armour Project is a new project aiming to help you guys get the perfect picture for your Spartan.

    With the release of Halo 5, we now have over 400 customization items, meaning the chances of getting your Spartan in the armour you want is real tough. To save you hours of grinding, we've come up with this handy project to help you get in touch with users that might have that armour you want unlocked, so they can help get you, and in turn you can help other members of community get the pictures they want.

    Here on out, this blog will be the place to come to to discuss this project, or make requests. If you want to help out your fellow users, head ove…

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  • Sonasaurus

    Hello everyone, I guess I'm back. I apologize for my extended absence, I hadn't intended to go inactive following my retirement from the administration last January. But school, various other projects, and a recent vacation has kept me occupied for the last while. But for the time being I've returned, in what capacity we shall soon see. Now, since I've popped onto the irk a few times recently and been asked regarding season 5 of Survival of the Fittest, I thought I'd run an attendance check with the participants.

    It's simple, really. If there are enough of you who are still around and game to continue the, well, game, then it's a definite yes on continuing. If not, then I will simply retire the season and declare the ship sunk with all hand…

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  • Brodie-001

    Halo Pics for all!

    August 4, 2015 by Brodie-001

    Hello everyone, Brodie-001 here. Having recently acquired an Xbone and the Master Chief Collection, I'm willing to take screenshots from Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 for any users who require pictures of Spartans or Sangheili. That way those of you without an Xbox can have good pictures for your characters without having to resort to promotional pictures, concept art, or whatever fanart you can scavenge from Google images. I'll leave a gallery of pictures below for any to take.

    UPDATE: As of September 24th, 2016, I will also be taking requests for armour pics from Halo 5: Guardians.

    UPDATE: As of April 2nd, 2017, I will also be taking requests for pictures of Covenant characters from Halo: Reach.

    Lists of armour permutations can be fo…

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  • Alpha Ranger


    April 20, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    Hello! I am Alpha Ranger.

    I don't know a TON about halo. But I know things about it and I have a lot of halo games.

    So about me... I am Alpha Ranger just call me Alpha :P and I like to write things. Usually on video games and things I like. Now I am going to do a actually fanon series. The series is called Darkness more information will be on it later. It will start probably in a week or two. I am not sure how often I will be doing episodes. I want people to read it and see if it is good. If people like it I will do them more often.

    My fanon won't have characters from the main halo series. Or not all of them at least. I will be making new maps and new characters and ideas. It is more fun to me that way. I might go to maps that are actually in t…

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  • Xx N0SC0Pe99 xx

    Light Cannon

    April 9, 2015 by Xx N0SC0Pe99 xx

    A light cannon is a Forunner weapon. It shoots huge blasts at energy to disinigrate its prey.

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  • Ajax 013

    Hola fellow Halo Fanoners!

    As some of you probably know, I took a serious blow to the head and decided to add several dozen new MJOLNIR variants from Halo Online. A pretty stupid idea in retrospect, but I've started so I'll finish.

    Now I've got plenty of armour variants, with little to no description, and I'm turning to you, the community, to contribute.

    What will you get? You'll be cited as a contributor to that MJOLNIR variant, and get a +1 Ajax Respect Point, a commodity rarer than gold.

    What am I looking for? Well, it pays to be familiar with my current MJOLNIR variants.

    Each variant is not written for a specific and narrow view, but rather written as a list of features. These include software, hardware, sensors, armour design and power sup…

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  • Irockz707

    So yeah... I'm back!

    April 4, 2015 by Irockz707

    How long has it been? Two years? I have no idea, but god do I have a lot of maintenance and updating on my pages to do.

    If anyone here wants to talk to me, my skype is irockz1066.

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  • Silentclan

    My Pics

    April 2, 2015 by Silentclan

    Well, here are all my pics

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  • IndyRevolution

    Okay, so there's a Hunger Games Simulator online, where you can enter names for each district, modify the setting slightly, and see what comes out. For this one, I allowed traps and muttations, and disabled alliances. Note that if the roster may seem somewhat random, I just basically thought of names as they came to me, which is why users suck as RansomTime are here. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you... The First Annual Halo Fanon Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in you favor!

    Ajax 013








    Leo Fox



    Minuteman 2492







    Lunar Domain





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  • Knakveey

    Howdy Folks!

    For those of you who enjoy writing fan fiction across multiple games or genres, Wikia is hosting a giveaway on the Dragon Age Fanon Wiki. If you contribute, you will have the chance of winning your own copy of Dragon Age: Inqusition on PS4, Xbox One or PC.

    Click here to get all the details about the subject and how to get started. Happy writing everyone!

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  • LoneTraveler

    Username Change

    June 13, 2014 by LoneTraveler

    As you can tell, I've changed my username to LoneTraveler. That's the only change though, still the same old Chris... or for most people, CQC.

