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Bravo Company: Fighting For Survival was a military documentary which took place during the UNSC-Covenant War among the ODSTs of Bravo Company, an elite unit thrust into the turmoil of war with little more than small arms and comradeship to fight with. Led by a young lieutenant and a cadre of determined non-coms, Bravo Company would be to the UNSC-Covenant War, what Easy Company had been to World War II.

Dramatis Personae

Char odst

The men of Bravo Company radiate defiance

2nd Lieutenant Russell Harper, UNSC Marine Corps, Bravo Company, 9th ODST Assault Battalion, 986th Brigade.

Master Sergeant Garry Owens "

Gunnery Sergeant Cornell Wilder "

Staff Sergeant Jiang Li "

Corporal Lance Wilson "

Private Richard Whitehead "

Private Achani Mobutu "

Private Arleigh Gardiner "

Lt.-Colonel Albert Stoner CO, 9th ODST Assault Battalion

Captain Luke Westermann CO, Bravo Company

Captain Morris Chandler UNSC Orion's Clasp

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