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Terminal This article, Boarding Action (Halo: Marine Tales Level), was written by Spartan G-23. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Battle of Reach


Halo: Marine Tales

Boarding Action

Player 1: John Ho
Player 2: Anthony Thomas
Player 3: James Fitzergald
Player 4: George Marvoidis


August 30, 2552



  • Clear the UNSC Trebia of Covenant Boarders
  • Re-take the Hangar Bay of the UNSC Trebia
  • Destroy the Covenant Boarding Craft
  • Reach the bridge
  • Elites
  • Grunts
  • Jackals
"Defend the Trebia, escape Reach."
―Level description


Lieutenant Ho and his squad have escaped Reach on the UNSC Trebia, but this is short-lived as the Covenant has boarded the ship and are attempting a take over. After fighting their way to the hangar and destroying the Covenant boarding craft, the squad must fight off a Covenant counter-attack before eliminating the rest of the Covenant on the ship. With all of the Covenant boarders dead, the ship enters Slipspace and retreats as Reach is glassed.


Not Out Yet


(Boarding craft lack on to the UNSC Trebia. Covenant infantry begin to swarm out and engage the marines and naval crewmen. The ship's commander opens up a line to Lt. Ho's location)

Captain Watson: Lt. Ho, I want you and your squad to take back the main hangar bay. We need the Covenant outta this ship before we can activate the Cole Protocol and make the jump.

2nd Lt. Ho: Affirmative sir.

(Cutscene ends)

Objective: Re-take Hangar
Objective: Eliminate Covenant boarders from UNSC Trebia

(Move forward through the ship corridors, a group of grunts are spotted)

(After defeating grunts)

(Continue moving throughout the corridors, another group of grunts, as well as a pair of Sangheili Minor Domos, and a Major Domo are spotted)

(After eliminating all enemies)

(Your reach the hangar)


"Don't give up the ship!"

(A small group of marines and crewmen are pinned down by a large group of Covenant. Jackals and Grunts are spreading all throughout the corridors with their elite commanders. There are several boarding craft in the hangar)

(Cutscene ends)

Objective: Destroy Covenant boarding craft

(After large Covenant group is defeated)

Unknown Marine: 1st Squad, Alpha Company, 33rd Marines, at your service sir. There's a flame pack over here, we can probably use it to take down those boarding craft

(Grunt attempt to fight back from the boarding craft)

(After grunts are killed and boarding craft is destroyed)

Objective completed

Intercomm: All units in the hangar watch out, Covenant are returning to take back the hangar.

(After all Covenant attackers have been killed)

Objective Completed

Vermin Huntin


(Gunshots echo throughout the ship as the remaining Covenant fight the marines)

Captain Watson: Good job on the hangar boys. What's left of the Covenant is attempted to make a break. I fear that they're trying to reach the command centre. We'll try to hold em off, but we're not sure for how much longer. I need you guys back up here ASAP to deal with what's left.

Private First Class James Fitzergald: Just like huntin rabbits, eh boys?

(Cutscene ends)

Objective: Reach the bridge

(Squad advances and encounters a group of Jackals)

(After Jackals are dead)

(Squad continues to advance and finds a squad of marines fighting a pair of elites)

(After killing elites, squad joins yours and you continue to advance)

(Encounter a pair of lances fighting a group of marines)

(After killing Covenant, marines join you)

(Reach the bridge where three Covenant lances are fighting a group of marines)

(After all Covenant have been killed)

Objective completed
Objective completed


Captain Watson (Over Intercomm): Good job, all Covenant are dead. We're falling back. Reach has been lost.

(UNSC Trebia jumps to slipspace as Reach is glassed in the background)

(Cutscene ends)

Starting Weapons Unlocked:

Primary Weapon(s): M7 Caseless Sub-machine gun; M90A Shotgun
Sidearm(s): None
Explosive Pack(s): Flame Pack

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