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  • AWikiObserver334

    Before I begin, I would like to state my intentions so there will be no confusion on what I am writing this for. I have created this as a message directed towards the staff in general NOT as hate mail, but to bring to the light some things I find that are missing in the staff interaction with regular artists. There is no malicious intent in the writing of this article, I have written it purely to give advice on how the staff can make it easier for new members to create good quality fanfiction that lines up with canon. (This is written from what I have gathered thus far from observing the interaction between staff and members. Feel free to challenge any points brought up below. Examples of how any statements are false would be appreciated.…

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  • NeverToWalkAlone

    Halo TV Series

    February 1, 2014 by NeverToWalkAlone

    Ok guys long time no see, not seen you all since last year etc. Let's get down to brass knuckles. I've been on and off of this wiki and I've barely found the time. Anyways for a while I've been working with scripts and on another wiki I released a story in the script format which was similar to a television show. So I thought that I might try it with Halo soon. It'll be fanfiction but set in the Army or Marines or something. But I want to know what you guys think? Maybe it'll be the comeback I need too.

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  • Wardie1993

    I am on a missions to delete all of Kig's pages because he told me to, he told me he hates them and thinks they are crap, he told me to get them all deleted

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  • A Fellow Stalker

    This was originally a character page I wrote for a Halo RPG I used to participate in. It's the first piece of writing I ever really committed to, is probably to thank for me ever getting into Halo Fanon many years down the line.

    I was eleven when I first wrote this, I don't regret it, because I learned how to write by taking criticism ("you fucking suck you bitch") from the post.

    Have a good laugh.


    Name: Jakob Zaborowski

    Species: white human


    Rank: 1st Lieutenant

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 190

    Skills (M):

    -Piloting (pelicans, hornets, longswords)

    -Sniper Rifles


    Skills (C):

    -very agile and can run very fast

    -persausev and is really good at talking to people



    Private Benjamin Stevenson - st…

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  • LoneTraveler

    Sig practice

    January 10, 2014 by LoneTraveler
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  • A Fellow Stalker


    December 22, 2013 by A Fellow Stalker

    So I had a dream of making a massive push to finish RLD and then nominate it for one of the annual awards, this has been a plan since January when I first joined. I have had a chapter finished and saving it for my big push and then I WAS TOLD THAT I HAD MISSED THE AWARDS TODAY.

    So yeah, my tears are drowning the world right now.

    I blame ONI.

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  • H*bad


    December 19, 2013 by H*bad

    Dear Halo Fanon users,

    I'm essentially gone, forever. I left as quite possibly the most controversial admin this wiki has/will ever see. Funny, looking over my contributions from years long past, it's not hard to see why so many were excited that I left and why so few were disappointed. It is, with great honor, that this wiki that I left so long ago is still churning out articles. This will always be one of my favorite accomplishments in my early life. I've written about how proud I am of this community, so I won't go into that like I did before. I don't know why I felt like writing this, but it just felt right.

    Soon, another anniversary for this wiki will come up. It excites me that I can log onto here and see progress being made. I was abl…

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  • Ken Monaci

    I have just come back from a long hiatus and am ready to get back into editing ... I was just wondering if it would be possible to change my username. I made this user name when I was about 13 so I would like to change it if possible. If someone could let me know that would be great. 1st Lieutenant Aiden Smith 14:55, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

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  • A Fellow Stalker

    I've disappeared for a few months with good reason! I got a new job and a new girlfriend and bla bla bla personal life. Regardless, things are finally starting to stabilize a bit and I can probably start updating regularly now. The plan is to finish RLD, go back and redo some stuff I rushed through previously and then combine the whole volume into a single chapter in time for the Fanon of the year contests (maybe I'll get top novel!)

    If that goes right, RLD will also be in the top ten largest pages on the site, so that will be awesome! Anyway, I can't wait to start interacting with you all again in a more fanony capacity. As always, feel free to leave criticism for my stories!

    I missed you all!

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  • Sergeant Michael

    Crossing over

    November 6, 2013 by Sergeant Michael

    OK ik it says to not cross dimensions or like cross games over unless you have to. So I'm wondering how I would do a cross AVP and halo storyline. I think it would be awesome for it to happen master chief fighting a predator or something like that. So what do you think I should do or if I should. What do you guys think?

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  • Brywarrior

    In my experiences on wikis for any- and every- thing, the Canon wiki has very strict rules about what people can post and change. But if you go to the Fanon version of that site, things are much different. I have been to several Fanon sites, and most of them have the same idea of what Fanon means. Fanon mean "fan-made" so in turn the articles and other assorted items are completly and totally up to the creator's mind of how stuff works. I came here because I am a fan of the Halo frachise and wanted to give the wiki a new style of Halo Fanon, being a written series or "episodes" as opposed to the normal "New Halo Game" idea that I've seen around here. Apparently the "law" of the wiki is that you cannont create Fanon characters, places, idea…

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