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Raised in to address the growing Covenant threat, Bravo Company was commissioned in the year 2544, under the command of Captain Mark Collins, with the mission to serve as elite airborne, airmobile shock infantry intended to strike fear into the heart of the Covenant. Constantly engaged in combat for almost 8 years, Bravo Company suffered heavy losses on numerous occasions, but the courage of its men was always unparalleled. They never missed a chance to "jump feet-first into Hell."

Char odst

The men of Bravo Company radiate defiance


It was during training that the first bonds between the men of Bravo Company were forged. Prachute jumps from high-flying Pelicans, intense wargames against other ODST companies, firing every kind of small arm in the UNSC arsenal, racing Warthogs up rocky mountains, dodging live fire while traversing taxing obstacle course, and practicing hand-to-hand combat in muddy arenas all taught the men of Bravo Company to fight as one, relying on each other to succeed in every combat mission.

The Fall of Reach

The Battle of Reef

First Battle of Earth

Second Battle of Earth

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