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Terminal This article, Brandon Rebuga, was written by Rotaretilbo. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
Brandon Rebuga
Biographical information

Draco III

Date of birth

February 4, 2499

Date of death


Physical description





1.75 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Pre-War Life

Brandon was born on February 4, 2499 on Draco III. Brandon lived a colorful life as a child. He found that at a very young age, he had an infactuation with guns. He dreamed of one day being a marine. Fate, being fickle as ever, had other plans. Brandon, gun lover or not, was not a very athletic person. He did decently in Physical Education, but in all his other classes, he excelled. In high school, he caught the eye of a Navy recruiter, who tricked Brandon into signing a contract with the Navy in 2525.

Covenant War

Brandon, trying to make the most of his ignorance, applied for the Navy OCS Academy on Luna. He was accepted and received passage to Earth and then to Luna. Boot camp was hard, his pleab year. When he first ran the obstacle course, he didn't make time. He spent most of the year focused on honing himself for the obstacle course because the classes came easy to him. By the end of the year, he was one of the fastest pleabs. The rest of his time at the academy was rather uneventful until his final year. He was on summer leave and was just a tad drunk at a local bar down the road from the academy, near where he resided. He got into a heated argument with another Navy student, Michael Bartnett. An officer that happened by tried to stop the fight, but Michael struck Brandon before the fight ended. Brandon, knowing they had both been drunk, didn't press charges, and both of them graduated at the top of their class. Brandon and Michael got to know each other, and initially served together aboard the UNSC Fitzgerald, a frigate.

Battle of Draco III

This battle record is currently classified Eyes Only under Code Beta Kappa.

Battle of Eridanus II

Brandon, commanding the UNSC Erwin Rommel, was one among five ships by Eridanus II when the battle broke out. His ship participated in destroying the Enlightened Patience, which was the Covenant advanced scout. His ship defended the Luxor Spaceport while marine forces evacuated Elysium City. Romeo Company and a squad from Tango Company were assigned to his ship. His was one of four ships boarded by the Covenant. He destroyed several carriers and destroyers, and then, having cleansed the ship of Covenant boarders, jumped to Slipspace.

First Battle of Installation 03

On April 26, 2552, Battle Group Churchill, which consisted of thirty-three ships, followed a Covenant battle group to an unknown location. When they exited Slipspace, they stumbled upon a Halo, Installation 03. Brandon was the commander of the UNSC Erwin Rommel. The UNSC Erwin Rommel was one of ten destroyers to fight against Battle Group Divine Wrath.

Second Battle of Installation 03

Brandon was aboard the UNSC Erwin Rommel minutes before it crashed into the surface of the ring, destroying a powerful Forerunner Direct Energy Weapon being used against Battle Group Churchill. He bailed out in a leftover HEV pod and, though both his chutes tore away, survived when the pod landed in a large lake. Exhausted and without a working radio, Brandon hiked to the wreckage of his former ship and sought shelter there.

Third Battle of Installation 03

As time progressed, most of the UNSC ships broke down and crashed to the surface. Brandon was stranded at the UNSC Erwin Rommel for about a month before UNSC forces came to strip the wreckage of Titanium A to aid in repairing the other downed UNSC craft. Brandon took part in several defensive actions against the Flood, the Covenant, and even some self-declared rebels. Sometime in October, the UNSC managed to piece together several fully operational reactors, and Brandon left the system aboard the Winston Churchill, the flagship of Battle Group Churchill just before the Fourth Battle of Installation 03 began.

Second Battle of Earth

This battle record is currently classified Eyes Only under Code Pi Omicron.

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