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Terminal This article, Blukuto, was written by Demakhis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
341px-H3 brute
Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description







9' 4"


Gravity Hammer (Fire of Doisac), Fuel Rod Cannon


Power Armour


Brute Chopper, Banshee, Phantom

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Covenant Loyalists



Young Life

He was born on Doisac to a chieftan of a pack. He was born and treated like any other Brute and started to learn to fight at the age of 5. He trained his body by running to the nex packs location and running back then build large stone stacks by himself. By the age of 10 he was one of the strongest fighters in his pack. After the absorption of the Brutes into the Covenant which he fouhgt in being the age of 14. He killed an elite major by taking his head and ripping out his spine, which broke in the process only after shooting out his shields with a mauler. He gained the rank of Minor, and started off in his first combat pack.

Minor to Chieftan

During his time in the Covenant his father died by the hand of a SPARTAN and he vowed to kill that SPARTAN. His pack was assigned to take down a human base on Alpha Halo and they succeeded with only loseing 5 jackels and 15 grunts. Leaving no survivors meant no meation of the Brutes in reports of the attack. After leaving the installation before it's destruction, was one of the only brutes that did not taunt the Elite Commander and when the commander was brought before the prophets he did not care wether he died or lived. He was okay with the fact that the commander became the arbiter and he thought that the arbiter would lead the Covenant in a victory against the humans.

H3 E3 2007 Brute Captain

Blukuto taunting a human

He wanted to help the Arbiter, but when he told the Elites to leave the Covenant, Blukuto wanted him dead. His pack was sent with many others to attack the Arbiter and his forces. He and his pack fought through many elites ripping them limb from limb and blowing them to pieces with brute plasma rifles and brute shots. They got almost to Tartarus, but faced some of the best elites and were horribley injured when berzerking against them. He was hospitalized and recovered. He then wanted one thing, to kill the elites, he was given a promotion for killing many elites before being injured. Being a Major he held a higher rank in his pack and they were deployed to earth. He was deployed to Africa and started to fight the Humans in a city named Dakar and their he met several elites that had defeated him at the Beginning of the Covenant Civil War. He and his pack finally killed them making him feel very good, they then proceed to take the city and kill most humans there. He was promoted to Brute Ultra after leading a small force of brutes to capture a small UNSC base.


Blukuto hitting his chest

After becoming a Ultra he left Earth and headed off to a Planet called Cresen II were he battled in zero gravity first and killed some humans that crash landed in the hanger and he fought them off with dual Spikers. Killing many he discared his empty spikers and picked up a brute shot and lauch in a boarding craft. It hit a human frigate and latch on he himself jmping out and meleed a human with his brute shot. Destroying one of the major generators with his pack they return to the boarding craft and left the frigate before it was destroyed. During this battle he encountered three SPARTANs and slaughtered two of the three with a stolen energy sword. The third escaped onto a ship that made a slipspace jump out of the system. For killing a lot of humans and the slaughter of the two SPARTANs he was promoted to the rank of Chieften. He received his own Gravity Hammer from the Prophets called the Fire of Doisac. He had finally reached his fathers rank.

Chieften and after War life

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