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Bax rebel A picutre of Brennon Garn taken several hours before the Tsavo Uprising
Brennon Garn
Service Record
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

February 14th, 2530

Physical Description






Miscellaneous Information
  • Battle of Mombasa
  • Battle of Nairobi

Unified Earth Government


Brennon Garn (February 14th, 2530 - Present) was a former enlisted Infantryman of the UNSC Army and a leader within the Kenyan resistance during the Battle of Earth in fall of 2552. A college student attending Kamaria University at the time of the Covenant attack on Earth, Gann would utilize his past military experience to lead an uprising against the Covenant-occupied city of Nairobi, Kenya.

Although he was captured by Jackal mercenaries in early November of 2552, Garn would help lead a brutal uprising at the Halifax extermination camp in Nova Scotia, United Republic of North America. Brennon was among the sixty-two survivors who escaped the uprising and subsequent manhunt. After fleeing to the village Yarmouth, he would return to Nairobi in order to continue his resistance operations.

Battle of Earth

Kenyan resistance

Stay at Halifax

Tsavo Uprising

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